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Review: American Assassin

American Assassin American Assassin by Vince Flynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"November 22, 2017 –
50.0% "Now friends... before enemies... it really doesn't connects alll the lines

November 22, 2017 –
50.0% "(Hey Flynn you gonna die ... few years later) = #@!#


But after alll this story doesn't go far... I thought that all are proffesionals but looks like somebody has beaten up his own teacher."
November 22, 2017 –
50.0% "THe biggest lies which we tell ourselfs is to believe that we are the most perfect creatures."
November 22, 2017 –
50.0% "Not more... not less"
November 22, 2017 –
50.0% "This here story isn't about another miserable cop who tries to show that's he is something but in the end he fails to connect the whole thing. This here story is different not the best probably a story which deserve a rating not more than a 3-half, 4 stars..."
November 22, 2017 –
50.0% "What we need is to close our eyes and to try to believe in something supirior."
November 22, 2017 –
50.0% "54:51"
November 22, 2017 – Started Reading"

P.S. - This here story has nothing really to do with Breaking Bad TV Series or Even Better Call Saul TV Series. The TV Series have plenty of dimensions and this book by Vince Flynn is one dimension story.

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