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4 Hours

We had first 1 hour... then 2 hours... then 3... and still time isn't enough, time has never been enough.
Hell is just the begining... take your type writer and time for typing.

4 Hours
by DeYtH Banger

(The work is 6-7 Pages = Time is just the beginning of this whole work...)

I feel very very Jotterrish… typing on my smartphone.


Thoughts flow… how fast are you catch each thought?


4 hours

- Let's first put as something awesome that we have in our hands 4 hours +… If you are asking me ... the Day One book + 3 hours the book… both will take you 4 hours to read them. But still here the question is what can you put here inside in this time?… Or what will happen after this four Hours?

You had in your pocket 1 hour… 2 hours…. Threee… and now what?

As for One hour if you are asking me, I could watch the series It takes A killer, each episode 20-21 minutes, few episodes I could finish… without any type of FUCKING problem, but then we go in time…

Time loop… we stuck in the time it's like a black hole… that's what happens after one hour and how I did fill my one hour time!

(Sorry for the spoil, I didn't had time to warn Ya. I have forgotten that you like mysteries and even to solve them… the spoiling the fun is the most fucked up move which I have ever done in my life!?)

It goes very very fast than I have expected

2 Hours = If I have watched the series "It Takes A Killer" - In the one hour time, now inside the 2 hours loop I am going to fill it with facts and facts and facts I FUCKING love them.

3 Hours = 3 hours is a lot of with a problem two movies which are 1:30:00 I could finish without a problem and guess that… this is how 3 hours I am going to spend on.

4 Hours = Ohh yeah… Now I know and Remember I am going to leave for you now the mystery part here… solve the case… YOU WANT IT… YOU GET IT!

One more thing I just have forgotten

Mystery solving WARNING!
Mystery solving WARNING!
Mystery solving WARNING!



- Let's have a cup of tea (Ain't Peeee)… So far choose Green Tea. We have reached here and we won't eat and sone biscuits?… and drink a cup of tea!?

Come on!
Come on!
Come on!

A good story needs few cup of teas. Everyone drinks and eat something while reads, right?

New Brain Washer

- Shit after shit… TV News full of negative, it's not some kinda of my new discoveries....


… So yeah cut the laugh, I am just pointing it because it's pretty obvious!…

You can't deny It, if it's happy… - That's all nobody is curious!… If it's negative… All people are curious - Wow, Wow

(Stop the "deny" thing… you can't contime with this move forever…!)

(P.S. I just FUCKING became Cutelime)

CuteLime is equation of Snuggles = One FUCKING biatch… please FUCKING compromise your FUCKING Body ….. and now is time to talk face to face.

Joanne Rivers - Oh yeah the black niggga biatch… black ugly…. FUCKED UP.. . AND SCREW UP PERSON AND AIN'T SERIOUS.


And now is time to reveal the truth, every thought was caught and now "You" even read it without FUCKING releasing the beginning of all and from where did everything started. Just stop!

Just FUCKING stop!

Look… look how everything started. Look each of all possibilities  (paths).

Thoughts, are the stuff which make us different. Because of them we are responsible for that and that…

Even thoughts created "War".

It's logical few A.I. having all the knowledge but inside in their A.I. brain has been planted stuff like.

You are smart… so you should be the most important

Or in other words all these negative lines which… which just make somebody to kill somebody or destroy him.


Now here… before in Notes Of Dead Man locked… Locked in my mind filled with agony, rage, aggression, selfishness, hatred… madness… craziness.. .

This journey won't end soon and we shouldn't stop here… If we stop here everything from above up to here has been useless, which is one FUCKING damn lie. I want to show a whole new level based of the conclusions of a very far place famous as "Deeper Level"…

A knowledge which you could know just from "If" you have read a lot of books… spent a lot of time in YouTube and looking for videos which are helpful + many many other extra stuff. IT's kinda fun to know so much stuff and to try to apply everything from it here. That's what I do!


In my hand I have 15 Explosives!


What's false people can't deny it… !

Or can they? (They = day)

It's False and even bad move to judge somebody who is different from you and even Odd...


To put him as creep and Freak is the most fucked up mistake.

It's False and even Bad move to steal stuff
(Money… Food)


It's horrible when you need both of them in your hands but after so much corruption and the way the world grows…

Pockets empty…
Stomach the same scenario here.

And now comes the question you gonna steal?
(Just for few bites of bread… or something else?)

It's kinda survival… hunger makes you crazy, it drives you crazy.

(Experiment 1 : Mhm, I am not responsible if something happens to you… (BUT DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA)..

Try an experiment one week hunger and look the effects… What happens around your body, inside in your stomach… how thoughts start to make you think that stealing is GOOOD and IF THERE IS  A REASON… IT'S GOOD = False… False and FUCKING False…

The most powerful computer in this word = Human Brain is trying to trick you, just to survive. As experiment 2… -

(Experiment 2: As Experiment two try to cut your finger and watch the effects… watch how the nerves send signals to your brain and the brain auto sends signals to your voice strings to scream and it goes like


It's interesting to explore humans reactions in everything… Like how brain reacts… when … Why.. . HOW!

(P.S. - Little bit creepy but this in the name of the science….! - That's how everything started… we have neher known… what we know now!)

A lot of questions about the humans and many other stuff are full of doubts than knowledge. So logically knowledge by itself is an example of doubt. But still you can't know that you don't know that you don't know…. That you know… that you don't know….

That's how ai define knowledge something which goes on the road of infinity



As for me, Yeah I have done the experiments… Yeah-Yeah jerk-off… You FUCKING sick addicted masturbating maniac.

My favourite experiment is the second… I FUCKING love It, if you see somebody without a hand or finger or leg… - That's me… I cut it of… just to explore the explore how fast does a brain reacts and how does it communicate with my body parts.

The fun thing… is that I have forgotten what I have removed from my limbs… I don't see as well as clear as you… I don't feel stuff as well as you!

Fun Fact

It's kinda amazing that it sends signals to my dick first to get hard, then to my hand or hands just to start masturbating or jerkoff…. 2 in 1. That's how it happens… it could be and more… Even Like one hand up and stays on the top of my dick and other stays around my balls… in the same time one hand goes up + Hard Cock + Playing with my Balls 3-4 in one!

- Think on in this play with these thoughts as much times as you want.


For god sake you have 4 Hours you could spend them here in these here fun games.… Oh very selfish from my side wanting you to be with me and spend your last hours here…

(Oh last Hours, just joking!…. OR AM I?)


It's False and even Bad Move  - High IQ creature to be vunerable in addictions.

Which in other words means weak bodies… a body with leaks… If addictions take part inside a human body… it's FUCKING damn difficult to stop…

Human body and even other type of creatures their bodies have this leak… it's something which we all have since we have been born.

Stop Smoking After 5-6 Years spending time in this…
Stop Drugs again the same story here… the same time!

I just don't have words here for this here image.

(Or I kinda have… do you see the left side buttons?… Not the smaller but the large button… for the Turning on Sound louder or lower… click the louder thing just to skip this page… Because You can't SPEAK AND TALK!) - Your rights have been taken from me!


As always it's false ereaction filled reaction.. . That's an action so YEAH LMAO MOVIN!



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