понеделник, 25 юни 2018 г.


Open your pants and let's talk,
clean the white shit and start it again.

God has given you the privillege to masturbate and
to feel carefree after each stage of masturbation. This is like one of those horror movies
but no sound at all .... or let's say positive manner from the pornstar from that porn movie which you are watching. Sorry for being so critical but pornography is something which makes you always edgy and horny.

And how is life going waking up with 9/11 and going in sleep with 9/11... Life is a conspiracy... a facility in which you need to know more if you know less... you gonna get fucked up.


So put one hand in your pants... go straight... bro, 

and one ha nd in the pocket. And let the tail rollen


Don't be sleepless... godless... b iatch wake up with a reason... don't let corruption fullfil your whole mind. And let the blow kill you slowly!

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