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Story time!?

It's story time, If I am right?!?

So let's explore
  - Story #1
- Here with 71 stories which you can listen... it's like a audiobook!

But why to limit you???
You should have limits... so check out
- Story #2
- Here you can find 118 stories the same as the #1... but there are more stories!

Can you??

Let's start with basic problem and to explore it little deeper and to see what will happe, shall we???

 Can IDK be my friend? Not my frind!

Can You???
So my question is can you???
You are human, right???
... I hope that you don't lie like this today chatbots with conclusion "I am chatbot, therefore I am God!".. so let's explore character!
Can you feel it???
- You use everything to make something real like your story, I mean you try to share what you feel, but after all you can't do it same as you feel it... something stops you.
- Waiting, can you feel it You wait and wait and wait no answer you keep going forward with the thought that somebody will write, will give you answer, will help you... but what is on your way is silence, silence... it makes you crazy but you can't do anything.
-Words, you don't need to be in front of that person... you just feel the words like ignorace in large quantity,... you say something but after all silence, you are afraid of the guy, in your mind you have thoughts "Probably I made him sad, didn't I"... silence is on the way few minutes more have passed no answer, you start going there again and again which goes in level addiction... again and again no answer you start more and more to worry in your mind come more thoughts about what has happen... silence after few minutes more start killing you and these thoughts and they don't stop "This guy won't write me anymore..."... "What have I said, have I done that I get such punishment ... why???"... "I made him sad..."... then you start going under your level and saying "Please, please don't punish me like this, I am not peace of trash... I am very sorry for my actions.."

If You ask me!?!

- I like Opera... it's awesome!

- FAKE, FAKE... I hate this fucking word it ruins your world slow and you suffer... what happens???
You add somebody as a friend you start writing to him... it goes as a discussion you start enjoying and finding that after all in this small world we have something you have something in common with that person... you feel glad it really doesn't matter what is it... is it that you both like Hitler or that you both like the game CS and you both play it... or let's go in unknown a love comes from nowhere you feel it, probably you even start it... the other guy continue your work ( So let's look in Boyfriend and Girlfriend... GirlFriend and Boyfriend)... it goes awesome you say your real name and the other guy also... you start trusting to that guy... but after all as I stay in Spec!... Which means that I see what you both do... I start founding that the one guy say lies and other sharing the truth about his life and after all.... after so much chatting it goes out like the frog... that the other guy is fake.... so horrible... I think that you had emotions,... I think that you wanted to have with this relationship, didn't you??
Sorry, for ruining you happines, but sadly you was on the way to drown in the water... you stayed so much time under the water...!
- Words, why we don't try for another round, shall we???
You know the words"Okay".... "After few seconds I am comin.."... "After few minutes I will come..."... it's very sad that just with this here your world has been changed... this here is like a script!
I feel very sad for you that we are going to meet each other in such way!
What I am saying is that this all here is a lie... after all the last 2 never go as people said it will go as for the first word sometimes you feel (I will say okay, so you to stop... but still I am not going to do it or agree with you)... that's the feeling... it's horrible.

I don't know, know and no and no and now... What to say!?!

- Sex... after all everyone wants sex... nothing horrible to feel that but always there is on the way something to stop you first level... you don't have age for that... Okay, I don't have the age...but now I have them.... You don't have enough money... to go and make sex.... Okay... I have the age... now I have the money... but another thing stops me disease ... this level can't be passed.
And the end so far!
- Mistakes, it's horrible.. it's like you were drugged and you made sex with your wife's sister... and mainly from that first come the thoughts "Aaaahaa.. so my sister drugged you... she!???? ... Off stop that shit I know her from 20 years...and I know you from 5 years!"... so it comes from nowhere as a second feature divorce... Your past takes place in your present... before she was a slut 5 years after finishing school... before he was that person on the news ... the guy who was fucking his own sister for very long time... Pfffff this fucking son of biatch If I was his father he won't get away so easy... and after all the man leaves that woman mainly because of her past mistakes... after all the woman lives her boyfriend mainly from the reason that he is a monster... - OMG!
I wanna return the favour!
- I am a good person!
There isn't now it doesn't exist you say the word and after you say it there are milliseconds, seconds, minutes and hours now is not possible to exist now can answer if it's 1 and it doesn't move.... so after all as a conclusion past effects on your present... but after all there isn't now so there isn't and present....
And last example it's horrible when you mean something else and you say what you don't mean... after all Is it on skype or on facebook or other social media you send a message to a and only mainly from one mistake which just changed the whole meaning of the sentence.... It happens horrible stuff, it's horror, terror!

