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Comedy: Think About Yourself

 By DeYtH Banger

Sorry guys for the gay and homo couples you are bit late... I had a dick fetish wanting to suxk cocks... and wanting balls and wanting to get full anal package. But I am not interested anynore mainly because...

Hairy Sex is awful; If You Suck a Dick you suck in real life; I am Better than that; Homos are sweaty and those are the mainly books which say more than ever you can get in your real life.

Think about me... not after a second... moment or whatever... just right now... think about me... If I am interested in moms wanking me off... I PROBABLY HAVE SERIOUS MOM ISSUES

I mean look others youbg couples sometimes u see tge guys witg issues  a guy who likes a bit older woman or a woman which likes big old guys...

Those girls are with daddy issue
And people like me are with mom issues

I meqn go to a strip club few times go fuck the same prostitute few times in roll you definetly lost the whole mystery because the moment you came there you were one of those problematic fucks.

If yiu pay to get blowjobs and sex.. YOUR LIFE IS TOTALLY PROBLEMATIC
There are some stuff which are okay in life but some other stuff go way dx "Horor Movies" go into traumatic season, "Seen" and no reply on messages on the internet people get in the holy grail of the depression and anxiety season. Thereout there people who throw uncheck and information which factually is a lie... but people believe in this shit... One big hit on the market is the made up God story... It's fucking made up... and people believe in this shit... come on... are you becoming so dumb and ludrucious?

I have high hopes about humanity but until I found put that people are full of insecurities and that's the main problems behind the musucar group and the money group... Oh great you got muscles so what we need to kiss your feet?


Mankind main illustration is obsession, piercing, full on fetishes and war on the same type of species. If I am an alien the last place I am going to visit as resort is mankind...

Not Smart Enough
Getting Drunk not clever enough


People like throw the devil as the main argument of our sibs then what's special about Jesus when we all are Children of God?
And also if Jesus gas done his sacrafice for the salvation of humanity for future and past sins then why we have a devil?

Come on... fucker you are god send me and SMS...

Oh sorry made up characters can't participate in reality.

Nowadays I think about special stuff.. like life.. sex... and vive... pick up... sacrafice tghe firsr lamb. Vibe in good energy you are the other people will go with you... the lower energy bad for you. Introverts long seasonal depression and anxiety and Extroverts short period of depression and anxiety. We believe in some shit ... because we want to feel smart but after all alpha... beta... gama males... bible... all this shit is made up or wrong intepretated.
Sadly enough we can't say "We made a mistake..." Because too much people are on the fucking leash... it's a fucking long one...

I can say "I made a mistake"... "I am sorry"...  because that's what I remeber from my fucked up childhood... my mom and after all parents teaching... be nice.. be good... be respectful...


My problem is not only nice... and being respectfull, I have whole fucking package of suicidal thoughts in my pocket + Creating in me obsessions... on women...

Come on this is the last thing a woman want on a table... But let's make it sadder.... OKAY?

Let's do that... this were the wishes of the girl with which I was with...

Total Freak Group
The last person I gonna fuck

I though her about rape and she started laughing, so here is few other stuff there is beer belly tumor and lastly if you see a fat guy with a fight torso and something wrong around the area of the dick.

This guy definetly is one of those fucks which have huge fucking balls and dick... I SAW FEW OF THOSE FUCKS ON TGE INTERNET

I gave problem with erection... I get always erection... kissing... fucking seeing others doing it... me thinking about it... Watching porn.. Seeing couples.. seeing hot women... All full on.. hard on and feel need to masturbate and while I do that I lose my fucking self-esteem on the fucking line.

So my thing is watch dead people.. corpses.. diseases... This loses energy.

I did few nice things for my friend...

I told a lady that "She has a great perfume.."

It was something nice from his name and he said  if you do it one more time.. I am going to beat the shit out of you.

Shame does not exist in my dictionary.

"Don't Change the topic..."

- Come on you father to sleep with your mom did changed few routines and started talking about different types of topics.

"You suck..."

