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Shutter Island


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On The Record

On The Record
Created By DeYtH Banger

Hello on the record, I have questions which I need very fast and simple and easy explanation. Do I need to be a character as Dexter on thoughts?

I am talking about the crime series?
- More likely and near to Dexter Morgan!

I don't see it as a great place… but and to be ignored from the world which is possibility to be created by "you" or somebody like "you". But who gives a ShIt? - TO be honest "You" created this trap for 40% of the population. - Can I scream... PLEASE....PLEASE>.....PLEASE....PLEASE>...... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSASDADHDHDFHFHHFF


I give a shot, but in one case, if you give the gun and the most important part to be yours. AS for my father he wasn't Like Dexter's.... he is lucky.  But still we have a one common.... ignored from the world... faking smiles.... emotions... lieing about our lifes... mein and his father died from suicide... so far there is something in common....But this is nothing... no emotion... no screaming... just emptiness... I wanna kill something which is out of the paper…I want to gag the voices which are screaming... I want to put all people out of their misery - SO far that's God's willl or not???


But If there isn't god... I can be a God, why not??? I am good at that... all are going to get punished for their sins... as for mein... I am god I clean my sins. However, as honesty before you put me in this position, I do god's will... I wanna feel alive. Sadly "We", the killers… follow pattern. We do it with PURPOSE... out of the shadows, with both feet to be on the one place, but it's horrible. You can't be perfect.. always one of your features is out.

But who am I... the guy from the paper teaches you how to kill... the guy from the paper knows your sadly end... WTF!?!??!?!?

(Sounds like you joined my Matrix, to be honest I will start with your eyes... I hate when you look me... so to join my Darkness... I am going to remove your lightness, to feel the Feeling to can't do anything... I am going to remove each of your fingers... to make you talk but to be ignored as I was in school and now... I am going to cut your tongue. - Easy as that! Soona full of depression... wanting to put you out of your misery - BUTTTTT, SORRY... i CAN'T HEAR YA!)

What's available as possibility...Changing faces… names… playing the naked death killer… but in the end somebody is going to take your work. Somebody has learn your pattern... somebody is more powerful than you... What's my definition of Humanity... a squad or a group of many people... with one aim...to kill the best to become the best...

(Probably very skeptical...I am as a character, but in this... business I have been since you were  a baybe (Haha, you know this words don't YaaaaaaaaaaA???))

As for you… you weren't so good as a killer…Probably god has given you a second chance after I killed you... you don't have the memory which was "How did I killed you"... why!??? GOd is so good as person that he erased your memory... so you can't kill me with  a reason "Without knowing who am I".
To be honest, and I took some kind of part in that process by don't seeing your serial killer future. As for your father… what for him!?!? - Okay father for father... my fucking father made a suicide... so as advance before making suicide be kind as living a note or fingerprint on reason "Why did you end your life?"


I don't give a Shit, I know one thing I want to be out of this human misery… Aaaaah.... so common... I really don't see a reason for ("..") using this in the brackets - it's fucking useless. As for now I don't want to think, I want to be in shadows…. I AM DeYtH Banger and I feel incredulous that you analyze my character, without knowing who am I… But we are just numbers my number is 13568, how about yours?

I have the crazy and mad syndrome which is playing two roles in one body…. One moment FUCKING scared off from cockroaches… Yup, you have heard right…. (HAVE THIS IN MIND IF YOU ARE GOING TO PUT ME OUT OFF MY MISERY.)

THE OTHER TIME, I want to fuck the cockroach… I want to watch how it suffers. - I enjoy that MOMENT... i MAKE sure for making it VERY MEMORABLE!

As for Machines… they aren't accurate because IT'S A  fact which is under habit. To be honest for your own good. I am FUCKING bored I am mentally not stable so don't worry… soona you gonna meet god.