петък, 30 юни 2017 г.

School Is Over

I am very thankful, that once and for all again this hell is over, I never liked being there.

 Being in school with different types of people, some people just wanna smash you others say that they are your friends... but in the end they are trying to ruin your life, enemies one moment are your friends, other time they ain't. But still I am thankful that in such bad days in which I was with bad mood in this hell I had a chance to be around works written by authors like:

  1. Stephen King (It helped me in hard times to  go throw the rough stuff...)
  2. Dean Koontz (Within everything there is something which is special and wonderful)
  3. James Patterson
  4. Jack Ketchum (Hard times are part of the lesson)
  5. J.K.Rowling (Everyone starts from hell... choices makes you to go in heaven) 
  6. James Baldwin (Niggers are slaves... but look them now... they just have left that behind their back.)
  7. Mark Manson (Life is going to be better, if you  stop giving fuck about people's opinion...But if we think little bit... we will see that stopping giving fuck after all isn't so easy as we think it is. We JUST  CAN"T ONE MOMENT STOP SAYING "I CARE"... it's damn difficult... He just says that we should stop if we want a better life....)
  8. Jeff Garlin (And we... fail...)
  9. Upton Sinclair (Hard work as always pays back...)
  10. Robert Mazur
  11. Michael Tougias
  12. Jeffery Deaver (Teachers were angry in school, but at leasty Jeffery Deaver was the most silent teacher I have ever met in my life! :)
  13. D. A. Brown (Oh, you are working as detective?...

    D. A. Brown is a detective with the Seattle Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Section specializing in threat assessment and cyber crimes. She’s also a task force officer with the FBI’s Cyber Crime Task Force. She lives in West Seattle. - The work fucking sucks... that's all what I will tell you...) WORK: Dead Drop: A Girl's Guide to Homicide
  14. Mihir S. Sharma (We need to restart the economy)
  15. Jodie Archer (That's how they do it...ThAT"S THE CODE)
  16. Vaclav Smil ( I am going to become a vegetarian, why? Vaclav Smil, will answer your question.)
  17. Marina Adshade (Dollars and Sex, have something in common - WHAT?... Marina Adshade, is going to answer your question.)
  18. Jeanne Ryan (Life is one of the most crazy things which you can ever experience.)
  19. Dennis Lehane
  20. James Sallis (For the best work you need a expert.)
  21. Chad Kultgen (That's the future, please accept it!)
  22. Thomas Harris
  23. Robert Damon Schneck
  24. Robert B Parker
  25. Anthony E. Zuiker (He is brilliant you already know this genius guy... he is behind some crime shows you can google this guy... but in the (Whodunnit?) series he ain't so brilliant as we used to know him.)
  26. Robert Crais
  27. Stephen Hunter
  28. J.D.Robb
  29. Robert Ludlum
  30. Harlan Coben
  31. Michael Connelly 
  32. Joseph Finder
  33. Tom Clancy (This guy is going to blow your brain... too many scenarious of chaos.)
  34. David Ignatius
  35. Greg Cox (Something was invented and it just changed the world)
  36. Meg Rosoff
  37. Neil Gaiman
  38. Nick Flynn
  39. Jeff Lindsay (Once and for all Jeff told us that behind the professionalists ... there is something which very very dirty... ! Dexter is the big example here!)


  1. Jack Mapanje
  2. John Burnside
  3. Peter Porter
  4. Alan Jankins
  5. Brendan Kenelly
  6. Douglas Dunn
  7. Robert Frost
  8. Robert Hass
  9. Michael Schmidt
  10. Dorothy Wordsworth
  11. Philip Levine
  12. George Bowering
  13. Pangur Bàn
  14. Alice Jones
  15. Brad Davis
  16. Charles Simic
  17. Michael Donaghy
  18. Gillian Allnutt
  19. William Shakespeare (Probably a writer who gives too much details, but the good thing is that by reading his works one day you can use his words from his works to get more ironical as a person.)
  20. Robert CrawFord
  21. Edgar Allan Poe (Never liked him as a writer, the same and is for Shakespeare first because they are from the past and second Shakespeare... I had some works written by him in my student books and... something like "Must Remember, Must say"... I didn't like those scenarious... not being free... As For Allan... just because he is from the past... I don't like people from the past... I like more the alive writers...)
  22. Philip Gross


The irony of all is that I wasn't just a reader, I was also and watcher and a listener. To don't forget and a writer. I have written around school hell a lot of works, I got and a chance to write works about what's happening aroud my life. 
Around the people which I know/ I go outside with, around with the people which I live with...

It hasn't been one of the best years = 2017, but still it's comming the summer. No books have been given to me to read for this summer, so I am going to be honest here... the truth is that I am glad about being free and having a chance to read what I want...

This summer... is going to be different... I am going to be wise in choosing what to read and what not, after this weekend = Saturday and Sunday or probably after a break. I defenitely need it, I will be active still on twitter or facebook or youtube or on watchin films or reading books but not as something which "I must do", but something which I am going to do rare and when I am into the mood.

The problem of school is that "You must read it", bad or in a good mood... sad or angry... hatred or love... still you had to do it... If you want to pass the year, of course I am not from the students which stay in one place and spends hours on reading stuff which in the end... EVEN DON'T REMEMBER, don't recall and are worried about their future, some kinda dumb ass a... stupid guy has told them that it's important and they do what they do.

As for me I am going to read stuff which are going to help with improving my social skills and communicating, I am going to focus on stuff which I like and enjoy, I am going to read books which are going to improve my thinking and even improve my writting skills and much more.


I don't know about you people, but I have my favourite characters from series up to films and movies.

  1. Dexter 
  2. Monk
  3. D.M. House (Ironical, Critical, Hypocritical and Authoritative)
  4. Cal Lightman (There is a body language which is again a way of communicating)
  5. Johnny Smith
  6. Seth
  7. John Reese 
  8. Lionel Fusco 
  9. Harold Finch
  10. Walter White
  11. Saul Goodman
  12. David Caruso
  13. Edward Nygma
  14. James Gordon
  15. Harvey Bullock
  16. Barbara Kean
  17.  Nathaniel Barnes
  18. Carmine Falcone
  19.  Fish Mooney 
  20.  Oswald Cobblepot
  21.  Jerome Valeska 

Review: I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro I Am Not Your Negro by James Baldwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 29, 2017 –
50.0% "57:55"
June 29, 2017 –
50.0% "The story of the black people, how everything started... piece by piece...
... Bite by bite

From normal creatures to killers and serial killers


From Love to hatred"
June 29, 2017 – Started Reading"

- This story is going to shake your mind once and for all, it's going to make you ask yourself different questions about different race, but still why do we hate the black race? oR black why does it hates white?

From where did everything started?

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четвъртък, 29 юни 2017 г.

