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Afraid - Part 2

Note: As first I have never thought that I am going to get so far... with 44 books have published officially even what bothers me... they with each day ...more and more get created and published, I can do that forever.
In the First Deeper Level Collection, I had the chance and the time to put only few stories in the new Deeper Level Collection, I have put almost all stories which I have ever wrtten under the category Deeper Level.
P.S.: Please God Forgive me... I just feel like I should tell this story... true or not I just want to free my mind from it, once and for all!

Pretty bit coughing and coughing and coughing... I am guessing that it's from the smoking. People just don't stop saying that this smoking and even so much alcohol drinking soona or later it is going to take my life...
Sometimes strangers... other times are friends who try to judge me!
First I am not a biatch to cry for forgiveness, I just accept it like this... you forgive or not... I am ain't going to ask... if you don't forgive me... after all it's your problem... nothing as it follows it's going to make your life better or the story in some kinda way to improve my life.
You could say "FUCK It" and just to go and do something else... but if you are here it means that you have made your choi've and nobody can change your opinion.
Just to know as for now... I am not a fortunate teller.. I just do stuff... I change stories in the name of better... I change you in the name of better ending.
I could continue one way or another way... The Way which is filled with crap or the way which is the story which is the main point here. I am not here to fill your time with shit...!
BUT BUT BUT ..... this is the only THING.... WHICH iin my life HAS LEFT, as on the record I don't have children, neither and wife or fiancee.
I am glad to say and to announce and to keep spreading this story, because as it follows probably at least few drops are from my life... Before we start I should at least give you few details.
(Note: I know that I suck in details, but I should give you something after all, right?)
What I have as for now is one room or probably let's put it as a house... A Wooden one in the middle of nowhere the house is...
What you just have read is what's inside... or how do I see the world from my POV...
As for outside is fucking cold, it's heavy snowing... few inches snow from the ground. In both places out or inside is fucking freezing, I still can survive with smoking and alcohol.
(Purely statically... science says that)
Which means... it could raises body temperature in our case... my body temparature!
  • If you look it from this here point, it's very damn useful, but if we look it from the dead point, soon we will be in the dead zone.
(Note: That's a story ... You know that here I can be everything and everyone... time has stopped here... But what's for sure, I am not an example of prosperous person... I am one real example of failure - You name It.)
What I have done
  • I really can't excuse myself and even to be so selfish and impudent to ask for forgiveness. What I have done nobody can forgive me... I am full of sins, you know me already... watching people... then illegaly entering in their homes.
It's still each day of mines a lucky one I haven't been caught from the police neither and from somebody else... I just have principles of survival, I won't tell you my name... I won't give you any kinda of adress or something more which could help you in easy way identifying me.
The truth is that I want to stay as much in the shadows as possible. Enough troubles, already I have been done! ...
There are three kinds of killers...

The FIrst one are the people which just go and tell to all people what they have done and they get the proper consequences.

The Second just start sending to police messages like taking them as a joke... I mean everything which they do they make it as a joke... they just mask it as a joke, the last type of people they do stuff and they keep them for themselves. From what I have now told to you, I really don't know which category I could go... probably in the second one!?!?!?!?!

Sometimes I feel guilty and I want to go in jail in others... I just say in my mind that jail isn't the place for me and the police or the let's put it like the fucking cops are going to stop me from doing what I like...

Okay, anything about honesty ain't bad... the fucking  TRUTH IS THAT...I am not prepared to meet so much evil people in one place, this place is a place where you get in and never get out... days go slowly and slowly and slowly and a lot of people fuck with you.

(Note: When you end up in jail... nothing comes and goes well... always there will be someone or somebody or something which is going to screw you up... Piss you off... one way or another way... that now you are calm it can't stay forever.)


Keep in Mind
Once in jail... you become somebody's biatch... once somebody biatch then you get fucked and fucked and fucked... just pray to god everything to be good or let's say stop doing this... you just doing nothing in a zone of nothing.
But this doesn't mean someday it won't come in which I am going to be in jail... In jail to pay for my actions... there are consequences for everything. Until then I will do in what I am damn good.

