понеделник, 29 януари 2018 г.

The Same (Day)

It really doesn't matter, the days are the same
all day getting bored making promises which I won't execute. 



(This will explain the empty space between all lines....)


People never see clear.... they always are getting blur visions, the problem is that
they started with the thought (We have beginning)...

Me: No you don't, school won't prepare you for nowhere... it's Never Land.


But lets continue!

Leave that aside

When I wake up I feel the absence of my father, the days are different,
a life which is like a 3 one. First life was when everything was "Okay".... 2 
drama came and 3 when all ended.


Always before I go home I see that I am imagining that I am going to go to

whole lot better place, but when I get home... I see

0 Money in the pockey

Watching crazy TV Reality shows which say that

"We all could get better life"


Which is the biggest bullshit my years have ever heard.


I am putting and end... 


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