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Review: The Praying Mantis Bride

The Praying Mantis Bride The Praying Mantis Bride by Dean Koontz
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

"December 2, 2019 –
100.0% "“It was self-defense.”
“Where did you get the knife? You didn’t have it on the plane.""
December 2, 2019 –
100.0% ""“You think you’re so beautiful,” Valjean says, “but all I see is a maggot disguised in a human skin. Your father was a maggot, and you’re a maggot, and you’ll get on your knees!"

"The greedy pig needed to apologize for treatin’ me like shit all these years. All she needed to do was apologize.”
“But now you’ve killed her,” Devlin says."
December 2, 2019 –
100.0% ""Each spell of gagging leads to a greater nausea, until she leans against a wall and hangs her head and disgorges the half-digested food she ate on the plane..."

"More dark blood oozes under the door and seeps past the towel, past the menu. Lucia scoots backward, until she comes up against the shelves. She stares at the blood, but it doesn’t disappear. She stares and stares, and the blood remains.""
December 2, 2019 –
100.0% "murder, murder, murder”—and slowly increases the volume of “Run for Your Life” while adjusting for more bass, which makes the song sound increasingly threatening.
Head up, shoulders back, moving purposefully but refusing to hurry, Lucia exits the bedroom and descends the stairs"

-Oh whoa and whats next?
Btw nice rare words"
December 2, 2019 –
100.0% ""Her dead husband. A close-up of his stupid face. Strange shifting shadows move across him, and a sleet storm of static comes and goes, but it’s no doubt Michael. He’s not only on TV, but he’s also talking to he...""
December 2, 2019 –
100.0% ""Every few years, a man like Zachary, driven by rage or lust, gives her a delightful opportunity""
December 2, 2019 –
100.0% ""“The slut is a superstitious idiot. She dropped these scissors one day and insisted my old man had to pick them up. If the person who drops scissors picks them up, he’ll cut his own good luck. My father thought it was cute. She could have crapped on the dining table, and he would have thought it was cute. Stepping on a spider is bad luck. Stepping on ants brings rain. She believed it all.""
December 2, 2019 –
100.0% ""“You’re crazy if you pay the greedy, stingy bitch two cents. She killed him sure as she killed the first two..."

"Then the old man was cremated, which he didn’t want, and we wondered if the vicious bitch injected him...""
December 2, 2019 –
December 2, 2019 – page 42
68.85% ""I haven’t seen the bitch in twenty years,” Mrs. Jones reports.
“You mean your daughter, Lucia?”
“Who else we talkin’ about? You don’t seem too damn good at this, Mr.—what’d you say your name was?"

- Whoa, nice"
December 2, 2019 – page 42
68.85% "I went as far as to the 3 part... the third book and for the other books which are part of the series I am total... huge...

NO... NO..."
December 2, 2019 – page 42
68.85% "If you do not get mad... angry... something is definetly wrong with you"
December 2, 2019 – page 0
0.0% "I am quitly suprise than Dean Koontz is losing his fans in such a way... I just started some of his other works... not much dissatisfied as from this one... from this here sequence."
December 2, 2019 – page 0
0.0% "It reminds me for bookshots by James Patterson...
Most books get good intro... good trailer... but in the end they suck."
December 2, 2019 – page 0
0.0% "I am starting to find it's end of this book..."
December 2, 2019 – Shelved as: not-interest
December 2, 2019 – Shelved
December 2, 2019 – Started Reading"

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