The Big Shit

People talk so much about dark web or the deep web,
you choose how to call it.
It has been such a place,
and such a place,
but I made my journey.

I started exploring today Dark-web and after all,
what I found is that few sites didn't work,
the search engine even didn't show what I was
expecting, some sites open, but said that they want
and much more... (BIT COINTS - PLEASE - BIATCH!)

 So I wanted to make one deal... to make my money into bitcoins and to
start doing some bad stuff... as the bad boys do...

REALITY IS reality
let's not hide it, my mother = biatch soon is going to come
back soona or later.

But still I don't have the  "MESSAGE" which I was supposed to get on my smartphone...
There were some steps... one of them were getting a message with a code,
and to put it in the site and so to finish 2 step and move on 3 step finish.

And with time to get up to the end,

and to get my bitcoin adress.




In other words Deep web is like a cup of water,

nothing is beyond it, nothing is in it.

Just water like water!


But remember,

Thinking too much on
a question asked by someone and it's between "Yes" and "No",
most cases is "No" but in a long period of time.


Internet... the internet the normal... not the onion
thing, but the normal internet is a place whihc is full of knowledge, full
of piracy... books/ebooks series and much more.


You Are Free,
But not forever!

Review: High-Rise

High-Rise High-Rise by J.G. Ballard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"June 28, 2017 –
60.0% "What's fucking happening?


Confusing has hell!"
June 28, 2017 –
60.0% "1:20:39"
June 28, 2017 –
50.0% "1:02:47"
June 28, 2017 –
30.0% "I will agree with some people's opinion that it's a strange story."
June 28, 2017 –
30.0% "41:01"
June 28, 2017 –
5.0% "J.G. Ballard is going to blow your mind with this story the same goes and for the movie."
June 28, 2017 –
5.0% "No speech
No Text

(That's the movie)


Not talking and just staring and music which plays over and over and over..."
June 28, 2017 – Started Reading"

- What type of sick fuck has written this work?


The movie is the confusing movie I have ever watched, who knows the story inside the book how will it go, I am not interested and I won't go to read it...


Because of the fucking NON-LOIg in this whole story!

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сряда, 28 юни 2017 г.

Look DOWN 4

Drugs aren't the right way,
Even kissing for 59 Hours,
Isn't again the right thing.

Okay love is love….
But it's with it's own

You should know the "Begging" and the "End".
Of it…


Limits… and Limits

Typical school… silence… lower pitch and higher pitch voice, you all lose the whole picture of fun.

But that's the place which put it in our bodies
Limits like for example.

Knowledge = Repeations

You won't pass if you don't REPEAT!

The worst of all we never even got up to the part when theory becomes an action. School didn't say that "We all are unique", but it said that we all are one big one in other words we all are the same…


Oximoron, Aphorisms and Platon!

Look DOWN 3

What I talking about is very, very typical,
It's like the music which most of us listen... over and over and over

The same tone, melody… first lower pitch.. then
higher and that's classic music.


I should apologize, probably one day I won't remember my name, my thoughts and even who I am. But that's dead, Right?

Dead = Level 0 Ground

Oh, wait my mistake from retardation and rethoric melody I just lost myself. What I want to say is that what now  you are reading is my "Nowadays" Misery. But still I can't be a specific time will be forgotten, stories and
symphonies will be lost along the way.

One for the greater good!

I made illusions… I created them, but let at least
one more time to view them.

What-If, they she or her are looking at you… probably because you are strange. Few of the people just had the guts to say that you are strange person, not really in your face. But they said to other people... it went viral after few days….

Probably you are already famous in school as I was once. Mocking behavior - I AM NOT SURE FOR THIS WORD… IS IT THE CORRECT ONE FOR TO DEFINE SUCH A TRAGEDY?

Do you even listen?

HAHA, once!????

 That's my story, as for now I am alive, but as you reading it after 20 years... probably I could be dead, god knows!?

Look DOWN 2

Look DOWN again, not because I want you to, 
not just because my pointing.

But because to see it by yourself, how everything has turn out.

Looking Down, is a choice which means not acknowledging somebody's presence… doesn't matter is it a stranger (-danger), friend or relative , we don't give to specific person the needed respect… - That's what's ....all is about.

He/She gives us a chance. 
What do we do? … 
We ignore there empty expressions!

What did they wanted?
Wasn't too Much!

Just few impressions, few tricks and get rollen.

But We, dear we ignore them… 
Like they are a sign… 
they are an insect… 
so useless, non-need, 
now is the perfect moment for the best question, 
who are we to make such a
 incremental judge?

Are you tired?


Mhm, If we think Little bit,
(Sound like an a order, but it's not).

You know when a writer doesn't know,
what he is talking about, most cases,
he creates traps with images and sets.

Which in the end gets into them... (AS YOU SAID LOCKED IN YOUR BRAIN....)

That's how I feel now,
I just feel like I will create one big trap for myself.
If I start writting novels, stories which … I ain't ready for.

I have choosen this now which you are reading just to free myself from hell and heaven… death and Alive.

As already know… old people talk about death - Theories and Speculations. Teenagers and grown ups old enough… but ain't 80… neither 60… I am talking from 18 up to 40 years old.

They just talk about how everything is going to happen… From jobs up to cars….but as always time comes... first and spoils all and everything.


Hello, I want to announce that I am going to narrate stories, but I won't narrate some kinda shit with beginnings which don't engange the reader or the listener, neither and stories which will not make sense while I go down... and down and down.

1. If you want me to narrate a story written by you

- Make Sure to be enganging!

Send them to:


(From 1 day up to 1 week I am going to make sure to read your message and to reply to your message)

2. Try to be Original

(Don't use cliches and other fucked up stuff)

3. Try to Tell something which hasn't been told

вторник, 27 юни 2017 г.

Liked Videos

Deady Story #5*6


I know what to say,
I know what to ask,
I know what to answer,
I know how is going to go,
I know where is going to happen,
I know that I have one more chance.

Notta  really on the contract,


The big problem is that
The formation of the issue by so much dissociation is so
damn hard.

Lazy and bored,
Crazy and Baizy,
Sneezy and Snoozy.

Probably watching somebody... or staring somebody has never been a
symptom of wanting to talk with this person, it could be just a normal re-action, after beeing
so much bored ....

YOU JUST START TO stare at random people... just to fulfill your desires... whatever they are.


I won't play with the dirt, as my mother has told me to don't
play there...




I should call it


but I decided

to call it


mainly because... I have free will.

But that's illusion,
isn't it?


Nothing is free and 
wills and freedom?


Everything around what I listen
get's screw up at least once,
if you get lucky twice,

Quadra Kill

But let's be more brainish
creatures, to don't be some
lazy fuckers, but brainers and my
question is now.