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It's not a happy

Let's enter in the horror, shall we??

One short horror story from me... DeYtH Banger

It's not a happy

by DeYtH Banger

Who am I??
This pretty damn good question my name is Bob DonCreeck, but if we look little deeper we will see that this is not me, it's just a name. A name given from my parents!...
Oh, Hello I am DeYtH, I am listening to the bullshit of Bob DonCreeck. He is really great guy he keeps inspiring me with his incredulous speeches about his life about how he has become from poor into rich, one book has helped him to  reach this success and to change everything. You have probably already heard that, haven't you?
One  book to change his  positive thoughts to bring 200 000 000$, for god sake, what a crap just keep thinking about it just goes from a junkie in junkie... But look since I started following him, dear reader, it was at age 16  a lot of from his stuff I have viewed like quotes, books, videos I became 17 years old not bad but then I stopped for a while even not for a while but little longer... and when I thought found this which he had become now  it was one luck (one of my favorite characters who is Sherlock Holmes from "Elementary" says luck is for idiots...) Yes... indeed it's true but looked little deeper  its a luck, isn't it??
Bob DonCreeck have luck!
To get money for inspiring people, to keep repeating stuff like 30 days watch these and you will change 60 videos 30 days to watch one video. So far looked from here who dies this to watch videos so many times probably he is not really okay!
Oh no... Jack and his crew is coming this time, not for a punch or kick, but to kill me. Last time was very awful, more awful and my girlfriend what it has happened to her she was raped  by her father since she was ten years old, who knows why??
Her mother was dead, her father probably  couldn't find a suitable woman or another toy to play with and to do what he says... Sorry I want to apologize for this vocabulary, I have stopped reading books since I went to jail it was 2018, what now you see why I am here on the streets, it's fucking twisted!
When I went out of jail, I went on the streets can you imagine,  listening from many years to Bob DonCreeck after all nothing at all one year and something talking about "Law Of Attraction" and other shitty stuff which he makes people naive... But let's go back to what happen with my girlfriend, I still don't know how we met her father forbids to go to talk to boys and if he finds out  it goes very badly... fucking in mouth, in the ass and many other places which thinking about it makes me level disgusted. She was like his own unpaid bitch he could fuck her without paying her for that, he always says that (That's how she used to tell me the story about him!)
(But After all I don't know who is really she and who is he, who is that strong guy to do such stuff to a so weak woman, is he still alive??? Is the girl alive or dead???? I don't know this girl which tells me the story, is she a victim? Was she a victim, who was that guy, who was this girl fake story? Or what??? Going in the unknown deeper and deeper for answers)...
He says "Helloooooooooo little fuckingggggg biatch it's time to play... one bird told me that you were talking to a boy..., weren't you?"
(Let's start she and he.... I really don't know these people and if I know them I can't tell you their names, I don't want to get in any trouble after all I am on the streets who knows what will happen will me when I die?)
She says "Wow... thattttt'ssss not"
He says "QUITE, I know what will say that it's a lie but it's not a lie open your mouth and we will see..."
She says "Why??"
He says "Since, when you give a shit??? Blonde?"
She says "I'm not your bitch... (she was crying and shouting... saying please don't do this, don't forget that I am your daughter..."
(After all the drama started at 10 years old her mother was dead that year and somewhere there in the tenth year, I don't know which month, but who gives shit about that??? A small detail what's for sure is that she was his bitch, her mother was dead and she was raped by her father.... so gruesome, so nasty!)

