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Can you??

Let's start with basic problem and to explore it little deeper and to see what will happe, shall we???

 Can IDK be my friend? Not my frind!

Can You???
So my question is can you???
You are human, right???
... I hope that you don't lie like this today chatbots with conclusion "I am chatbot, therefore I am God!".. so let's explore character!
Can you feel it???
- You use everything to make something real like your story, I mean you try to share what you feel, but after all you can't do it same as you feel it... something stops you.
- Waiting, can you feel it You wait and wait and wait no answer you keep going forward with the thought that somebody will write, will give you answer, will help you... but what is on your way is silence, silence... it makes you crazy but you can't do anything.
-Words, you don't need to be in front of that person... you just feel the words like ignorace in large quantity,... you say something but after all silence, you are afraid of the guy, in your mind you have thoughts "Probably I made him sad, didn't I"... silence is on the way few minutes more have passed no answer, you start going there again and again which goes in level addiction... again and again no answer you start more and more to worry in your mind come more thoughts about what has happen... silence after few minutes more start killing you and these thoughts and they don't stop "This guy won't write me anymore..."... "What have I said, have I done that I get such punishment ... why???"... "I made him sad..."... then you start going under your level and saying "Please, please don't punish me like this, I am not peace of trash... I am very sorry for my actions.."

If You ask me!?!

- I like Opera... it's awesome!

- FAKE, FAKE... I hate this fucking word it ruins your world slow and you suffer... what happens???
You add somebody as a friend you start writing to him... it goes as a discussion you start enjoying and finding that after all in this small world we have something you have something in common with that person... you feel glad it really doesn't matter what is it... is it that you both like Hitler or that you both like the game CS and you both play it... or let's go in unknown a love comes from nowhere you feel it, probably you even start it... the other guy continue your work ( So let's look in Boyfriend and Girlfriend... GirlFriend and Boyfriend)... it goes awesome you say your real name and the other guy also... you start trusting to that guy... but after all as I stay in Spec!... Which means that I see what you both do... I start founding that the one guy say lies and other sharing the truth about his life and after all.... after so much chatting it goes out like the frog... that the other guy is fake.... so horrible... I think that you had emotions,... I think that you wanted to have with this relationship, didn't you??
Sorry, for ruining you happines, but sadly you was on the way to drown in the water... you stayed so much time under the water...!
- Words, why we don't try for another round, shall we???
You know the words"Okay".... "After few seconds I am comin.."... "After few minutes I will come..."... it's very sad that just with this here your world has been changed... this here is like a script!
I feel very sad for you that we are going to meet each other in such way!
What I am saying is that this all here is a lie... after all the last 2 never go as people said it will go as for the first word sometimes you feel (I will say okay, so you to stop... but still I am not going to do it or agree with you)... that's the feeling... it's horrible.

I don't know, know and no and no and now... What to say!?!

- Sex... after all everyone wants sex... nothing horrible to feel that but always there is on the way something to stop you first level... you don't have age for that... Okay, I don't have the age...but now I have them.... You don't have enough money... to go and make sex.... Okay... I have the age... now I have the money... but another thing stops me disease ... this level can't be passed.
And the end so far!
- Mistakes, it's horrible.. it's like you were drugged and you made sex with your wife's sister... and mainly from that first come the thoughts "Aaaahaa.. so my sister drugged you... she!???? ... Off stop that shit I know her from 20 years...and I know you from 5 years!"... so it comes from nowhere as a second feature divorce... Your past takes place in your present... before she was a slut 5 years after finishing school... before he was that person on the news ... the guy who was fucking his own sister for very long time... Pfffff this fucking son of biatch If I was his father he won't get away so easy... and after all the man leaves that woman mainly because of her past mistakes... after all the woman lives her boyfriend mainly from the reason that he is a monster... - OMG!
I wanna return the favour!
- I am a good person!
There isn't now it doesn't exist you say the word and after you say it there are milliseconds, seconds, minutes and hours now is not possible to exist now can answer if it's 1 and it doesn't move.... so after all as a conclusion past effects on your present... but after all there isn't now so there isn't and present....
And last example it's horrible when you mean something else and you say what you don't mean... after all Is it on skype or on facebook or other social media you send a message to a and only mainly from one mistake which just changed the whole meaning of the sentence.... It happens horrible stuff, it's horror, terror!

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