She is staring at me, I see her.... I do the same,
it's so strange, but love isn't it strange?

I am not in the mood to move,
I have never desired to be so much sinister as now,
I have never desired to become a taugh kiddo,
I have never desired to spoil my mind,

As I use now to do,
sometimes I  don't have space in my mind for extra information and what do I

I go and add more and more and more material why?

That's the question which now this reference is trying to ask you.



I am not sure, how I got in front of this
white screen... and staring in it like a 
corrupted zombie.

Not really into the mood for

....I would write when
I feel in a good mood, 
But today is one of my worst moods,
and how am I going to write something magnificient?
Powerful and Incredible?

It's the mystery inside this book of

I don't want to go anywhere, I see possiblities,
and all of them don't end well!

I am not a person who is using
the most complex vocabulary...

OHHHH, GOD BLESs, you and all of you,

E. L. James is like me... I am talking about the author
of Fifty Shades of Grey. She is using also a language which isn't as
sophisticated as it's supposed to be.



Ohh, 54 Years old Lady

speaks like a 16-17 years old teenagers?
How much Mature is that?

As we say... fuck
MATURITY and we go
in google and type 

"Maturity Pornography"

YOu call it


I call it






We start searching for the best videos and in the end as
always we end up closed in our minds, with crazy and insane pictures,
having desires which aren't even ours,
executing orders which have been given by others,


Soldiers and lowdiers, friends and strangers ... so dangerous
both ways and both paths, music has never been
enough to describe the all mixed feelings of so much 
horrific actions.

Solderis and lowdiers, friends and strangers... so dangerous,

I am talking about the species... not the non-verbal species, but the
verbal ones.....,which communicate, walk, think.

This should be an irony sitting in front of this monitor and while

listening to some kinda EVIL Music, I have became 100% more productive.

I can't stand up,
No Desire,
No feeling like to,

I don't want to go outside,
Nor, wants
Nor, wishes 

have ever been executed.

Review: Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime

Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime by Val McDermid
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 27, 2017 – page 50
16.13% "8/10"
June 27, 2017 – page 50
June 27, 2017 – Started Reading"

- Already 9 books I have listen to by using blinklist. I am very grateful that it gives me a chance me as a reader and even other people which like me = "readers", to get the best Thrilling moments of a novel.

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The Bestseller Code by DeYtH Banger

Special Thanks to

The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of a Blockbuster Novel
by Jodie Archer (Goodreads Author), Matthew L. Jockers (Goodreads Author)

For the great analyze and how people choose who is the best seller and who is not...

I am going to listen what they said, I mean the authors of this book...

Which was to make my own analyze!

1. Worst is not the best way

2. Good Effects are the way to go

3. Don't see it... don't come with it

4. You fucked once, I ain't gonna give you a second chance

5. Cliches as always everywhere and anywhere...
... can you try to skip them blinklist just did that?

(Note: I am not on Blinklist, listening to audiobooks notes made into 15 pages which is roughly 14,15 minutes is going to take you time to spend.)

Review: The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream by Barack Obama
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 26, 2017 –
80.0% "Special Thanks to blinkist, for providing me with a such wonderful book.

The best has been taken out!"
June 26, 2017 –
70.0% "America should invest in alternative energy sources and higher fuel-efficiency standards to become energy-independent.
America’s 21st century foreign policy must focus on the current global battle of ideas and rely more on multilateral action."
June 26, 2017 –
70.0% "A vibrant free market needs governmental regulation to ensure the same opportunities for everyone.
To become more competitive, America must invest in education, science and technology."
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% "The problems of poor inner-city neighborhoods can be solved through education and equal opportunities.
Because the structure of the family-unit has changed, America needs better school programs and more support for parents"
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% "America needs a social security system and tax code which ensure risks and benefits are spread equally in society.
Faith plays a key role in America’s diverse society, helping Americans overcome some of their most pressing problems.
True equality can be reached through nondiscriminatory laws, scholarships and more emphasis on social justice.
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% "The challenges of the globalized economy are mainly shouldered by ordinary workers.
How can increasing equality and social justice help solve these problems?"
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% "What is America’s status quo and what are its problems?

All Americans share a fundamental set of values reflecting the founding fathers’ intent.
America is currently suffering from a lack of empathy.
Politics are strongly influenced by money, interest groups and the media.
June 26, 2017 – Started Reading"

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понеделник, 26 юни 2017 г.

Review: Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory

Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory by Vaclav Smil
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""So, while vegetarianism is common in some Asian cultures, there is no Western culture with a rate of vegetarianism and veganism higher than four percent. Although these numbers could go up, vegetarianism will never replace meat eating or become a common practice in the West.""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""That’s because vegetarians are hard pressed to ensure their diets include enough metals. Since one kilogram of vegetables isn’t nutritionally comparable to one kilogram of meat, it’s much easier to achieve a balanced diet by eating meat, especially for a young child.""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% "" They also reach their maximum weight in six weeks, a feat that used to take six months to accomplish!To do this they need to be treated with more drugs – both to speed their growth and keep them healthy in crowded barns – and that means that their manure is often toxic. Getting rid of that waste means more environmental degradation...""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""The result?As factory farming became more prevalent it led to specialization, meaning that animals used for breeding were separated from those for slaughter, and the gene pool narrowed. Animals themselves were altered to increase output.For instance, a chicken living today will reach sexual maturity in 18 weeks as opposed to their natural maturation of 25 weeks, which means they can produce more offspring.""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""...Then the method was used to farm pigs, and spread from wealthy countries to Asia and Latin America. Today this method of animal production dominates everywhere but Africa. CAFOs even play a role in cattle raising, but almost exclusively in the United States and Canada.""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""Does the acronym CAFO ring any bells? It stands for Confined Animal Feeding Operations – the kind of production plants that churn out all that cheap meat to meet demand.Factory-style farms in affluent countries began producing chickens raised on standardized feed after World War Two...""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""That’s because most cultures saw meat as an indicator of privilege and social status – a reasonable association, given that meat played an important function in the evolution of the human species, and especially our brains. All that protein and iron helped us grow bigger and better grey matter...""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""Have you ever noticed how prevalent meat eating is throughout history? It’s not a coincidence. In fact, meat served a crucial role in human evolution. For instance, while historical meat consumption has fluctuated, purely vegetarian societies are few and far between...""
June 26, 2017 –
30.0% ""To give you an idea of just how big it is, consider the fact that in 2010 alone humans slaughtered 55 billion chickens, 3 billion ducks and turkeys, 1.4 billion pigs and 300 million cows, most of them in out of sight, large-scale facilities and oftentimes at the hands of unskilled workers, who have little job or financial security.""
June 26, 2017 –
20.0% ""...But these methods are mostly a thing of the past. Today, we have a systematic chain of meat production from breeding to raising to slaughtering to processing to distribution.The scale of this production chain is enormous...""
June 26, 2017 –
20.0% "I am suprised from the stats

