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Review: Sense of Evil

Sense of Evil Sense of Evil by Kay Hooper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"April 6, 2018 –
40.0% "16 out of 22


Her style reminds me for Jeffrey Deaver"
April 6, 2018 –
40.0% "Probably it's bit evil the whole point and the thought about it."
April 6, 2018 –
20.0% "In the world which we live people think that they can do it better and they are damn good... until they face it... fail it and they in the end give up."
April 6, 2018 –
20.0% ""“I’m not distracted. She has to be next.”

The other one’s more dangerous. That agent. Isabel. She’s different. She sees things. We need her out of the way.

“I can do her later. This is the one I have to do next.”

This one can’t hurt us."

- All characters.. think that they are greater and better than whats going to happen... until they face it... Reminds me for today's world...."
April 6, 2018 –
20.0% ""I’m the only one who’s telling you the truth.

“I don’t believe you.”

That’s because they’ve twisted your thinking, those women. Those blondes. They’re making you weak.

“No. I’m strong. I’m stronger than they are.”

You’re a wimp. A useless wimp. You let yourself get distracted.""
April 6, 2018 –
20.0% "2 out of 22


At the beginning it sounds like a typical work... but the more deeper you go the chapters get odd and some of them Kay Hooper middle them by using words like...

"He wondered idly if she had any idea the last item on today’s list was to die."

- Typical style of James Patterson"
April 6, 2018 – Shelved
April 6, 2018 – Started Reading"

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