He says " I don't have a daughter since the lady... not the lady but the woman which pretends to be my wife, when she died... I gave her one lesson which she will remember in hell or heaven, god knows where she will go... I raped her she died I started from the pussy I fucked it five times every time I start cumming it was count for 1... so up to five  times cums, when I reached I made one break and starting looking her and asking "Why so serious?", "Why such face you are showing, you don't show respect, you die without telling me that you will die, or who knows probably I have killed you when I have used drugs and alcohol in extreme levels",... then he went into the kitchen to take the knife and  to start making scars on her body first one normal every other deeper and deeper it was signs that she deserved to die... after this I started fucking her not with my dick, but with knife pushing in her ass every minute deeper and deeper in the same time saying did you like it now fucking whore, gettttttttt IT, YOU DESERVED TO DIE... in same time I was licking all her face every minute... the knife goes deeper, in the same time it was coming and the licking part every other minute with more and more licking, with a smile after it went very bloody I started with mouth fucking her up to drown... when I finished her I made everything possible to be like drown... so don't feel sorry...., so to be people to think that it's an accident so to make all FBI, CIA and all other groups to don't look deeper it was a drown and that's all."
She says "..."
(What is she saying? She can't say anything she somehow is confused, in the same time worried for her life, praying for god, wanting answers why she gets that...)
He says "I thought to let you go but a lot of mess you gonna make, I want to safe this type of work to go and to kill some other people for now I am not prepared... mmm and thinking in real you know too much for what I will gonna do with you, what I done to your mother so now... to live or not?..."
(Silence comes in the room, a place where both are confused not only he but and she, she confused about the stuff which will happen, have happen and he confused about what to do with her... Having in mind that lifting her to live it will go very messy, going in jail... then finding out that a lot of years lost in jail for example for this which now he has done it will be very nasty probably 10 years, but it doesn't sound like a good his "years old" + 10 probably 40 years old out of jail???? It's useless, no way out from this, a job should be done and should be finished...)

She says "How could you do this... it was my mother... she was your wife.. tell me sorry for what?? Tell me why you are doing this, did something happen to you when you were a child and now you want to show it? It's not the way it should be done... why to me? You could be one good father, no sexuality. What's the idea of doing this..."
(A lot of confuse, trying from nothing to make something, to provoke him and to save her life, but nothing, you know monster is monster, difficult to kill him, pretty odd character and what more? A character who probably had his own past the same like what now is happening, but he was the victim... so now it went twisted he became the killer, the thing which he never wanted to become, became...)
He says "Continue, I somehow like what you will say and what you are going to say, you know that you won't reach far, so do it... I kind of enjoy it.... There SHOULD BE MORE DRAMA... SO CONTINUE DRAMA IS THE BEST THING FOR A RAPE,... HOW RAPE WITH A DRAMA????"
(From normal voice his voice started to change somehow feeling glad that some new stuff are taking part this rape, that there will be drama, he just liked the idea and started shouting somehow with laugh, smile and the worst thing it was coming and irony...)
She says "Sorry for what???...For killing my mom who knows did she died like that or you killed her... (She  was angry, she was even crying, mad, shouting at level which she will want to kill herself... but she cannot do that her father was clever... even she doesn't know was that her real father and how he could become such monster like that. Under clever, it's always understood "If you want to suicide... how will you do it?"... and his mind comes oh gun... oh knife..". So far he had cleaned everything which is possible to make suicide...)"
(But it really doesn't matter, it was in other room which was very well protected from sound outside and in, from suicide so every action was useless, like the words which we say every day most of them are useless, but we keep doing that...)

He "Let's end this shit with "And" don't forget you came from the dust for the lust, there is always one "And", it's a nice word isn't it?? In the films you see happy endings, the books too, in the short stories too, but this is life what you see you could say its one bad dream... but sorry it isn't! you could say it's a book, but sorry it isn't! Its real life and now will be time taste the real life (He had put a knife, hammer, and knuckle-duster on the table, with a smile looking them... she was at the corner locked in room with him no way out... it was locked. He just enjoyed how she wants he to stop, he loved this moment praying for her miserable life... she was shouting... but nobody could hear this girl,... this nice, Blonde, with blue eyes. The time was perfect, the room was perfect and everything was perfect...)
(She start pushing her head into the wall and trying to kill herself like this... until he said...

He " No... no, don't be rude be happy it's something which will not take your life... I want to play with you... when your mother died since then you became mine... and you know even when you are alive you were again somebody's bitch so there ISN'T BIG DEAL, BITCH LIKE A BITCH... NOW YOU SHOULD BE my toy ENOUGH WORDS...SO WHERE I WAS?"
(Silence, confuse, getting prepare for the punish which he is on the way to do... thinking up to where he has reached...)
He "OH, I REMEMBER... UP TO THE CHOOSING I CHOOSE FIRST TO SEE WHAT MY DICK WILL SAY (He said that with one big smile, and like he was going to make at such level in which  that the irony was beyond everything!...)
But before that beware be a good girl, wrong move and could cost something you don't want to lose something, do you?
So let's start! (He started removing his clothes, at the same time she was praying to god to don't be painful and to go fast... so far she was a weak... not like me DeYtH, I was a guy who enjoyed making experiments with mice, dogs, cats and to explore their behavior life If I cut the one arm what will happen... it will go angry?!... It will become scared and afraid of me?! What will happen?? It will start fighting for its life?!  It will try to escape?!
The experiments took place in my basement in a box made of glass the room was made isolated very well, so no sound out, no sound in.... but enough for me, in reality, I will die without any problem just a kill, not a lot of pain, made with a weapon... probably her life was worse than mine...
- Her nasty naked father was ready the surprising thing was that he had a big and large dick very big one, he had made it from the online products for making dick bigger and larger, he had muscles which are upgraded in such level which one squeeze could take a life... it was going to be painful and there wasn't a joke about that!!)