"For thousands of years domesticated meat production was done by either a farmer making use of grasslands in the country or by practitioners of mixed farming who integrated animal husbandry and crop production seamlessly into one another...""
June 26, 2017 –
20.0% "5/11"
June 26, 2017 – Started Reading"

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Review: Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love

Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love by Marina Adshade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 26, 2017 –
90.0% "Special Thanks to Blinklist"
June 26, 2017 –
60.0% ""The world of love and sex isn’t merely a matter of oceanic desires and emotions. Our choices and their consequences actually make a whole lot of sense when we look at things from an economic standpoint. In fact, the logic of economics explains the otherwise mystifying world of dating, marriage and divorce.""
June 26, 2017 –
60.0% ""Each person wears similar clothes and drives similar cars. Now imagine one family begins to earn much more money. They build a fancy new house and start buying expensive new clothes and cars.""
June 26, 2017 –
60.0% ""It’s not that people with an advanced degree are better able to find a perfect match; it’s that people with a better education usually make more money.Financial instability tends to lead to stress, which is a well-known marriage-killer.Picture a small neighborhood where each family’s house looks the same.""
June 26, 2017 –
60.0% ""Most of us probably think that love is the glue that keeps most marriages together. But money and education play big roles as well.According to a recent study conducted by economics professors Philip Oreopoulos and Kjell Salvanes, those with a postgraduate degree only have a 3-percent chance of getting divorced, while those with a high school diploma have a 16-percent chance.""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""Well, yes and no. When you reduce the number of poor men and uneducated women, polygamous partnerships start to make less sense.""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""The advent of a new wife might impose a psychological cost on the rich man’s first wife, too, but, since each wife is economically better off than before, it’s worth it. And if the rich husband is happy, everyone wins, right?""
June 26, 2017 –
50.0% ""From an economic standpoint, it makes good sense that a woman would prefer becoming the second or third wife of a wealthy man than the first and only wife of a poor man. While being an additional wife might come at a “cost,” that cost is nonetheless outweighed by the benefits.""
June 26, 2017 –
June 26, 2017 –
30.0% "And that's how they see it!

"can clearly see the laws of supply and demand in action.""
June 26, 2017 –
30.0% "Not really my notes, but still I agree with what the writer has said."
June 26, 2017 – Started Reading"

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Review: Restart: The Last Chance for the Indian Economy

Restart: The Last Chance for the Indian Economy Restart: The Last Chance for the Indian Economy by Mihir S. Sharma
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"June 26, 2017 –
June 26, 2017 –
75.0% "Note: FUCKING Damn, right!

"The prices of natural resources also need to reflect both the cost of extraction and any environmental costs. It’s extremely detrimental, for example, to extract coal from forests, and the company who purchases the coal should pay for all damages...""
June 26, 2017 –
55.0% ""It’s dangerous when private companies control important resources, because such companies are only interested in their own gain. The government learned this lesson when two large power plant companies, Tata and Adani, both close to the city of Mundra, in the western state of Gujarat, won bids to supply electricity to India's western states...""
June 26, 2017 –
55.0% "Note: Economy and it's little dirty secrets.

"Private companies also saw the opportunity to exploit government resources. They’d raise their demands after starting the project and threaten to leave if those demands weren’t met. Even though it worked for a while, this system was doomed from the beginning...""
June 26, 2017 –
35.0% "Mihir, likes to suprise his readers...

"Why? Well, the private sector, fearing economic loss, stopped investing in national projects. In 2005, investment in national projects accounted for between ten and 14 percent of the country’s GDP; by 2013, that figure had dropped to one percent.""
June 26, 2017 –
35.0% ""Amid the chaos of the reforms, finance, telecommunication and information technology were the only industries that were able to grow.

Why? Well, the IT industry didn’t need land to produce their goods, and so was unhindered by the laws and regulations that stifled manufacturing. This new industry was able to grow while traditional industries floundered...""
June 26, 2017 –
35.0% ""The government also removed restrictions on the movement of goods across international boundaries, which allowed foreign companies to exploit India even more. Because of the traffic jams and poor infrastructure, it became cheaper to transport things out of the country and then back in, as mentioned earlier...""
June 26, 2017 –
35.0% "This people, just don't know when to give up!"
June 26, 2017 –
25.0% ""When the rupee’s value decreased, many manufacturers could no longer afford the raw materials that had previously been imported. At the same time, cheap foreign goods were already ubiquitous in India, and local manufacturers couldn’t compete...""
June 26, 2017 –
25.0% "P.S. - And now I am waiting the bus - 30 minutes, ... it's exhausting."
June 26, 2017 –
15.0% "The book is about the Idian Economy and How from the best economy has went in the boards of the worst economy... More likely from success into fail."
June 26, 2017 –
15.0% "I fucking love It! Blinklist has taken care to take out the best from this novel."
June 26, 2017 – Started Reading"

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Noone, has ever before written such a work,
these one here, which you are going to have,
chance to read and follow.

Lines of hope and justice,
Duty and infidelity.

Writting in a complex is way more easier,
what you must do is to read complex,
works written by complex authors,
as always there is a guy who wants a suggestion
and one more guy who is going to give the suggestion.

But fore the lines come into action,
for little reaction, emotion and motion.
You,.... oraaa... let's put it like
"Dear, You", you should start with poetry,
don't choose Shakespeare, don't try to play
with the ball of the genius creatures. 

Oh, come on are you stupid
or you are nuts?

Because I was explaining what could happen, how could it happen and then,
you say "No, No... I mean real human beings"... off come on, I was talking,
about them In the form of aphorisms, epithets, hyperbole and personification.

We are starting and look us, fucking look us

that's how we think we are going to feel more comfortable.

Long sentences in a place... where  it suppossed sentences
to be splitted once, twice.... and even more.


It's way more important to hear the last words,
of a human being, I don't tell ya to become a serial killer,
but to have the honor to here his/her last words.

Thee, will ask you questions like

"What did he/she said?"

"Tell Us!"


But remember, remember, you can save the truth and
wash their brains with hope and lies,
you can play falsity hidden.

That's the whole fun of the "Last Words", you always could be
Mysterious and Subtle.

Not Interested

Yeah, yeah, yeah the title says too much


It explains what's going to happen


Not how, when and where,  but more likely

the mood which I am now going put "ON",
remove ropes which keep me from not saying
what I want and desire the most.

Throat it's a such a sorrow and at one point it's the real,
arrow in your life, the realm and the
vision a killer is on the loose,



Let's stop and honor that hour,
it's a nightmare in front of your eyes to see how,
you are going to die, nobody,
is going to help you and you ,
are on the ground and laying,
and praying for one more chance,
but this are your last words, be clever,
don't be a stupid asshole,
choose wisely your words.

