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Comedy: Words 7

By DeYtH Banger

Homos are like the brain deficiency kids… they got a specific shape.. they do not put it on the right place. Rectangle gets to rectangle… which means you don't go hace sex with the same gender you search in the other gender the same shape… THE GUY STARTS INSERTING THE PLUG INSIDE OF THE SAME CREATURE… TYPE LIKE HIM


God hates them for reason they smell bad, they sweat… nothing sexy about stoic fuck and right now sucking a pipe full of kids… come on those fucks need to be lock and loaded… we need to start killing the kid eater race. Homos get in  more relationships than straight people.
Hey, black fuck stop licking your lips it's so awful!

I feel awful…

"Goodbye.. goodbye… goodbye"

"Your father didn't said to your mom Goodbye… he said "Hello" and they he fucked her and then freaks like you joined the show."

Journalist do not care about you… they show package of enotions, nust for the sake if manipulation + to search sensation…. They want this shit on tge market!

"Fuck You"
Shout loud… fucking shout loud… then
Nothing more bothers you than the attached bundle package of shit… and meaning to bad shit… this is what adds up to your misery…

Depress and stay home… you are not funny

Okay fuck off… you stuttered fuck!

"11 million people were killed during the Holocaust (1.1 million children). 6 million of those victims were Jewish. Other groups targeted by the Nazis were Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, disabled people, and Roma."

- This is call strategy!

"In Soviet prisons, homosexuals suffered all kinds of humiliations. The homosexual prisoners were forced to sleep next to the latrines, to perform the worst tasks of the prison, to eat separately from the other prisoners, and to offer sexual favors to other prisoners or guards to avoid beatings and rapes. "

- We got a seller… marketter!

"In his paper “The Behavioral Immune System (And Why It Matters),” Schaller notes that the behavioral immune system is a “crude line of defense” against the pathogens that may affect human health. Humans are hypersensitive to diseases and harmful agents that may be present, which triggers psychological responses. People with chronically heightened sensitivity are more likely to feel disgusted, and, therefore, outraged, by the people around them. Those who are more gregarious in their social life are in blissful ignorance of their increased likelihood of getting sick.

For example, sensitivity to the behavioral immune system is at play when someone has an outsized reaction to breaking the conventions of sexual norms, because sexual contact has the possibility of leading to illness. They’re responding to years of human existence where sex could lead to some pretty bad stuff.

“When people feel more vulnerable to infection, they are more likely to encourage other people to conform to existing traditions, and also are themselves more likely to conform to majority opinion,” Schaller says. “Disgust (which serves as a kind of emotional cue connoting potential vulnerability to infection) is also associated with more conservative and political attitudes.”"

"Because immunological defence against pathogens is costly and merely reactive, human anti-pathogen defence is also characterized by proactive behavioural mechanisms that inhibit contact with pathogens in the first place. This behavioural immune system comprises psychological processes that infer infection risk from perceptual cues, and that respond to these perceptual cues through the activation of aversive emotions, cognitions and behavioural impulses. "

"Humans and other animals have a long history of living in proximity to parasitic organisms—bacteria, viruses, helminths—that cause infectious diseases. This proximity imposed substantial selection pressures on ancestral populations, resulting in many different adaptations that, in a variety of ways, mitigate the potential fitness costs posed by these pathogens. Most obviously, there evolved the sophisticated suite of physiological mechanisms that define immunological defence systems, which are designed to detect the presence of pathogens within the body and, when detected, to mobilize physiological responses that encapsulate, kill or otherwise eliminate these pathogenic intruders. "

"In recent years, the behavioural immune system has received considerable attention in the study of human behaviour, with an emphasis on the specific psychological mechanisms (pertaining to attention, perception, cognition and emotion) that guide human behaviour. Much of this work has focused on one specific emotion—disgust—that is associated with disease-avoidance behaviour, on the specific kinds of perceptual things that elicit disgust, and on the specific circumstances under which a disgust response is either exaggerated or reduced …"

I started reading an article about studying behavior people getting upset and offended by jokes I got nowhere… it is like those I read from the news I think I gonna get smarter and clever… I finish it and my IQ stays the same numbers… the same with sports…


That's what pick up artist use to mask up there sexual interest… negs… teases and even we can see out there geeks and nerds succeeding with tge women race. When I found out … I FELT PURE DEEPER ANGER… LET'S DRAIN TGIS MOTHERFUCKERS

Those fuckers are the same game fantatics with the cheating codes and knowing every detail and secret… they are going against God… I feel great that once I go hand in hand with God. It little startles me… Can he execute a handjob… does he have two hands or he has three?
How much?
I have seen girls which operate with their habds pretty well!

Do not lie to me
Do not lie to yourself

You are here because your life sucks… women tend to be less funnt than males structured and ready females to laugh at males jokes… males don't laugh at females jokes… abd let's cut the chase the way a woman laugh it's a show up experience of orgasm… closed eyes… open mouth… GOD IS STARTING TO YANK THIS FUCKERS

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