петък, 1 март 2019 г.

Comedy: Go For It (Part 3)

By DeYtH Banger

I don't get it how meat … aka... chop has rights… how we have given a chance to a toxic bacterial eater… disease… to have privileges and rights. How is that possible?

This shit should in the oven!


You are dumb, end of story!

I am not into your personal delusional one sided opinion as far has gotten is… nowhere really.

Suicide, for people who are thinking right now about killing themselves, just do it. It's not hard!


1) Nobody Cares about you (People give and this advice to suicidal people, it's suppossed to make them feel better… but wrong)

- 30-40% Highering the rate for suicide

2) Think about the others people… out there… there are people who are in more worst situations than you… appreaciate what you have…

- Oh yeah thanks for telling me that compare to others my worth  aka value is 0…

3) Take your life in your hands

- Come on suicide is a hobby… a passionate art… if I take my life in my hands it mea s kill yourself with your hands… as people say the brain is a great servant and terrible master, which is another example of how narrowed life has became. If I take my life that's quality of:

         1) Descipline
          2) Self-Control
          3) Mastery

People say  that they can't get English and American comedy, as for me I am trying to get the punchlines of the german dry comedy. Once I gave a shot… I went as far as… nowhere! (Don't get suprise… life is short to get so far…)

But still for the people who don't like this type of style here is a clear manifesto message:

Fuck You
Fuck Them
Aren't you dead already?

I am like a bipolar mice… mice full of emotions… my whole llife spins around emotions… sadness, depression, cry, happy, laughing, anxious… I am not even sure do I say the right words.

Okay… okay… you are not home, this my place for my shit, so no place for your shit. If you want personal place, it's time for doing some sacraficing… like for example giving me a chance to "start damaging your goods". I wish something sharp could fall from the sky right on my head up to the spine and to kill me right there… then… and when. I tried to be nice I went as far as fucking over my life with stress beyond the normal rate … I am like a mice on drugs! Oh yes, I almost forgot it's my mating season. What's going on with this people?

- Go To Germany
- Learn German Language
- Meet German Guys

What's happening?
What am I missing?

Why there isn't go kill some germans? Go rape few of them!, Go Stick a pipe inside there but holes! Go fuck their wifes. You fucking germans did I said once ir twice fuck it at all, but your humor style is very dry. If it was a dick, I am making bet that next destination is hospital. I hate french people what is this romance and Paris and the whole bullshit product? How about lick a dick… while being patient in a yoga position?

It's Fun
It's Something New
It's Whole new adventure season

I want to study in Auschwitz, it's high school for jews. Here us the test go to a mirror look in the mirror and if you see skinny type of body it means that you are jewish. It's easy to find out…


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