He says "Hey look me right in the face... good girl now listen no wrong move you know how bad could
go, you want live, do you?
So now do what I say open your mouth and let's see is it a lie or true, let's see is the bird right did she said the lie or you lie who lies?? Let's find... if the dick goes above it means it's true, if down a lie!
Stay with open mouth... oh nothing is happening please remove your clothes... what please for god sake what am I saying??? (He slapped her very rough and said)... DO IT... remove your fucking clothes and do not try to be smart-ass, if you try you will get three more slaps like this, if it goes like it was planned it will not hurt... (She removed her clothes slowly in the same he was watching and saying "do it slow..." he started jerking off... she was ready)..."
He says "Okay... you are ready to let's start open your mouth widely... and I will finish first the job and then will make this experiment... with the dick goes above and down..."

She said "What job???... Wow, wow you killed my mother you were joking with her dead body, you wanted this now this... and??!?"
(In reality, she didn't know what she was talking, she was saying every word which is coming in her mouth logical or not logical she didn't give a shit about that...)
HE said "Silence I do my work you do your work, get it???... don't make say it again! (He started to jerking off, she was watching him with open mouth and she was praying without using her hands....  one moment he said)...
"Oh look today is my lucky day and yours also, ( he says it with a smile!)
She said, "You cheat..."
He says "What a smart-ass, what did I tell you about this? I think that this time you are very above smart... you deserve your desert to get... ( He slapped her three times but not fast waiting and waiting first done rough again the same and with the other two... then he said you are smarty... you deserve one juice... It's from me, smarty asses like you deserve a reward!
Open widely your mouth (He started jerking off with smile and laugh, and repeating  "Take this, you want it take it, it's your lunch", she had sadness, she was very worried she was on the way to piss, but he said "Show a smile to your face or I will make you one"... she decided to do what he says if she does it will be less painful, if he was sincere, who knows what he is capable of doing to cut one of her fingers or to slap her until both cheeks become red... it came the worst thing it was a nightmare for her it was just the beginning, and the image was horrible it was sperm and the products he has used it has become a lot of from this shit in one place,... no doubt about that it was like she was in the sea drowning, but more horrible it wasn't water it was sperm, it wasn't the sea it was her own father who has become a monster!)

He said, "It's going very smooth, you should be glad that you are the first to taste it since I have started using the products, two years from now and in this year I stopped using them"...
He said "Oh, what a shy face, I can put on smile I think, can I??? YOu don't want to put a smile, but I can do it... I know how I will use one of my fingers and put it right it in your pussy"... (She wasn't only shy but and frustrated, can't move doesn't know what to say, doesn't know what to do just a horrible position from my opinion)
(As my opinion it didn't done anything that finger it had a big nail, probably god was with her, she should be glad about that... If there was bloody probably he could kill her or who knows what bloody thing he could do to make her pregnant...)
(She screams, but the sperm is still in her mouth on her hair also have sperm a lot of, it was like shampoo. Her body also had sperm, but she had some kind of dignity and she wasn't going to swallow it...)
(When he saw that, what only came in his mind was to break her dignity so started being from rough in rougher... This time started punishing her with the dick, first with a slap in the both cheeks, rough one, when went angrier he used the dick to slap her he enjoyed the pain, he was a real masochist, he continued until he swallows it.)

He says "Good girl, so you did your job, I don't want to see anymore that dignity you are my biatch you do what I say, when I say, get it???Don't take my whole day I have some other plans, you are the biatch for the night or who knows if you make me happy probably longer you will live.... Let's start with the next round, prepare!
(He saw that she was disgusted, he said "That's very bad, I can see a lot of you are not smiling, you don't like my sperm and you don't show respect... now I will gonna show you what is respect you will remember  this for you all life or what has left from your life" (He took the knife and said, "Do you know what are the differences between knives and weapons?"