- Okay.. I get this one... I know your felings were met with term "suck" far more early than with tge term "fuck". I know your mom is into the business of sucking... nothing new.. no suprise...

It's awful when you see one of thoe fucks which when are nerves feel the need to laugh...

- Okay.. freak... END OF GIG...
Go into the mental hospital you are crazy.

People who stuter

"Iiii-iii-... woooo-uuud... lik-eeeeee... a toooo wa-aawatch cooooooo-ooo-ooomedy..."

- Oh God who the fuck created you... you are whole defected example if semen...
The specimen like you survival - 1%

One friend said if the joke onto him he is going to beat the shit out of me... If you talk about his brother... he is going to beat the shit out of you...

He get easily embarrassed... liar... manipulator, cheater and come on this obesse mother fucker doesn't get jokes. Also I don't want to be out with such levels if anxiety, depression factors and levels and full on agression and trauma. Come on you piece of worthless matters and ideas go in jail to meet the real males tge dominant hiearchy.

Most of my life has went into arguing with myself...

"I will do it..."
"I won't do it..."
"Let's do it later..."
"Let's do it now..."

"I will do it..."
"I won't do it..."
"Let's do it later..."
"Let's do it now..."

"I will do it..."
"I won't do it..."
"Let's do it later..."
"Let's do it now..."

And this shit goes over and over and over and over... when I think about it most of my life has went into believing bullshit fables and tales... made up fantasies and masturbating on it and right now... definetly now Eminem is going into the vocabulary books and searching words for rhymes...

And me..

Fucking me... masturbating on my imagination... defibbetly wastibg my fucking life... I told one of my friends to put extazy into a drink of a girl... one of the guys told me that I have  shhh.. shh.. went too far... "come on we are addicts.. din't say such shit..".. the problem is that I have found the most shortcut to a pussy.

My friend grom facebook sent me "Evolution = Suicide" ... I send him a book called "Reasons to kill yourself.." His reply was, it's not funny anymore. Nobody wants the truth about themselves, they like to fuck around with others and say shit like ... "get over it..", "grow up" and "get your life in your hands..."..So being honest is the last trade mark of suceeding in life. I am not a zombie...


My life goes unemotional... okay, I don't want to get overpulluted with emotions or even geeting a fucking flood from this shit.

People get easily addicted... that's what's awful about society. I am going disagree with David Mamet argument that crowds are smart and individuals are dumb.

The problem is that yoy haven't met the right people... so your argument is wrong. Romance = Porn.. if you want all day sex and sex and getting fucking overflood with erection go with this fucking genres.. Life is not pnly about this it's about the starvation kids in Africa.. the guy who rapes women... killers... We got fucking


I can be Gregory House but his character was created by 6-7 authors.. me... I.. I am one... author snd character... I DEFINETLY CAN'T GO WITH MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER

I had one of those experiences where you talk loud then comes somebody out of the sheep pack and gives you a warning or something this sort of... "shh... try to be little less louder.. because my head is going to explode" You should see this guy he was massively staring at me.. he needed time punch up this type of confidence.

Such type of low value... high levels of agression; anger; feeling the need to bully people is main representor... representetive of humans...


And still wow this guy has opinion... Words like "wow", "ehh", "ughh", "whoa" and others are parasites... They are useless... if you want to succeed with with women thelast thing you want show iff is your horrible utterly less value vocabulary.

Men are beasts ready ti fuck everything... women are with standards and still won't fuck you... your fucking friend and your other fucking friends... but reay to fuck somebody out of your circle.

Women got pussy and circle... men give to others men what they have already used. Jokes are stories 1) thing... 2) If I go with explaining the joke... we already have lost it... I could sound as an expert like a doctor... pathalogy expert, psychogy expert or whatever you can name the term... but here is thing.. I am not.. 

I am just curious guy... open minded and right now I am reading:

"Oral Pathalogy"
"Psychology Manual"
"Why curious?"

Too much masturbation... vision blur... lost of seing seight and hearth attack. Which sounds like a great syrup mix entertainment. Ouch and ouch for the people who say hurtful stuff to the future open micers.

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