неделя, 17 март 2019 г.

Comedy: Your Problem?

By DeYtH Banger

Look your problem is that you can't learn and repeat… learn and apply… didn't you learn anything in life?
Learn  and repeat… repeat… remember and repeat 12 years of school and you are now at level don't seeing the essence of the whole golden shitty thing?
Raping isn't a bad process, it's natural game… it's how kids come to earth… alpha behavior, alpha style. If you are thinking about getting rape it means you gonna survive, it's survival instinct.

How about being fat?
Great and fuck all beta males who are against speakers who "speak forever". Today I invited bunch of friends, they said their busy… they care as much as much I use a book to wipe out my ass. Rejection is another cool example of natural game, if you get rejection few times in row, it's tine to give a thought about your genes pool. I am using more social media so to have proper manner with masturbating, if you are here to judge me… go get few holes in your face… it won't make you feel great but it sure it does… going to make my day.

Dating, attraction, seduction, pick up, straight game… love everything on this it has expired…  I don't know about your list, because I am selfish fuck. Look in the mirror, do you see the inner freak… that's u… look in the mirror… feel free to get embarrassed and angry and mad… the truth is that you are not capable of serious ship, you are fucked up.


I don't have any complex words in my vocabulary it makes me average man. I am fucking poor average man, I am emotional eater… I eat more whilevI am sad abd angry.

"I am depressed… and stressed…"

Okay… okay..fuck you fucking asocial bitch, just go and get friends and get people with which you can fuck around, is it so difficult?



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