събота, 21 януари 2017 г.

Tips For a Writer

So, I am going to share here with you... some of my secrets of writing...
a story/a short story/book/novel or whatever.

1. Notes

- As first you should have some kind of a program on your computer or on your smartphone or tablet Gnotes or JotterPad


With this two application you could put online and offline notes for your works... writting down your thoughts is a great practice and helps a lot of.

2. Find good Free Sites

-  Find on the internet sites from which you can learn and can post your stuff and to get feedback of that what you have posted.

3. Read Books

- Read as much as possible books, put goals each year to get more and more difficult... like

first 51 then to start with a goal if you have read more than 51... like 264 ... put +1 and make it 
265... SO far my Goal this year for 2017 is 265 books to read so far I have finished 24.


4. Take as much books as you can

- Don't limt yourself with reading one book... read 1-2 or even 11-12 at one time... and try to get as much knowledge as possible and to use it.

5. Listen To Youtube stories


- This here playlists I have made them special for people which are interested in listening to stories more near to the genre - Horror, so far I am going to put and more in the playlsit #5 and I am going to make and more playlists with such stuff inside...

6. If you

- If you are into reading such type of stuff... short or long stories you could find some in my books

Reddit Collection by DeYtH Banger... so far from 1 up to 7 are out and soon and more are going to come out.

7. To Get

- To get to know me better, why not to give a try by reading The Life Of One Kid by DeYtH Banger?


So far from 1 up to 7 Volumes are out and  I can say for sure that with this book I am leaving it forever... I am not going to continue it or to do more content like that... or probably I could... in Deeper Level series.