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4 Hours 49 Minutes 19 Seconds

by DeYtH Banger

Note: Time for deeper level!

I am so FUCKING bad and rude, that I even didn't made it at least title 5 Hours.  From very long time you know the scenario… 1 hour… 2 hours… 3… 4….

 But why now this?
(4 Hours and even minutes and to don't forget about the seconds.)

Why not 5 Hours?


(P.S. Come on….! Be patient!)

As first A new chapter is on the way and yeah now I just answered the question because I am ain't predictable.

(Now tell me did you saw that comin?)


Here is the time and the place when we will talk about what's happening?

- If it's around my works!

The Life Of One Kid = It's my own experience story with which I began everything.

This was the first book ever written by me!

(On the record 8-9 Volumes)

Facts Which Will Blow Your Mind - Facts, I like them a lot of but I had the chance just write few books.

(On the record 3 Volumes - The Book is)

- I am hopping soon to make more books on topic facts.

Deeper Level Collection

- Stories from deeper level… A level which some people deny that it exist… but here with few exploits you can see it…. You can feel it….

Deeper Level is a place where crazy…  and mad people come from and all are damn good… no justice… they are on the Killing Spree!

- Complex and difficult to be stopped. This here IS a true story, that's life… not all villains get caught.

Dead Man Notes

- Another place from side Deeper Level + The Life Of One Kid… both are in one… It doesn't mean that I am going stop Deeper Level, there is one very very long journey it could take years = who knows!?

(We won't stay here forever…)

The Life One Kid - Yeah I stop it but Dead Man Notes + Reddit Collection are here to compromise the lost!

(I am very sorry for your lost!)

Chapter 1

If you read this I am Female 18 years old blonde hair and very shy girl. I always loved my father more than my mother,

….with my mother… we lost connection with each year we were talking less and less and less and less…  For few years she was from relative went into status stranger.

It begins as it follows

I really don't know how we reached here… We always have been one happy family. You get the image!

… A family which cares and loves each other.

My mother the last few years in which I was 8,9 and max to 10 years old started getting some troubles… first job problems then money problems…

For 3 years as well as I know her she was changed drastically, I little paid attention the first year… the second year it went as bad as it follows.

- Agression
- Rage
- Fights
- Shouting
- Little Offensive as a character

But this was just the second year

(Note: I would describe it as the world was turn down with it's both legs.)

(P.S. - I breathe I live with this = "P.S" and "Notes")

(P.S. - Without plot it's ain't book… I hate somebody to watch me what I type about … So very very awful + I am 17 Years old now in = Real World)


If in second year happens that so in the third… Small problems become bigger and bigger and more bigger. The problem was that my mother was making from nothing something… from few small problems she makes chaos!

My father couldn't take more of it and he put an end to this… The truth it was difficult to be done by him, but you know if he can't himself nobody can help him…

It was slowly killing him inside and effecting me also… more likely little socially…

The thought that that's his half and he is going to leave her like this… alone… the promise was that in salty and sweet days people in marriage gonna go throw this and this is thing which is going to make the relationship more and more stronger.

But here it was slightly told by a lot of people and few had the chance to really…. Really to experience this which now you are reading. Probably my father is one of these few people to experience it.


As the story tells and follows

If something is bad and too much makes your well being endangered…. You should make a move to protect yourself from that danger.

(Note: Stop… Stop and think about this!)

IN 1966 year in which my family got divorced at that time I wasn't very familiar with the word divorce… and please to don't talk about the action = divorce.

I was bound into limited info, as you probably don't know staring at a smartphone as first I didn't saw as something very productive, … - hanging with friends outside, family, cousins and other relatives and people near me has always been my side.

The side in which I am good!

And again to be next to the computer and gazing and staring into the blue light is nothing more than the beginning of your zombie career. Books for me have been world's created for people with stress to get safety journey into slightly different world and little bit relief.

Which you know…

Which I know

It was something rare the divorce few people out 50 students had a family which was divorced. Nowadays is like disease and syndrome and everyone knows the meaning of this word and everyone or almost everyone has experienced this.

(As for before… I thought nothing out of it… about everything around the divorced.)


Just to be clear

On the record I am born in 1955 and we were a happily family since 1955 up to 1966… Until one day 1966 it happen as you call it "divorce".

(P.S. - It's a fun fact play with it… In one day you were born … in one day it happen… )

I thought that this was kinda official break in which people spent time  = separated just to re-think more about the future… In other words break… One big Break!

(Note: 11 and half years old… In the period of 1955-1966. - I have been!)

1970, At age 15 Years old I understand that the divorce hasn't been something adult thing,

(Note: To be honest here my father wanted me to get few years older and somewhere there he did promised spend time with me to explain to me what's the real meaning of this word… = "Divorce")


It came the time

 It has been something which happens when people don't have choices what to do next… and how to do it!