She said "I don't know, please tell me" (She thought that if she does everything correctly she won't go in trouble, but wrong move again,... and there weren't any other possibilities, he was strong and it was difficult find his weakness when he is stand up and she is on her knees... he said "The difference is that with one you enjoy the pain with the other you end the joy"...
He used the knife to make a smile on her face and he made it, after all, she was crying but sadness was masked, he started another round like this with the jerking off, even not one more, but six he... it was the same circle over and over, these times without any punishments, he was ready for this seven times, he hasn't made such stuff.... since the dead body. He made one break... and he was thinking  "what next to be, somehow I went bored...what to be something more brutal oh I know put all my dick in her ass, it will be wonderful, she will not scream from pain, but from enjoyment... but first I will leave her some minutes to retreat... and then I will share what I want..."
He said, "Are you ready?"
She said "For what??" (She thought that it can't go more worse than this!? And what can happen to her more brutal than this? Nail in her pussy, which was done, sperm on her hair, on her body which was also done, sperm in her mouth also done, what more??? She even has lost and her dignity...)
He said "I want to put my all dick in your ass... YOU WILL GONNA LIKE IT WILL BRING YOU A LOT OF PLEASURE, IT DOESN'T HURT" (She became angry and said "Fucking sick monster, go in hell"... then she went to attack him and to bring him a pain... He said "I like this game, sounds like you want to play, but so far it looks like your pussy is staying on my dick,.. your pussy is very close why I don't start from there?... No... no, don't move... to save a punishment, if you make daddy happy... you could get something!")
He said "Now gently touch my dick and put in your pussy, but before that make it wet... you will get a nice orgasm and it will bring pleasure"

She said "Oh no...no..no.."  (She was Crying, her hair was with sperm in some places, it was like a bloody war, but this time sperm war. One very brutal! But he didn't give a fuck about that so he went next to... she could not take it in the pussy who knows what can happen when she was full off piss,... she didn't say that so to don't get any trouble, but the mystery which was going he just enjoyed he wanted to explore it! He bites her pussy and it went like fountain the piss yellow, right in his mouth and
She Said "OMG, HOW BADLY IT WENT, NOW I WILL GONNA GET VERY ROUGH STUFF... JUST THE THOUGHT ABOUT IT MAKE ME SICK"... (when it finished the piss it really went bad few punches in the stomach and then his emotions make him to put his dick in her mouth and to piss in it...)

He said "You are now alive, next time will be rougher, you don't want to get there you will not like this place to explore!

(He took her body then he took his dick and with a smile he puts in her pussy the whole big and large dick... for her it was very big pain... pain which you are on the way to way to cry... he was counting to see how much he can do and can he break the record for fucking? doing this with anger, smile and using his muscles, grabbing her by the neck to stop little the breathing, then...)
He said, "You know who is the boss??..." She couldn't answer... he said then "To see that we are on the same topics make my dick wet... then EAT YOUR FAVORITE JUICE FROM THE seven TIMES..." he again with smile and madness... she said, "I done what you, will you let me now to go?" He said "No the fun hasn't ended, when you go outside the fun will end, I want to continue this, I find it like passion which I fuck bitches .... but let's end this shit, SAY YOUR LAST WORDS" the girl waited a little while and thinking about possibilities of going out, she found a lot of moves, but all just make her in check in and one more move and checkmate, it was like in chess, no way out the only way it was to die... so ...
He said "Off, say last words, I have a lot of things to do now is a good time to hide body somewhere and it's the middle of the night I won't wait until the morning, I have some other plans for the morning"...
 She said "Go to hell..."
He said "Are you sure this to be your last words??? You are already in hell, don't forget to say to god that you were my bitch, and this scars are for my bitches..." (He waited to hear any answer, but silence... he decided to end it one for all... so he
 grabbed her and lifted her in the air and break her neck and
said, "Next time you should know the word respect"...

Jack asked, "Did the story ended??"
I said "Yes"...
Jack "Nice story, I was on the way to forgot to kill you... clever move Deyth to tell me a story, you thought that it will save your life, yeah it took some time so you had your time, so I hope to find a place in heaven... but what heaven you deserve hell for what you shared, you are one sick guy, the best place for you is in hell."
(He took his gun out of the bag, load it and he was moving it down and above, slowly and he was saying "It's about your luck, if I shoot you in the head you will die less painful, if it's in the other parts of the body there will be a lot of pain, so I suggest to start praying like the girl in your story,... DeYtH had luck in his pocket, so the first shot when right in his head.)

Question: On Who Am I?

Hello, I'm DeYtH Banger Famous as A writer and Mapper.