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DeYtH Banger

You want to get to know me?
YOu want to know more about me?

- The Life Of One Kid 1
(That was the beginning of my life... first CheckPoint)

(That's the second checkpoint... don't give up now)

(I have something to tell ya... probably you ain't gonna like it... 3 - CheckPoint)

(Suprise biatches... suprise... you just got locked in the matrix ...4 - CheckPoint....)

(Everything has goes with it's own consequences... 5 - CheckPoint)

(Now the Prank is on you... do you like it?... Before I was the victim... 6 - CheckPoint)

- The Life Of One Kid 6 (Part 2)
(Don't hang up... 6 - CheckPoint... I have problems to get out from this problem... I just got stucked...)

- The Life Of One Kid 7 (Part 1)
(Not so fucking ready... for (First round)... we started little and we gonna get the same result.. .that's the world...)

- The Life Of One Kid 7 (Part 2)
(I think that I should say "GoodBye", here.... CheckPoint 7 (The end of The Life Of One Kid)

You are one fucking son of a biatch, your hands are full of blood and even don't know what to do with the victim... you killed somebody and you ain't so smart to kill him or her the correctly. If you have lower IQ, you are very, very easy killer, if you are smart you ain't gonna be caught....

(Something is missing in this movie)

- Reddit Collection 1
- Reddit Collection 2
- Reddit Collection 3
- Reddit Collection 4
- Reddit Collection 5
- Reddit Collection 6
- Reddit Collection 7

(All this here works are officially out feel free to spread them and to give a chance and somebody else to read them. If you are fan of short-horror stories you should check out from 1 up to 7. - Enjoy!)

Are you having fun?

Now is My Turn!

Deeper Level C#N
(This work is going to change your life... forever... few works... and you gonna be changed forever.... are you going to take this challange?)

All works by DeYtH Banger
Feel Free to spread the works around (FREE)... but please keep the rights!

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