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Review: Proof

Proof Proof by David Auburn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't say this work is boring, I can't say this work didn't entertain me.


In this work you can find a brilliant inside briliant.

"There are four months

of cold and four of heat,"

"I will never be as cold now

as I will in the future."

"The future of cold is infinite."

""The future of heat

is the future of cold."

- All this quotes makes you to ask yourself, it's little bit a philosophical work.
Robert - The old man, guy was like a philisopher. He was dead and alive in the work.


So the question is he alive or dead?

"It clears my head.

It's not too cold yet."

"The months of cold

equal November through February."

"Let X equal the cold."

"Let X equal the quantity

of all quantities of X."

"leaving four months

of indeterminate temperature."

"In February. It snows.

"In March. The lake is a lake of ice."

- This work is what I prefer to be around.

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