 So they to get some choices …. they go few steps backward by removing the choices they have made…

 Of course they can't remove me… - So this move has been skipped and they just do like that……

Boom Marriage gone  …

 Divorce just solve the "choice" problem. - Now my words!

(Note: Here is a tip if you have a problem in which somebody comes here because somebody… try the "somebody"… the person who invites the other human being!… Kill him or make people just to get one big disappointment and then make them sad.)

ONE year later!

My father always liked to share old stories when I became 16 which was in 1971. He was telling me about the old school also famous as the old days.

Like for example at the time which he has been at my age the teachers could fix grade, from F to A, by

 (Mhm… how to say It?.… Off I am going to go straight..)… FUCKING. If you are excellent fucker you get a excellent grade, if you are good one you get a good grade. Sounds simple!?

He even told me that at my age he had sex, it was his first time and it didn't went well but the 3-4 he became better in this by having sex with his teachers. He had a lot of friends, he was the most famous boy in school he was even invited into a lot of parties.


Some of the stuff at first he rejected to tell me…  At age 16 he wanted me to grow 1-2 years more. But I told him that I can't hold one more year… He re-think on that few minutes and then he just throw the ball.

(Note: It's strange how fast his opinion got changed…)

He started with the scale of fucking

1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. F

- Stuff like A+ or A++ didn't existed at that time. To be more accurate they didn't exist in sex.

For "F", you should be the worst fucker to get this, at least the teachers were good ones and gave few more chances to their students... To students with bad grades.

For "D", just the normal type sex… you choose pussy and you fuck no other extra stuff. If you do that you can at least pass school, but still it should be applied knowledge = "FUCK YOU".

(…father…started laughing)

For "C", now we are talking for something interesting. Something which I could put it as the beginning of the fun.

- Just to remind!  This was for the Males and Shemales scale for grades. If you one them you are damn lucky!


So let me continue in "C" As first you should be a good fucker as second pussy + ass.

For "B", oho… oho my favourite… Here you can do pussy + ass + extra - choosen from you. It could be facial or it could be cumshot and of course good fucker.

For "A", here we are talking about sex in the time period of 1-2 weeks + few times in row. Good fucker and pussy + ass + few times facial. Without footjob and feetjob you ain't gettin "A". - Just to Remind ya!

It has always been fun listening to his stories more and more and more, he was one damn good story teller. He changed my way of seeing life!

He was the guy who was guiding me in my life… Right… forward… backward… left way…

Few Years Later

(Note: Good guys get fucked in the real world)


I have some kinda strange memories… I really can't define it.. Some strange images.. In which I do very strange stuff.. I take some kinda pills or I really don't know what is it and … I…  am around my father friends. The strange thing is that I am naked… My whole body is naked…


First all we are with clothes… having fun… dancing… laughing. Then after a minute a blackout and after one moment I see one my father friends putting his finger few times in my pussy… then in my ass… I am laughing… and making sounds of moan.

I just can't believe how everything is happening… then Again we come back and start dancing… then I wake up see to be surrounded by dicks… which are around my bed… there are a lot of… and all are jerking off on my naked body.




I am in a bar… nothing sure… neither for time… the room is flashy with rainbow colours spinning around, it's little bit disturbing.



(P.S. - Memory Lost… I know some stuff …little cuts.. or even more than little, can't Explain what's the horrible feeling.)

Second blackout….

 IF I don't remember it should be a blackout, right?… No clue for time or how… did everything happen.… I think it's going to be more clear by putting it as black out.

It's second time this time not so much drugged still memory lost and missing time lines, but still I remember this my father is with his buddies… they are naked, or are almost naked only dick can be saw and few inches above and below naked, which is ain't much.

I can't control my body… movements and even on the top of this cake
there is  a female next to me and says in my ears….

GO… GOOO Deep… throat… another deep… now lick the balls… kiss the dick… make edge licking… suck the semen… go go FOR IT… COME ON… NOW KISS IT.

(Very silent, sluty way… - She says this words)


Squeeze the balls one time with your left hand… then with your right hand.

Go with the tongue… first around the balls then suck gently the dick… wait to cum… if it starts cuMMING. DON'T SPILL IT out… MAKE A DEEP THROAT TAKE THE WHOLE DICK INSIDE YOUR MOUTH DON'T WORRY… THE FEELING IS LIKE  A GOD'S bless.

I just can't stop I feel like somebody is pushing me…

 I am on autopilot mod and I can't do any damn thing. I lost control of my body in my mouth I have cock which touches my throat…

OUT….IN….OUT…IN…OUT…IN…OUT….IN….OUT…- That's what happens with dick goes inside then out… inside out…

I even don't do anything… this FUCKING guy is FUCKING me inside in my mouth and he NOW




Oh it was one damn bad dream… my pornography on my TV has been left ON + and I have been masturbating.


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