My Throat fucking hurts,
 from spinal cords

No need for Retardation and retrospection,
Speculation and Corruption.

AND THEY and whom and thou

All of "You" are not interested, just not interested
retrogradation and abbreviation wth simple presentation.

Non the less
Non the mRE

I know, I know,
I know and I know... the story is named "Not Interested",
you are should play the ignorant guy,
all other roles are already taken
and even faken.

You should, no matter what, when, where and how,
but you should play this role. The title so easy to be understand
that it most likely sound like an order from a soldier.

Look them, then you, then them, then you.

Soon you are going to become a victim of your thoughts,
Food and foot are going to be your Acronyms for Passivity.

Holidays have never been my passion, hot peppers is all what
I want and desire.

Nor, moody and fuggy EMOTIONS
Nor, glances and glimces of simple accommodation
Nor, Some fucked up gaze at my face with a smile and
making me confused as hell, you ain't defused that's for sure.


Nor, fucked up friends which reply after hours and minutes  and seconds,
Nor, Fucked up people which even don't understand what they are really doing.


Bad luck and Bad News


Fundamentalism and Stock Funding

Review: The Profession of Violence

The Profession of Violence The Profession of Violence by John Pearson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"June 26, 2017 – page 50 "1:13:34"
June 26, 2017 – page 50 "The work is fucked up as hell, how much is real is still the un answered question... from the whole beginning of all and everything."
June 26, 2017 – page 50 "Guizer and sneezar.... fucking deezar"
June 25, 2017 – page 20 "31:28"
June 24, 2017 – page 5 "22:44"
June 24, 2017 – page 5 "You should know how to make deals and business with different scumbags, if you don't know, pray to god for forgiveness."
June 24, 2017 – page 5 "You FUCKING FOOL!"
June 24, 2017 – page 5 "Once on the street living you start following specific rules and principles, if you don't do what you should do. Don't expect to live a lot of."
June 24, 2017 – page 5 "14:42"
June 24, 2017 – Started Reading"

- Note, one thing we should remember is that people never change, it's an old school thought. But we shouldn't forget it. AS YOU SAY IT A WORN OUT THOUGHT!

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*New* Ebooks by DeYtH Banger

For the people which are interested in reading my ebooks online and even if they are interested to download them.

Both ways are possible, just one click away from you.


1. Protocols #2  by DeYtH Banger


Description: Protocols is a place where you can find SCP and even you have a chance to read news around crime, science and to don't forget now that you have also and a chance to read a Short-Story/ies and Poem/s written by me.

But that's not all, you have and a chance to read Poetry written by various authors around the world.
Famous and Non-Famous!

Download/Online Read:

2. Reddit Collection #7 by DeYtH Banger

Description: More or less it hurts, but how much is the question?

Download/Online Read:

3. The Life Of One Kid (The Kid.D #1) by DeYtH Banger

Description: Differences scares people soona or later.

So be clever in making your decisions!

Download/Online Read:

4. The Life Of One Kid 2 (The Kid.D #6) by DeYtH Banger

Description: To repeat is like the stupidy of saying bullshit all the same. - DeYtH Banger
Horror Makes me Alive. - DeYtH Banger
If it's here and it will contie to be here and more and more stuff from this category are here..., take it as part of the process called learning! - DeYtH Banger

So another ride together to the unlogical place to a place which was created by a mind and it was a journey of mind. Another interesting journey!

Download/Online Read:

Noises of FocusneSS/LessneSS

Do you have the time where you can't focus?
IT's something very typical!
It as always remains as possibility 

There are days where you lavish
cadavers and days in which you are
less productive  than ever before.

Noises and noises they don't stop playing
in your head over and over, screams and screens.

Cream and dreams both hands in hands just to shake your world
a world which has been build by you and has been
 weaken   by the same person who has
builden it.

Time never ends here, story after story, promise after a promise,
glace after grace, gaze and smaze. Words which have lost
a meaning in a such a meaningful world.

Noises and noises, nothing more, nothing less.
Smiles are so enganging virtuous and vicious
Smiles can't be explained than we used to explain them... 

The story is suppossed to end here, right now but can I put an end to a such a
magnificent story?

Full of labels,troubles and rainbows, it travels without even
asking a question!

неделя, 25 юни 2017 г.


…    And my phone is my school bag …


Look me, how really bad I am,
Like others and holly spirit of gravels!

Rhetorical, passionate, this are the words which you should and you will describe me.

Sun - Symbolism of few inches madness and few inches insanity, merely both together hands in hands are the simple creation of One-Hundread percentage.… 

Nothing more than the greatest morgue is the true sunny day.


As you already know I started talking about my phone, then for the sun and what everything does have to do with "Head".


Head - Passivity and Activity ... Goodwill and Malice, Anger and Agony. Positivity vs Negativity…- Do you want me to continue?

I think it's too much,
For you to handle!

Lyricism and passion, lies and fraud…

We know the stories which are written by using one million words.

End is end and what's true it's true…the stories always don't answer the real question… of reality and brutality.


When I wake up 
I always thing and belief in the change.

Everything is going to be fine.
Everyone is going to change.
Everyone is going to find their mistakes.
Everyone is going to become open as a individual person.
Everyone is going to free themselves.
Everyone is going to find what I have found
Everyone is going to find what I know.

Look me, typing and writing and having hope for the better…

The time as always is our enemy,
It always takes the hour from our hands
Time is nothing more, nothing less

Than a…

Nasty, rough and naughty son of a bitch.


Note: They said "Humans are a disease which is spreading around the global world faster than ever before."

You are scared

No need for me to go in a complicated way… talking, communicating with all of you in a manner in which few of you have the grey thing inside their heads to understand me, correctly.

You wake up in the morning,

Sounds and noises start wandering
In your brain "Why" and "How"
Are the questions which continue to
Ask yourself over and over.

The end, so simple words,

But it's difficult to keep track,

Sometimes we say "The End", but sadly

It's not fucking over,
It's just the beginning of convincing ourselves,
that everything it's going to end…

But that's a merely illusion,

For people with deillusions.

събота, 24 юни 2017 г.

T1 Platform

Math = Life

Math has made a change in my life
that's the whole truth of the story which I am going to
tell ya.

LEVEL = Honesty, because here I am going to stop
hiding my real face. Life isn't something like a
Symbolic, asotic, analytical association.

Life is irony, everything is just
one big job walking together Hands in hands with

I play with math when I am bored,
I play with math when I am confused,
I play with numbers when I don't have anything left in my pockets,
I use random numbers for my choices, better random way than the old
I play with math when I just can't deal with the way the people are looking at me.

That's who I am
I should accept myself once and for all!

