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Church is not some private stuff,

I can't tell you my relegious beliefs,
I can't tell you where I live
I can't tell you my mom's name
I can't tell you my uncle's name
I can't tell you where I am now
I can't tell you what I do
I can't tell you what I eat
The rules are ridiculous, if we go and focus on this shit what we gonna miss!?

Outside is Raining,
My mail box is ful,
Heavy raining
Life goes ond on...

And what do we do?... We put inside our small minds limits... which limit us from doing so much s stuff, we could be outside with a friend, we could be now surfing on the internet and learning and learning abudance of information... then gatherr friends... make a group and start sharing what "we" have learn. Everyday is a lesson to be learn, you either gonna stay and get the feedback or go out and again and again and again getting rejected like a piece of shit.

This here is really a visit... what I really want to say to you... is that life is full of lessons and people shouldn't skip any type of lesson. If outside the weather is fucked up probably is because in your life you are missing something and this rain will stop you from abusing your life and start going for what you need to understand.... RAIN IS LIKE A TIME IN LIFE WHEN YOU NEED TO GET FEEDBACK... so if it's heavy raining stay home and learn and learn and learn and learn... once the weather has changed is time to apply what you have learn.

So  I don't know you as a person... 
I have never met you in real life... so what I can say
any type of reason of not doing action is simple of excuse which in other words

You procrastinate... you don't do work
you don't do what you should do...

You stay home and bullshit yourself with simple excuses so to make you feel great
inside and out.

Your life isn't made  to stay all day home and living life to go and go and go and go and go
and excusing your actions because some kinda a fucker is doing your thing and because he is damn good you can't compete with him.

I am totally fucked up... if we ask that question... I can't live a life inside a house... it's a self-torture story.

Review: Your Brain On Porn

Your Brain On Porn Your Brain On Porn by Gary Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 19, 2018 –
100.0% "This book will help you in improving... and how to deal with porn addiction."
June 1, 2018 – page 95
52.78% "Part 3 - Controlling"
June 1, 2018 – Shelved
June 1, 2018 – Started Reading"

- This book is what one porn addicted person needs to read

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Review: Red Sparrow: A Novel

Red Sparrow: A Novel Red Sparrow: A Novel by Jason Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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DeYtH Banger - How to Talk to Anyone (Junior Talker #3)

by DeYtH Banger



Let's have a chat let's reveal some shit.

: First, I feel like a shit... today I did some shit... now I am not out studying people just to self-improve myself and others.

Comedians don't get offended
Comedians go on the stage and say what they want
Nothing limits comedy

and you?


Why you put to yourself limits?


The file has been corrupted....

Download/Online Read:

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Open your pants and let's talk,
clean the white shit and start it again.

God has given you the privillege to masturbate and
to feel carefree after each stage of masturbation. This is like one of those horror movies
but no sound at all .... or let's say positive manner from the pornstar from that porn movie which you are watching. Sorry for being so critical but pornography is something which makes you always edgy and horny.

And how is life going waking up with 9/11 and going in sleep with 9/11... Life is a conspiracy... a facility in which you need to know more if you know less... you gonna get fucked up.


So put one hand in your pants... go straight... bro, 

and one ha nd in the pocket. And let the tail rollen


Don't be sleepless... godless... b iatch wake up with a reason... don't let corruption fullfil your whole mind. And let the blow kill you slowly!

Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The Junior Novelization

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The Junior Novelization Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The Junior Novelization by David Lewman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What more than a short juicy story about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.
All of them come alive in this story... each line makes them incredible.

As for the movie is breath taking.

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Review: The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating

The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating by Dating Expert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What we need in this world is how to talk to people... this here is methods and strategies... but not the whole thing... just a part... So Now lets stop cutting time... and playing an edgy game... let's read few books and let's use what we have learn in practice...


Stop first for the theory candy...
Then it's time to give some of yourself aka practice and you gonna get the candy!

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Review: Training Day

Training Day Training Day by David Ayer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 7, 2018 –
60.0% "Training day... is it gotham prequel!?"
June 2, 2018 –
35.0% "Season 1/Episode 6


And this story is all about a dirty cop... how crazy it gets along the way."
June 1, 2018 – page 0
0.0% "Season 1/Episode 4


June 1, 2018 – page 0
0.0% "Season 1/Episode 1


Now On"
June 1, 2018 – page 0
0.0% "Nothing is more crazy than a drunk cop story."
June 1, 2018 – Shelved
June 1, 2018 – Started Reading"

- The story is awesome... if you are into corruption and how somebody as innocent as you make guess you can see him... in the end he gets dirty...

