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The Story Which Was Never Told

We don't have a lot of time... I am probably near to death row but I can't do anything about that.

So yeah, let's start my name is Kevin

(Note: Second name I won't add because I don't feel comfortable with it....People will find out who in really am I ... and I don't want my family to get in extra trouble... I have done enough trouble, for me and for them...)

My mother hasn't spoken with me eyes in eyes even and in the virtual world from very very long time. After the 5 year I just stopped counting, I thought that I am losing time with this shit! If she won't accept apologies from so long time, what's the whole idea of counting over and over and over?

Even and that reason for not writting or seeing each other for so long time doesn't stop me from the thought that I always hated humans... They way they speak... their gestures... how they move everything about this race on 100% I hate, humans as more you have high IQ as more selfish you become as more jokes start to come in your mind. Jokes by itself are something very very dumb even I don't get the twisted fun.

(Note: .Off let's start let's...after all we should start from somewhere and I Suggest we to start from the whole beginning... I promise to safe the crap as extra shit... just to spoil you while I can... Because I can, right?... - Please write it!)

First it came the time in which I wanted to point out the leaks of people by hacking their phones... I mean Androids, Iphones.

 (Notes: Mhm... mhm (Note: I like when I go again back in this old days... still have my freedom and even still in the middle or  let's put in the beginning in the middle you need to know more... )....

 It was damn easy and I even thought that people were joking with me or have made a prank.

Under that I really mean that I really did that and I thought that there was something more into this... you know the movies with the awesome gadgets ... Science in it's toppest levels and even stuff which we just can't imagine were there.

I thought that  there was something like that will be found there... but what I found stars and ends there!....For Android for 500$ or even Iphone for 1000$ what you see that's all... nothing extra hidden nothing extra that's all... you ain't payin for extra. YOu just payin for what you see not for what you don't see.


(P.S. Okay... okay... cut the shit... okay... okay little exaggerate... opps not little but something very high level of exaggerate.)

(Note: Here is the truth I thought that it's more sophisticated and people  really mean that they have good quality security. But these days what I proof is that ain't complex as first and as second people trust too much to their devices that they even have in their devices very very private stuff. Like private data where they live... where do they work and so on and so on.)

(P.S. - At least I am here, why not just to throw one tip!? Don't put a lot of private stuff in your device, you never know who is looking and what could they do with this material. Some people don't give a shit, but from here I am saying with the power of hacking (Skill) +   little irony... it could get this from cold... hot as hell.)


 When  I make that experiment, I could put it as a small chaos in the beginning of my career  it was in small radius,... it cost me few troubles. After all I just didn't thought a lot of on this, I just did what I did, nothing else... No Proxy, no other special skills, apply with you know... know to apply.

 I wasn't still the guy who you will later you have the chance to meet.... Pss, I was an amateur at that time... hacking smartphones wasn't a big deal and even it was easy.).... When I go back sometimes I think about troubles others I think as how no prepared I was... No extra  plans just throwing the ball without a security. Like living in the forest without food... without tent, without nothing.

 The people were somebody which my mother knew so it was little safer and not very troubaly as first thought... When I found out that's so easy... I  had the choice just to leave it for me and to end the experiment, but I decided to make it public by posting it in the social media. Like facebook, twitter, youtube and so on and so on. It got salty no doubt in that but at least I annouced

"Project 1Z21B"

- Your Smartphones both Apple and Androids have week security, please take some precautions. Have in mind that you can't trust this devices.

(Note: This from the users and people was taken as threat... TO BE MORE FUCKING  CORRECT THEY TAKE ME AS A THREAT)

(P.S. - Only to say dates, names and everything has been changed for the safety of all!)

Yeah I got a ban... but the fun thing was that I could release few videos which are type: pornography and naked and nudy pictures of all them...

At least the only troubles was problem around my mother and her friends and as second I just got a ban from social media. That's all!

At least I didn't went in jail for that, but still it motivated me to dive deeper

 The hacking thing, I took it as a challange .. I have never done something like this and decided to give a try....