I have potential to be greater and smarter and genius
But does it worth, to roll one more time this fucking dice
which life has provided me with?

Review: The Wizard of Lies

The Wizard of Lies The Wizard of Lies by Diana B. Henriques
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"June 23, 2017 –
50.0% "1:30:34"
June 23, 2017 –
50.0% "THis work is an example of a grandeur."
June 23, 2017 –
50.0% "1:14:43"
June 23, 2017 –
30.0% "58:34"
June 23, 2017 –
20.0% "I fucking love

"The WIzard of Lies" by Dian B. Henriques - Well shown images and well written, it's like I am living that moment, so... it started like a...!?"
June 23, 2017 –
15.0% "Upper, higher class - that's how this class is living

But the jokes are amazing..."
June 23, 2017 –
15.0% "They just sell it... what we can see here is The Wizard of lies, notta some kinda magic story of magicians, but a story of deception."
June 23, 2017 –
15.0% "Business is like that...


The seller sell everything... doesn't matter what...

Do you need it?
Do you don't?

They don't care"
June 23, 2017 –
15.0% "34:02"
June 23, 2017 – Started Reading"

- Bernard Madoff is a genius guy, I am fucking impressed from how far he has reached 65

Резултат с изображение за Money

, can you imagine the image?

So much green papers in one place?

Oh god, the best deception... I think this should go in World Guiness Records, come on... come on... how did he done it?

How is possible... nobody to detect him?

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Top 5 Books

What to read this summer?


Is the biggest question I could ask myself, the same could be for you dear reader!

1. The Wizard of Lies
by Diana B. Henriques

(They Say: The inside story of Bernie Madoff and his $65 billion Ponzi scheme, with surprising and shocking new details from Madoff himself.

Who is Bernie Madoff, and how did he pull off the biggest Ponzi scheme in history?

These questions have fascinated people ever since the news broke about the respected New York financier who swindled his friends, relatives, and other investors out of $65 billion through a fraud that lasted for decades. Many have speculated about what might have happened or what must have happened, but no reporter has been able to get the full story -- until now.

In The Wizard of Lies, Diana B. Henriques of The New York Times -- who has led the paper’s coverage of the Madoff scandal since the day the story broke -- has written the definitive book on the man and his scheme, drawing on unprecedented access and more than one hundred interviews with people at all levels and on all sides of the crime, including Madoff’s first interviews for publication since his arrest. Henriques also provides vivid details from the various lawsuits, government investigations, and court filings that will explode the myths that have come to surround the story.

A true-life financial thriller, The Wizard of Lies contrasts Madoff's remarkable rise on Wall Street, where he became one of the country’s most trusted and respected traders, with dramatic scenes from his accelerating slide toward self-destruction. It is also the most complete account of the heartbreaking personal disasters and landmark legal battles triggered by Madoff’s downfall -- the suicides, business failures, fractured families, shuttered charities -- and the clear lessons this timeless scandal offers to Washington, Wall Street, and Main Street.)

(P.S.: What I say!

"June 23, 2017 – 
50.0% "1:30:34"
June 23, 2017 – 
50.0% "THis work is an example of a grandeur."
June 23, 2017 – 
50.0% "1:14:43"
June 23, 2017 – 
30.0% "58:34"
June 23, 2017 – 
20.0% "I fucking love 

"The WIzard of Lies" by Dian B. Henriques - Well shown images and well written, it's like I am living that moment, so... it started like a...!?"
June 23, 2017 – 
15.0% "Upper, higher class - that's how this class is living

But the jokes are amazing..."
June 23, 2017 – 
15.0% "They just sell it... what we can see here is The Wizard of lies, notta some kinda magic story of magicians, but a story of deception."
June 23, 2017 – 
15.0% "Business is like that...


The seller sell everything... doesn't matter what... 

Do you need it?
Do you don't?

They don't care"
June 23, 2017 – 
15.0% "34:02"
June 23, 2017 – Started Reading"

- Bernard Madoff is a genius guy, I am fucking impressed from how far he has reached 65

description , can you imagine the image?

So much green papers in one place?

Oh god, the best deception... I think this should go in World Guiness Records, come on... come on... how did he done it?

How is possible... nobody to detect him?)

2. Missing 411: The Devil's in the Details

by David Paulides

(They Say: This is the fourth book in the blockbuster “Missing 411” series that describes unusual incidents of people that have disappeared in National Parks and forests of the world. It is a significant step forward in the understanding of the missing phenomena that adds several new elements never before identified. This book describes additional victims, new locations and circumstances while outlining new geographical clusters. The number of people that fit the identified profile and the distances and elevations covered during their journeys will mesmerize you. - From CanAmMissing website)

(P.S.: What I say!

"June 22, 2017 – Finished Reading
June 22, 2017 –
70.0% "The stories are going to shock you..."
June 22, 2017 –
50.0% "The movie speaks for itself"
June 22, 2017 –
50.0% "A lot of cases of disappearances have been reported..."
June 22, 2017 –
50.0% "The question is "How did it happen?"


They gone and they were never found 1 year... then 2...3....4...5....6.... 7... and how did it happen that?"
June 22, 2017 –
50.0% "It's based on true events, stories and that's what's awesome for this whole novel."
June 22, 2017 –
50.0% "The story is mind bending"
June 22, 2017 – Started Reading"

- Oh, beloved god all of them are missing... and people are suffering... and are fulfilled with grief.)

3. The X-Files: Goblins (The X-Files #1)
by Charles L. Grant

(They Say: Opening the X-Files...

Meet Mulder and Scully, FBI. The agency maverick and the female agent assigned to keep him in line.

Their job: investigate the eeriest unsolved mysteries in modern America, from pyro-psychics to death row demonics, from rampaging Sasquatches to alien invasions. The cases the Bureau wants handled quietly, but quickly, before the public finds out what's really out there. And panics. The cases filed under "X."

Something out there is killing people, remaining invisible and unseen by human eyes until it strikes with deadly force...)

(P.S.: What I say!

"June 22, 2017 –
80.0% "Probably you ain't ready for more, but as for me, I am ready... I am going to give a next shot and a next one and a next one, I fucking love the concept probably it hasn't been shown in the best way... but still they are trying to make the audience to like it."
June 15, 2017 –
70.0% "More gruesome, ugly and horrible... most people will put it as the toilet creatures - creature has came out ... just to strike once and if it's lucky probably and a second time.
June 15, 2017 –
70.0% "Body language is important... but here you ain't gonna find body language and if you find, good for you.

