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Notes Of A Dead Man Sequel (Notes - #2)

If Notes #1 was just something simple not scary neither helll something as beginning here this Notes #2 is something far far more different. Can you stay in the car for one more journey!?


It will be little bit more longer but I am saying from here sit on the rear seat!

(P.S. - Please... please I want the last word to be again from me)

(Note: ANd that's how it's done!)

(Note: (2)

I am playing with the devil the bike as first wasn't stable as second the brakes didn't worked well.

So as last with this bike, so far you should see the image.... I went through these 40 stairs.


There aren't any type of programs which I have been used to do this... it's real as hell and death was in my pocket. - DeYtH Banger)


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( 2 - Links, at least more safer is that way!

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