четвъртък, 28 юни 2018 г.


Church is not some private stuff,

I can't tell you my relegious beliefs,
I can't tell you where I live
I can't tell you my mom's name
I can't tell you my uncle's name
I can't tell you where I am now
I can't tell you what I do
I can't tell you what I eat
The rules are ridiculous, if we go and focus on this shit what we gonna miss!?

Outside is Raining,
My mail box is ful,
Heavy raining
Life goes ond on...

And what do we do?... We put inside our small minds limits... which limit us from doing so much s stuff, we could be outside with a friend, we could be now surfing on the internet and learning and learning abudance of information... then gatherr friends... make a group and start sharing what "we" have learn. Everyday is a lesson to be learn, you either gonna stay and get the feedback or go out and again and again and again getting rejected like a piece of shit.

This here is really a visit... what I really want to say to you... is that life is full of lessons and people shouldn't skip any type of lesson. If outside the weather is fucked up probably is because in your life you are missing something and this rain will stop you from abusing your life and start going for what you need to understand.... RAIN IS LIKE A TIME IN LIFE WHEN YOU NEED TO GET FEEDBACK... so if it's heavy raining stay home and learn and learn and learn and learn... once the weather has changed is time to apply what you have learn.

So  I don't know you as a person... 
I have never met you in real life... so what I can say
any type of reason of not doing action is simple of excuse which in other words

You procrastinate... you don't do work
you don't do what you should do...

You stay home and bullshit yourself with simple excuses so to make you feel great
inside and out.

Your life isn't made  to stay all day home and living life to go and go and go and go and go
and excusing your actions because some kinda a fucker is doing your thing and because he is damn good you can't compete with him.

I am totally fucked up... if we ask that question... I can't live a life inside a house... it's a self-torture story.

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