понеделник, 29 януари 2018 г.

Forbidden Thoughts

All thoughts are forbidden,
if you ain't gettin it... it's forbidden 
this explains all of it.

Life started as innocent as you think it can be.
Going out and not giving shit about leature... now  Wanting to go back
the BACK PASS isn't allowing me to go back.

THe back has been locked.

It really did happen "again that shit"
- I wented to church yesterday to clean up sins, but church it really doesn't cleans sins,
it's the most sinful place.

If it's build by a human it's forbidden...
When it's forbidden it's sinful!


The world is greedful place it wan'ts slaves and not everyone can be a king

not all people are ready for change. The world wants you to change but you always
come back.

Going with the past really isn't the way people should go.

The story which you are reading it's non systematic.
As soon the lines end, your life is on the road to end.

Life is deadly choice!

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