събота, 16 юни 2018 г.


The whole process of thinking and over thinking is a process of masturbation. I am not a comedian, but I understand high quality humor and people the less value you have… the lesser chances even getting in any ledges with high quality humor.

So here is the American-English style = Thing, I downloaded few English,American books…(Let's open the circle square root biatch and start bragging about it. English-American Books … Oh god it's so sinfully wrong.) So I had… I don't mean not have… but I had the only events I am capable of telling you about are past and future. The line between this two places = "Now" Which is how we paradoxically define free will thought.

So… and sol and solo, probably you don't have enough data, that's why you won't go out with me. You want me to die… because I am too smart and the conclusion is that we gonna end up in staring contest, being the drama queen in my TV Show…

Let's solo the whole Thing, I read a Bulgarian comedy book and - FUCK you… this is some kinda a joke?...

- Brutal!?
- Realistic!?
- Crazy!?
- Awesome!?

No and no and etc (I will save few more words…)

P.S. - It's not the place and time for my last words… after that he died isn't as bigger deal than the war.

War - The Art Of folks entertainment, the symbol of how stupidity overrules the whole act and if we go deeper… they like the self-pleasure of repeating foolish acts for better results.

Let's be honest this is like fucking your mother for better resolutions!

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