събота, 9 юни 2018 г.

Silence The Slice

And let's go honest,
people hate me... I know too much,
I hate too much.

Life is a neither do or
Neither of either.

So let's be honest... I went to a movie to
participate... I got some kinda role
I got few friends and now I am fucking looner... let's face it
106 people know... and from 106 - 10 go out... the other 96 are like
"?" people.


So let's go for political life

life is a deep seduction within a sword..
kill and slice it.


And the seduction goes with the following statements.


QAnon Post!!! New Fresh post and decode by Anon

Qanon,post,decoded,March 17, 2018, greatawakening,8chan,Q, !UW.yye1fxo  ,03/17/18, (Sat), 15:03:41, No.458,draintheswamp,maga,trump,ibor2internetbillofrights


P.S. - Is this a riddle or a game... who is going to play it... I mean the whole round?

Silence THE SLICE!

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