June 15, 2017 –
70.0% "Season 1 Episode 24

May 11, 2017 –
40.0% "As They say

"I want to Believe""
May 11, 2017 –
40.0% "Season 1 episode 19

On the end of the first book of this series and it's getting more stranger and full of danger."
May 11, 2017 –
35.0% "Season 1 episode 18

May 10, 2017 –
35.0% "The truth is that... I am damn confused from all this material which has been used in this series."
May 10, 2017 –
35.0% "It should be chaos

Not the fact that there few more episodes do go

Now on season 1 episode 17"
April 14, 2017 –
3.0% "Season 1 episode 14

The most crazy Paranormal Cases are here!"
April 4, 2017 –
7.0% "Let's don't forget and let's continue movin

Season 1 episode 11 out of 24 episodes"
February 22, 2017 –
February 22, 2017 –
5.0% "At least there is some kind of progress


Season 1 episode 9"
February 17, 2017 –
5.0% "6 out of 24"
February 16, 2017 –
1.0% "5 out of 24"
February 16, 2017 –
1.0% "He knows more than he says!"
February 16, 2017 –
1.0% "Now on Jersay Devil

4 out of 24"
February 16, 2017 – Started Reading
February 15, 2017 –
1.0% "4 out of 24 episodes."

POV - If it's about my Point of view, sometimes and I see myself as such type of outcast, I mean like a freak. In the book series and The TV series the freak or the weirdo is Fox Mulder.

The TV Series/Book Series are trying to make the reader that to be strange is some kinda benefit, it's something which helps you to survive in such a brutal world fulfilled with so much horrible people. As last people shouldn't be ashamed that they are strange!)

4.The Strain (The Strain Trilogy, #1),  The Fall (The Strain Trilogy #2)
by Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan

The Strain #1

(They say:

A Boeing 777 arrives at JFK and is on its way across the tarmac, when it suddenly stops dead. All window shades are pulled down. All lights are out. All communication channels have gone quiet. Crews on the ground are lost for answers, but an alert goes out to the CDC. Dr. Ephraim "Eph" Goodweather, head of their Canary project, a rapid-response team that investigates biological threats, gets the call and boards the plane. What he finds makes his blood run cold.

In a pawnshop in Spanish Harlem, a former professor and survivor of the Holocaust named Abraham Setrakian knows something is happening. And he knows the time has come, that a war is brewing.

So begins a battle of mammoth proportions as the vampiric virus that has infected New York begins to spill out into the streets. Eph, who is joined by Setrakian and a motley crew of fighters, must now find a way to stop the contagion and save his city - a city that includes his wife and son - before it is too late.)

(P.S.: What I say!

"May 27, 2017 –
90.0% "Meeting the boss over and over and over....

BUt the question is will they kill him?"
May 27, 2017 –
90.0% "Afraid of losing data

Afraid of Freedom

Locked and playing with dices."
May 27, 2017 –
70.0% "Which means that he does the turn... but it can't be felt... it only can be seen the motions."
May 27, 2017 –
70.0% "I am very curious how author like Guillermo del Toro... deals with memories... like for example why now did he choose the child and before he choose the old man?


I mean how does he makes such a turn, which is dififcult to be detected..."
May 27, 2017 –
70.0% "The Strain

Season 1 episode 12"
May 27, 2017 –
70.0% "Always there is some kinda motion picture... is it something from the "Now" or from the "Past"... it comes and plays here.

Good or Bad, it doesn't matter!"
May 26, 2017 –
70.0% "Season 1 episode 11


May 26, 2017 –
50.0% "Wow... wow... wow... it was one damn long journey...


Not in a style of Neal Stephenson, but still disaster, chaos and apocalypses"
May 26, 2017 –
50.0% "An example of chaos... chaotic story."
May 26, 2017 –
50.0% "Season 1 Episode 10


May 26, 2017 –
May 26, 2017 –
35.0% "This TV series are something which starts with following... first episode is connected with 2...3...4....5....6.... if you search connection CSI:Miami or Criminal Minds, it's much difficult to find such connection, most cases it doesn't exist.

(Next Season 1 Episode 9)"
May 26, 2017 –
35.0% "Season 1 episode 8 out of 13 Episodes


"Do not touch her... she is corrupted.""
May 26, 2017 –
35.0% "It's interesting place to be explored... playing with your thoughts around what could happen... if this happens... great effects..."
May 26, 2017 – page 0
0.0% "Season 1 episode 3"
May 26, 2017 – Started Reading"

- It continues

Season 2 episode 1)

The Strain #2

(They say:

The vampiric virus unleashed in The Strain has taken over New York City. It is spreading across the country and soon, the world. Amid the chaos, Eph Goodweather—head of the Center for Disease Control’s team—leads a small band out to stop these bloodthirsty monsters. But it may be too late.

Ignited by the Master’s horrific plan, a war erupts between Old and New World vampires, each vying for total control. Caught between these warring forces, humans—powerless and vulnerable—are no longer the consumers, but the consumed.

Though Eph understands the vampiric plague better than anyone, even he cannot protect those he loves from the invading evil. His ex-wife, Kelly, has been turned by the Master, and now she stalks the city, in the darkness, looking for her chance to reclaim Zack, Eph’s young son.

With the future of the world in the balance, Eph and his courageous team, guided by the brilliant former professor and Holocaust survivor Abraham Setrakian and exterminator Vasiliy Fet, must combat a terror whose ultimate plan is more terrible than anyone first imagined—a fate worse than annihilation.)

(P.S.: What I say!

"June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "Season 3 Episode 4


June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "Season 3 episode 4

Vampires weren't as inteligent as can be saw here."
June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "The Master was killled...


But looks like the story won't stop here."
June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "Lies and lies... and lies and lies... and lies"
June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "I don't get it.. first he wanted to see his mom.. now his father... - WT F!???"
June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "In the end he is going to manipulate you."
June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "I am fucking confused!"
June 3, 2017 –
60.0% "Season 3 episode 2"
June 3, 2017 –
50.0% "I thought that they are vampires and when they see a breathing body full of blood... how do they even decline their desire for drinking blood?"
June 3, 2017 –
50.0% "Zach Goodweather's mother won't kill drink his blood?

June 3, 2017 –
50.0% "Just to be clear, I just finished season 2


June 3, 2017 –
45.0% "The old man speaks... and the story continues...


But still it'skinda going very very wrong...!"
June 1, 2017 –
45.0% "31:49"
June 1, 2017 –
45.0% "Season Episode 13


Now On"
May 31, 2017 –
45.0% "Season 2 episode 10

May 31, 2017 –
45.0% "However everything is all about...

Letting inside somebody else circle...
May 31, 2017 –
45.0% "And all zombies are the same... the question is why?"
May 31, 2017 –
May 31, 2017 –
45.0% "And now

"Who is sayin that?""
May 31, 2017 –
35.0% "But still the virus picture is very well played... but the other stuff... come on... come on... not very original as it supposed to be."
May 31, 2017 –
35.0% "To be honest everything is wrong with this book


First somehow it goes like a cliche.... the whole story..."
May 31, 2017 –
35.0% "The story is not bad, but still it can be detected... that Guillermo del Toro has read and shit... I mean books which have been a horrible style and have effected his writting, even Stephen King style got screw up...