Who and How
Who am I?... Probably I have already done.... 3-4 killings, not too much, but this won't be the end. ...I have a car and I should at least use it... At least few times in the week... you know that routine!?
Last time I just kill somebody... until now I should be on deathrow...Taking somebody's life... the proper judge is in jail... but I am still here and typing here this story and spreading it to a lot of people... killers and not killers..., unfortunately... I am more fortunate and I am not planning to go there... - I don't know about you... but I know about myself... jail is for somebody else... who is ready to lose his time there... my time is here... killing people!
Whatzoever you think, I have ways to safe myself from there and some stuff stay in mind others go out... you know the drill.

You know... I know... we all know this profile... most people kill just for sex, others for revenge in my case I could use and both reasons. As for revenge I could make a lot of people lifes miserable like my own one...
"I never got the chance to be a happy child, all my life was just a hell, problems and problems not only in school, but in home also I just was watching fights and fights swearing, cursing... all types of horrible stuff were happening around me. Some people would say that it's because of me... I watch that and that... I search for negative so after all I should get in my life negative actions and re-actions. But I don't see what's in common... diseases and fights? Swearing and Facts?... Syndromes and desires!?"

As for sex, much better than this I can't tell you..

"I have been rejected in my life a lot of times, from different kinds of people I hate the whole idea of being rejected. Why?... Why? You even didn't try to go with me... you even don't know me!? And now rejecting me? Even if you know me... School and RL are two different worlds, people behave in such places different, you can't be the same guy from RL and in school too. Some people even rejected me by lies... others just throwed the rock... and said "No" and that's all... no explanations or something like that. You should at least give me a chance... give me time... let's try and we are going to see... STILL WHAT'S THE FUCKING PROBLEM TO DON'T GO WITH ME?... tell me PLEASE!"

But still I am better than them and better than all... I know a lot of people and I am very familiar with their mistakes, as you ready know I analyze people. Why? Let's put it the reason because I want to get better, I want to try something new something which hasn't been already tried....


(Notes: Always have in your hands few rough people around you... if you don't have you ain't ready for a combat. - DeYtH Banger)

(P.S. - And what to tell you... that I am writer and you are going to become my girlfriend?)

You think you can be fooled?... Yeah you can if you want to be fooled... you can be everyone and everything, just think about this little... play with the 60's, 80's and 90's century dices. YOu have dices in your hands at least use them properly.
If you get fooled, it's maybe from too much data ... too much of it could kill ya.
But before all and as overall let me tell you one lesson

"None is as smart as the dick... think about it... You are now want to fuck because the dick is up... when is out... Which means that you can't fuck anymore.... mhm.... mhm the answer is that you stop there and you just try something else. There isn't anything bad about sex... and fucking... sucking dick nothing is better than this, but the whole truth of the wholly spirit of god is that.
You fuck so far up to one level... after you pass that level.. you just can't do that... you should try something else. You ain't biatch... if you were... if you weren't fuckeable... you could be at least make few deep throats... get few times choked by a dick... then as you put it footjob... blowjob and you know that. We ain't here for first time, everyone has been here... you or me... or they."

