понеделник, 29 януари 2018 г.


It started in the middle of nowhere, build by dialogue, that's a story... the more lines the more dialogue.

- The whole thing is bullshit, but I am going to continue to type... let's see how far are we going to go.

DeYtH: Fuck you
Criminal: That's the way... come on... come on... pull more
DeYtH: You Suck
Criminal: The fun thing about it,  you can continue insult me... to offend me... but after all
addiction puts on my track also and without it you are again here.

Criminal: Thoughts like

"He should die"
"I am feeling bad... so should they feel bad."

- That's a criminal behavior... it's a signal that soon very soon you gonna make something very very BADDDDDDDDD.


Criminal: You know it's the truth... the thing which all it needs is somebody to push you out of your bounderies... once that done the second thing as a SELF-Protection rage is comming

DeYtH: FUll  of shit

Crimminal: Once that... you are  monster ready to push the trigger, without and giving a fuck

- A Race fuck
- Pitty Fuck
- White FUck
- Black Fuck
- Hate Fuck
- Love fuck


Criminal: Put whatever name you want, but one day you gonna end up in jail... what happen here it will happen to you...


It shouldn't continue
It should end


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