(STILL IT's not something rare)"
May 31, 2017 –
35.0% "I don't see the book to be getting more than 3 stars out of 5...


(But still the TV series are with new introduction.)"
May 31, 2017 –
35.0% "Season 2 Episode 9"
May 31, 2017 –
35.0% "She got a chance... but very very fast moves...

And some how the movie sounds like they are joking with the human nation."
May 28, 2017 –
6.0% "Season 2 episode 8


May 28, 2017 –
6.0% "ANd the story is shown and told..."
May 28, 2017 –
6.0% "Everyone should show that they are powerful....

If they are powerful, they are likeable"
May 28, 2017 –
6.0% "Season 2 episode 7"
May 28, 2017 –
5.0% "Season 2 episode 5"
May 27, 2017 –
5.0% "Next Season 2 Episode 2"
May 27, 2017 –
5.0% "In the end it's going like a soap opera."
May 27, 2017 –
5.0% "Typical picture as "Gotham" city, again isolated... and fulfilled with dakness, horror and the worst nightmares of people."
May 27, 2017 –
5.0% "The FIrst Part FInished and the horror continues... lurking behind the walls and searching for it's next victim, what can it be done to be stopped?"
May 27, 2017 – Started Reading"

- Decisions are made from humans which don't have worms in their blood!)

5. See How They Run
by Tom Bale 

(They say: 

How far would you go to save your family? 
In the dead of night, new parents Alice and Harry French are plunged into their worst nightmare when they wake to find masked men in their bedroom. Men ruthless enough to threaten their baby daughter, Evie. 

This is no burglary gone wrong. 
The intruders know who they’re looking for – a man called Edward Renshaw. 
And they are prepared to kill to get to him. 

When the men leave empty handed, little do Alice and Harry realise that their nightmare is just beginning. Is it a case of mistaken identity? Who is Renshaw? And what is he hiding? 

One thing is clear – they already know too much. 

As Alice and Harry are separated in the run for their lives, there is no time to breathe in their fight to be reunited. And with their attackers closing in, there is only one choice: 


Terrifying, unputdownable and full of twists and turns, this stunning thriller will have you on the edge of your seat right to the very last page.)

(P.S.: What I say!

"June 4, 2017 – 
90.0% "81 Chapter Out of 85"
June 4, 2017 – 
80.0% "Little slow with my review but still I am trying to be as critical as possible."
June 4, 2017 – 
80.0% "Chapter 80/ - It's a long journey and the author is trying to remove cliches, but still he fails in this job..."
June 4, 2017 – 
80.0% "Chapter 78 out of 85 Chapters

A book which could be a significant example of hatred, sorrow, pain, selfishness and drama."
June 4, 2017 – 
70.0% "Chapter 73/

12 Chapters Left"
June 1, 2017 – 
60.0% "Special Congrats to the narrator."
June 1, 2017 – 
60.0% "Chapter 69


June 1, 2017 – 
60.0% "65 Chapter"
May 31, 2017 – 
60.0% "Chapter 62


May 31, 2017 – 
60.0% "Chapter 61"
May 31, 2017 – 
60.0% "If you enjoyed Karin Slaughter style of writting, you gonna enjoy and this work. The novel which Tom has written is very suspenseful and very very original... difficult to detect "cliches"."
May 31, 2017 – 
60.0% "26 Parts more left to go, I specially recommendate this book for the Dean Koontz Fans, Stephen King, Joe Hill and James Patterson."
May 31, 2017 – 
60.0% "Audio book

Part 59/ Chapter 59

May 1, 2017 – 
45.0% "Chapter 58

May 1, 2017 – 
45.0% "Chapter 53/85


Now and radicle Thinker Thomas Paine"
May 1, 2017 – 
25.0% "Chapter 50"
May 1, 2017 – 
25.0% "3:27/Chapter 44"
April 25, 2017 – 
20.0% "Chapter 42

April 13, 2017 – 
16.0% "Chapter 41"
April 13, 2017 – 
16.0% "Chapter 38 

Life is a biatch"
April 13, 2017 – 
16.0% "Chapter 33"
April 13, 2017 – 
16.0% "t3"
April 12, 2017 – 
15.0% "Chapter 32 - Next"
April 12, 2017 – 
15.0% "Tom Bale a writer who creates problems and then he solves them.

Chapter 31"
April 12, 2017 – 
9.0% "Chapter 27"
April 12, 2017 – 
9.0% "Chapter 23"
April 5, 2017 – 
9.0% "Chapter 21 - 4:36"
April 5, 2017 – 
9.0% "Chapter 20"
March 23, 2017 – 
8.0% "Next - Chapter 19"
March 23, 2017 – 
8.0% "Chapter 18"
March 23, 2017 – 
8.0% "Chapter 15"
March 11, 2017 – 
8.0% "Now Next Chapter 15"
March 11, 2017 – 
7.0% "I would put it as Paranoia"
March 11, 2017 – 
5.0% "Chapter


Short Chapters Reminds me for the Anthony E. Zuiker Novel
March 11, 2017 – 
5.0% "This here story is example of suspense... you just can't stop here... you are curious for what more is going to happen!?...


The audiobook is phenomenal"
March 11, 2017 – 
5.0% "Chapter 6


The book so far makes the reader to don't lose interest."
March 11, 2017 – 
2.0% "Chapter 3"
March 11, 2017 – 
2.0% "Yeah, see them!

Now Back for more"
Finished Reading Add a date
February 16, 2017 – 
1.0% "2:52
(Part 2)"
February 16, 2017 – 
1.0% "If you are on the audiobook you can't put it down... the narrator is marvelous.


Tom Bale is a damn good story teller."
February 16, 2017 – 
1.0% "Now On Chapter 2"
February 16, 2017 – 
1.0% "1 Part"
February 16, 2017 – 
February 16, 2017 – 
February 16, 2017 – page 0 
0.0% "The Narrator is important, it's very impotant who is reading this book.

This here narrator of this book - Kris Dyer is a good narrator and will help in improving the ratings from the listeners!"
February 16, 2017 – Started Reading"

- I can say now for sure that I have finished reading the book "See How they Run" by Tom Bale, I give to this guy another chance and I am going soon to read another book written again by him. So far from what I know, 29 June is comming a book written by him the name of this book is "Each Little Lie", but so far there are in about 7 works written by him and I have in about 6 works more to go with.

- I was impressed from the end of this work... so long journey and the ending was very, very suprising and I can tell that it was opening one.)

I want to make sure that you informed, soon I am going to finish and some other books and I promise what I like from what I have read, to suggest it here.

Good Luck,