"But the problem of dick is that it controls your mood it makes you think that everything is good fucking a dead body is good... great state level of pussy... everything around that body is okay... still fuckeable. That you throw your food, doesn't mean that there isn't somebody around there... who is going to eat... Just what you throwed. We are the reason that so many people these days are alive... they are alive because of you and me... We throwed food and they were eating it.
We were making mess around the streets buy throwing our useless trash... but somebody tries to trade it for money. That's the cycle... you are already have buckle up in this car and you can't get out in the mdidle of nowhere, just trust me... sucking cock in the night is like fucking a biatch and don't giving fuck that she have aids or other kinds of diseases. YOu can suck a cock... but still at least look it, few times... smell it... try it... see if it's fresh... lick it... few times... don't go so fast in the blowjob... Slow or nothing... fast is an equation of the worst levels of the human race which could get."
No Time
There isn't time to stay here or there, I should go and drive with my car somewhere around my next victims. To be honest here I like randomness, I like to choose victims = random. Not somebody who is knows me or somebody around my family friends... but somebody who is too... too far from this both checkpoints.
That's the way we are going to put this thing!
(Note: You know that I have things... specific kind of things)
.... I think that this is very smart as first as second I have a principles which are saying that the killing point should be at night and I Shouldn't stay too much in the victims rooms one hour max should be spend with each victim.
A book without rules is like a book without a story... empty pages... white blank pages... or let's put it having in one room two girls and wanting them to have a sex... You can't do that... at least the one girl is shemale and the other is female or both are shemales... then it gets interesting... "FUck me... Fuck her" - State!
Rules are the guide throw this here story... you like it or don't it's your problem... that you like dicks and I just like fucking girls are two different roads, one road choosen by me and one road choosen by you.
  1. Don't get selfish
  2. 1 Hour or you end up in prison
  3. Wrong road... your problem
  4. Don't try with more girls... more than one is insane... one or nothing
  5. Speed should be normal... too much slow cots time... fast... is a bad move... after all you get nothing from all. - Neither and little piece of experience!
No need to go after the bullshit as more authors do... telling shit or going over the same thing over and over and over... using the same words... names... places... over and over and over... Even by itself by the way I repeat this In a specific way I am repeating myself.
But I can't do anything on that problem, that's how is going to go and it's planned to go. The truth is that I already have choosen my victim and precisely lurking my victim.
(Note: And Yeah you caught me... Now I am on my second victim.. and I haven't ever killed more than one... one has been killed and the killing spree is going to continue. I won't stop, I have visions and dreams all about this.)
I am a man with visions a man who keeps promises, and I am going to do that... What I have said, I won't stop here or there, what's going to happen, nobody can stop it... Patterns as always aren't predicatable... how could you predict that the next victim is going to be 50 miles away from the other one?... The same Country of course - It's Mhm, let me THink, Oh yeah... California.
(Note: I know some kinda routine is comming... like eating... talking with fiends... chatting and so on and so on... It's kinda useless shit... the idea is you go with the whole details or you just leave it... Do it or you don't do it... It's not important the theories, but the actions, what we want from you is to watch the way people die... I want to make inside in you... A Paranoia... I want to create it... inside in your mind... when you see something to keep it recalling it over and over and over...)
(Note: I have paranoia... If I have paranoia then you also should have paranoia these are the rules, rules are made to be followed... if you don't follow you get punishment.)
To be honest here, I anlyse people like you from a veryyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYY A long time. I want to get inside in your skin as deeper as possible, it's like the fucking, if you did know what I did know you ain't gonna do what you now do. For Example, what If I can predict with the proper math who can win in this game? ...
What If I told you that... football is all about the money, you pay and they lose... you pay and the other team loses or both (=).... It's matter of money, that's the whole idea of sports... All are like these, you think that you can't never win in Casino?... or let's put it like the system has allowed you to win few times or to put it like...
You win few times, but now ... now you lose and lose and lose, let me tell you something as for the sports a lot of money play there, such type of numbers that you can't see them in your pockets as for the casinos that's the story in which I tell you that such gaming rooms have ways to make you addicted.
The first idea is to show the sweetness of something... if it's a gaming room = Casino, then we are talking about money, if it's a alcohol the idea somebody to buy it, it's to make him to buy it by making this product very very special but in real it's not true. Everywhere there are some kind of principles which they follow, people say that in Shopping Malls, Markets and so on and so on they put cameras.
Do you know why?
Here is the trick first to study you like what you are watching first, what do you eat... like... buy and such type of data as second as evidence if you have tried to stole something.
(Note: You chould try to repeat that, you don't have anything to lose.. .AIDS = Ain't here)
The truth is that I spen d time analysing all kinds of people from prostitutes - by talking to them and studying it's expression and impression the way they work. The way they go in under your skin up to biatches and women and sex and all other kinds of stuff. The truth is that in sex you never ever touch and unfortunately you even don't know what in real this word does it mean, touch is just an illusion like everything in this world. Nothing has been real and nothing will be real!