When you get bored!

 Playing over and over hacking people's data, I  was just proving only one theory over and over and over and over and again and again and that's was that people haven't taken precautions and their security... The protection is the same level whatever they choose again they aren't in the safe hands.

You know that, right!?

(Note: Opps... my mistake sorry for spoilling you, you can't know if you don't work with computers...)

I have spent a lot of time on such stuff it started since the whole beginning of 2031 year... That's the year in which I took the computer as something different as whole new level.

I started as first hacking their data and information and just spoilling stuff... In 2039 I  started analysing that of what people share, post and have on their phone... messages and so on and so on

. My mother and her friends were the first victims, few months did take so she too give me a second chance, I took it as given and I started something new.


When I saw that she have new friends which are damn awesome... I mean women with which she was meeting, I didn't had a girlfriend which was the main motivating me to do stuff like hacking her smartphone again and her friends also and to try as much private data to get as frist.

My eyes after the 3 hour were burning as hell, I didn't stop rubbing my eyes with my hands both of my eye balls. But still what I got was very useful.

It was answering my questions!

- Where do they live
- What do they read
- What do they listen to
- People with which they chat
- People which they hate
- Favourite colours
- Naked and nudity (Photos, OF course - Very typical for such generation as more years pass as more dumber humans get... doing stupid stuff then feeling sorry... then again... then again you know scenario.)

- Little Bit Pornography
- Diary (Kinda impressed that people write their private information on their phone... few of my mother friends had diaries in which they were writting everything... Kinky... nasty... Horrible... each day was described some days had great vocabulary, others were like shouting... third were like in the middle of orgasm, fourth favourite movies.... fifth books... THere was a lot of information, but as you know, if you are damn good reader and hacker... you should put the most important information on your list about the people in which you are interested.)


Probably people are right it's 2041 year and my life is going like hell. The same over and over and over... home school and home and school. That was before now... home and work ... home and work... it just doesn't stop there. People say that we are bound into repeation yeah, that's fucking true. We just don't stop repeation, that today somebody gonna die doesn't mean tomorrow somebody else won't die. The same for tomorrow and the other tomorrow and in the next next next day. The same goes and for jerk-off or masturbation.

(Notes: Excorsism, have you saw such ritual!?... Performing Excorsism!?... Church puts it's as something like the TV series OutCast, if you ain't familiar, no problem. It means the devil is inside your body and it posses your body like the movie Conjuring or Sinister or something like that. - I always see that as woman in orgasm if it's male type a person who wants cock...


Okay, okay... the joke didn't went well... I see it... ain't funny ain't loooney)


The truth here is that we everyday do the same over and over and over... it doesn't matter is it tomorrow or the next day... have in mind you already did it. You have eaten in 1982 year and now you are still eating you are dieing because you are  an example of one huge body. Your body is huge and it's have a lot of cells, which gives the chance and bad cells to come inside in your body and cancer can come and even parasites and everything which comes in your mind... syndromes... mutations.

That's science, you know that face already!

But it's hell when you see  people to have money... to have something which for you is an obstacle. Which means you can't have it. THey have a girlfriend, you don't have... They have father and mother and you don't have, think on this play with this it's hell. This story should enter the category horror and crime that's why few juicy stuff are going to happen.

(Note: Sorry for the spoil... my rules... my story I am the judge)

Dead Day

Of come on cut the shit, just say it... JUST FUCKING SAY IT YOU NEED HIM... NO SHE BUT YOU... YOU... FUCKING BIATCH.

When I don't get what I want... I go take what I want, that's my rules so I go few of my mother her friends... their friends

(Note: Just wise trick my mother doesn't know friends... friends... difficult to be detected)

- I did that few days in row but in different distatinations and very very far from each other which gave a chance to have fun.

                             -  Victim 1

It was in the night around 20:00, she has went to sleep... her room was amazing. Nobody else home she was alone which was great news. I took one chair and I was watching her.

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