So... enough with the spoil story scenario!

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Masturbate (SIN)

Yeah it's a sinfully act and less self-righteous thing but lets blow off the whole cover go clean your eyes… and dick… feel free to remove all type of bacteria around your fingers… slip it inside your pants and let's have a fun.

1) Sinfull act of sanity
2) Bible (A stories of miss understanding and miaconceptions)

And let's continue believing in this BULLSHIT story.

And now is the time for thos… sinful people who don't belief in God it's there lazy souls whor are bound in repeation of torture.


Note: Dirty world… we are the victims!

събота, 16 юни 2018 г.


The whole process of thinking and over thinking is a process of masturbation. I am not a comedian, but I understand high quality humor and people the less value you have… the lesser chances even getting in any ledges with high quality humor.

So here is the American-English style = Thing, I downloaded few English,American books…(Let's open the circle square root biatch and start bragging about it. English-American Books … Oh god it's so sinfully wrong.) So I had… I don't mean not have… but I had the only events I am capable of telling you about are past and future. The line between this two places = "Now" Which is how we paradoxically define free will thought.

So… and sol and solo, probably you don't have enough data, that's why you won't go out with me. You want me to die… because I am too smart and the conclusion is that we gonna end up in staring contest, being the drama queen in my TV Show…

Let's solo the whole Thing, I read a Bulgarian comedy book and - FUCK you… this is some kinda a joke?...

- Brutal!?
- Realistic!?
- Crazy!?
- Awesome!?

No and no and etc (I will save few more words…)

P.S. - It's not the place and time for my last words… after that he died isn't as bigger deal than the war.

War - The Art Of folks entertainment, the symbol of how stupidity overrules the whole act and if we go deeper… they like the self-pleasure of repeating foolish acts for better results.

Let's be honest this is like fucking your mother for better resolutions!

събота, 9 юни 2018 г.

Review: 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes

7 Deadly Texting Mistakes 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes by Bobby Rio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are not getting results, probably you don't have a game. If you want to improve your results what you really need is this book... to get some basics... and then you are going to move on.

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Silence The Slice

And let's go honest,
people hate me... I know too much,
I hate too much.

Life is a neither do or
Neither of either.

So let's be honest... I went to a movie to
participate... I got some kinda role
I got few friends and now I am fucking looner... let's face it
106 people know... and from 106 - 10 go out... the other 96 are like
"?" people.


So let's go for political life

life is a deep seduction within a sword..
kill and slice it.


And the seduction goes with the following statements.


QAnon Post!!! New Fresh post and decode by Anon

Qanon,post,decoded,March 17, 2018, greatawakening,8chan,Q, !UW.yye1fxo  ,03/17/18, (Sat), 15:03:41, No.458,draintheswamp,maga,trump,ibor2internetbillofrights


P.S. - Is this a riddle or a game... who is going to play it... I mean the whole round?

Silence THE SLICE!

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събота, 2 юни 2018 г.

DeYtH Banger - How to Talk to Anyone (Junior Talker #2) (Downlaod)

by DeYtH Banger



There is a whole bunch of secrets on how to talk, there are tricks and ways. But nobody does read such books, is there in this room such a vicious reader?

I mean most people go around genre:

or other type of books

But there is one guy or person.. .who reads self-help or if there is... they just don't get it or if they get it... what do they really do?

Self- Help books are books which can help you... but you need to take action before and all.

Probably you already know me as writer... I have written plenty of books which have been in genre horror... but now I am trying something new... which is to help people to get social. In the series "Junior Talker"... I am going to explain you some secrets!


1) Click
2) Click 3) Click

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Review: El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin

El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin by Molly Molloy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"May 24, 2018 –
70.0% "In this game... everybody have blood in his hands...


The game is bloody... and shakes each spiriti!"
May 24, 2018 –
70.0% "1:43:07

May 24, 2018 –
50.0% "It's insane shit... if we look it from a POV of shitty it goes..."
May 24, 2018 –
50.0% "This story is a real assasin... a real killer.


Deep down there are secrets which are waiting to get expose... cartel and deep shitty work... that's what this story is all about...


Can you swallow so much?"
May 24, 2018 –
50.0% "1:08:00"
May 24, 2018 – Shelved
May 24, 2018 – Started Reading"

- This book and even the movie are damn brilliant!

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