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Comedy: Bible 11

By DeYtH Banger

The deeper you go the deeper bullshit you need to hang out with. The bible is like 1218… probably in the new future we are suppossed to get few new modern bullshit updates. Playing with my dick and valls I am going to learn something more valuable…than going around with Bible…


"I have read the Bible at least three times, front to back, not skipping anything. My biggest takeaway is that it is a useless and boring fairytale that doesn’t have any relevance in modern life."

"Seeing as how the bible is nothing more than a conglomeration of stories made up by various random uneducated people, some clearly schizophrenic or delusional, and the rest liars, I actually don't give a f#$# about what the bible says or what was cherry picked or not or figurative or metaphorical - it's all meaningless crap to me. But some atheists do successfully use the bible to counter theists. So if that interests you, by all means go for it. If you haven't already watched the Atheist Experience on YT, you might want to do that. The hosts on there regularly bash theists over the head with their own bible and trash all the stupidity in the bible. It's like a never ending source of stupidity and incompetence."

"How does religion appeal to so many people through the ages? Because they are satisfyed with the information given to them. Although it doesn't make sense, they believe it because they're afraid to believe in nothing. It's more satisfying to believe in something instead of nothing according to them. That's why when they face logical arguements, they still choose to believe in god even though it doesn't make sense."

"As a former Jehova's witness: When people are in a bad place and suddenly arrive in a seemingly loving group that seemingly is happy and joyous because of their beliefs you will start believing those beliefs because the people are showing you those beliefs are true.

It's all brainwashing really. Finding a person that's down, cheer them up, brainwash them, isolating them, brainwash them more, give them a feeling that only God and the organisation are the reason they are feeling better and... Tada! You got a believer.

That's why new recruits are mostly made where people are feeling down. Minorities, poor people, prisons, hospitals, after loved ones died etc etc."

"You are absolutely right, it's all manipulation and taking advantage of people who are already in a bad place. Never ever will you find a happy atheist who's got everything going well in life suddenly turn theist. It just doesn't happen.

Also teens are still developing their critical thinking skills, and usually they feel overwhelmed and misunderstood, so they can be a easy target."

"I realized that the rational arguments for the existence of God actually work. To put it most plainly “what caused God? is a bad objection because it treats God as just another finite cause.

But in that case, we’re still facing either an infinite regress of finite causes, or finite causes from non-causality. That’s what you get if all causes are finite. Both options are irrational, so logically at least one non-finite (infinite ) cause exists.

Often people respond “why can’t the universe be the infinite cause?” When I speak of the universe, I’m speaking of a collection of finite, space-time causes. If that’s infinite, we’re in the infinite regress again. If you shape the definition of universe differently, to fit into God’s place in the argument, all that’s really happened is a swap of labels.

At which point, some might say, “it’s not really a swap, because the universe is not a personal agent, as God is.” But there being no superior force to compel the universe to create, there’s no difference between a sterile universe that just sits there forever, vast and empty, and absolute nothingness in terms of explanatory value. Mere existence is not sufficient, no external motivation exists, so internal motivation is a necessary condition. Moreover, it has to be inherent internal motivation, not a program implemented from some other source, because again, no other source. This means personal agency, not robot or superior impersonal law.

Also, we are personal agents. If the universe does not have personal agency inherently, and caused us, that would mean that lesser levels of existence can directly cause greater levels of existence. Matter directly causes life, life directly causes consciousness, consciousness directly causes rationality. But we know there can be matter without life, life without consciousness, consciousness without rationality. This kind of reductionism also terminates in the proposition that causality itself can come from non-causality, which is absurd.

For these reasons, an infinite, personal agent as the most basic level of reality is logically entailed in the existence of finite causes, especially finite personal agents like us."

- As the last argument… it sends chills up to my spine!

"Let's go… Isab… I am going to be in front of you…"

What's that?
What type verse is that?
I don't care who with who is walking… I am waiting for hardcore evidence… as legit as milf and gilf porn videos on the internet.
"How much you want we are going to give you…"

1) Greedy motherfucker
2) I hate those type of short stories with many introduced characters… with many plot holes… and so much… more… but ti be honest it still nowhere to go…


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