вторник, 24 април 2018 г.


Always worry for something:

- Ours
- Days
- Time

And Happens from too much worry?
We get upset, locked in our bodies

We feel happy but then comes a moment of sadness it's just a moment which eats you up. It gives you chills all day and all night.

You could have friends, but still care what to say and what not… You should create impact not taking impact..
Not everyone is going to win the roll of this game.

The stupid questions alwaYs leave the room… first.. . Then are average questions and the Damn fucking good questions.

Always lazy
Alwaus busy

Always worry
Always giving fuck

And what next to eat?

Swallow… chew it up… CLOSE your eyes and let's again play this game of worry. It makes me feel smart in a world of worry.

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