You are now saying... that you know what's touching... but still what's touching?... Replace it with another word... try without showing to tell it... describe it...
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin" "Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin" "Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
"Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin" "Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin" "Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin" "Touching... Skin..."
.... "Touching Skin"
What's "Touching" and what's "Skin"?... You just putted another ain't familiar word here, don't try to play dumb and go to search in the dictionary here on the internet or in your home dictionary, don't try to ask somebody else. This puzzle was created by one = by me and it's going to be solved by one, don't try to insult me or try after all I don't give a shit what you are going to say after the ugly words...
The insult is just some ugly words which even them you can't describe you... you say
"Fuck You"...
Okay if you are woman... how are you suppose to fuck me? Okay if you are man... what type of person are you to come and fuck me?
Oh words... irony and just to don't take them serious... You never take stuff serious, do ya? ...
Everything around you is full of not serious people and you are one of them, you are an example of them. YOu have never taken stuff serious, saying stuff then you don't mean it... jokes which are even not funny... talking with people in which you are in real aren't interested. Talking about stuff which has never happen, saying lies over and over and over... ruining people's life. That's what you are doing and you are continuing doing, somebody has ruin your life and you are now trying to ruin somebody else life... without even knowing him or her.
Trying to play with people's feeling and taking them as joke and being so fucking bad that you even make holy god knows what...
(Note: I am just not in the mood to think what you even thinking about doing with all that information.)
"Fucking as always have been eashy... you put inside the dick... then you just go out... in... the biatch sucks the dick.. .whole... fresh... then in... out... semen comes out... and she sucks it or she just spit it out somewhere... or eating it... Pornography nowadays has reached such level that fucking is a job... you pay and you fuck... they pay you and then they fuck you... Deal for deal... trade for trade... I jus told you the law of biatch."
Has and Action
I even don't know what to say, nothing has ever been finished as first... people work on a lot of and read a lot of stuff but in the end they never... never finishes them.
(P.S. - And still this looking in the eyes and the other stufff kinda... useless... but still throw the ball and let's see how far it will go... that few cars are going to go on this way where the ball is heading to it doesn't mean that the ball, simply is going to stop there, does it?)
What I have said, it has lost some little time and so far this new victim, which I should name Ella, she is now preparing to sleep... I am just looking down with my own binoculars... The lights are still on and I am looking her body... it's great that I have parked my car few miles... direction backward... on the street... It's great that she is on the 3 floor + I have found good spot in the bushes and I am now with the best camouflage, which can be found in the store and I am staring and gazin at her body...
(Note: Hahahaah... you should just hear this setence... how it sounds... how does it fucking sounds... it sounds like I am some kinda seller... I sell stuff... COME AND BUY... GOOD STUFF... TRADE IT FOR GOOD STUFF... I DO IT FOR GOOD STUFF... )
First she was naked... starts some kinda of routine of streching, strangely enough her whole body is naked from feet up to head, pussy can be saw... her ass... and it's great to say that she doesn't have any type of hair in around her pussy. She is one damn good girl!
From here I can tell, clear as day that I am going to have a lot of fun with her...
Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are! Come on sweety... come on sweety show your daddy how flexible in real you are!
(- He was saying in his mind.... over and over... and I he was staring with open mouth...)
  • Time goes by
  • After 25 Minutes
Hey, hey... finnaly... she finished and she turn of the lights and went to sleep... it's good that i can't hear any type of voices or talking or something specific hearing around her room which means that she is sleeping... and now is damn good time 21:45... until 23:00 - I have plenty of time.
So now let the fun start!
I am going to try something very interesting... I am going to try to enter from her windows... by climbing from the first up the 3 floor, it ain't too much floors, right? ...
Told... done!
I am now watching her, how she is very sweety sleeping... under the sheets! ...
Carefully openning the window which has been half open, I take of my clothes and start watching her how she is sleeping... slowly and very silently going around her bed,...
With the tme my dick starts to get bigger and bigger and bigger... it starts making me more interested in fucking her... but so far I decide to shut her mouth my putting tape... but very very carefuly while I put my hand on her mouth to shut it... when I tape her... she after all open's her eyes, I go and tie her hands, now after well tied hands... I put my dick between her hands and start moving her hands... she starts... making noises... start moving with her feet and with hands... try to escape, but in the same time I start slapping and saying to her that... if she makes one more noise... she is going to die...
I move on her legs... i start licking her legs... from toes up to her pussy... I start licking her pussy by putting my tongue inside in her pussy... and going around her walls... slowly... in... out... in... out... the taste is strange but still I go... I just don't stop...
Then I take a knife and make a wound around her breasts and i start sucking her blood by using my tongue... she starts some kinda noises make, so make sure to ejaculate inside her mouth as much times as possible... I put out the tape and tell her... if she tries something smart soon she ain't gonna live anymore... I hold my mouth with my hands and my dick hold with my other hand and I start ejaculating inside her mouth... she dies after all from the semen, because she just mhm... how to say it... He can't swallow too much of it... and she just choke from it...!

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