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It's Not A Happy (Part 2)

By DeYtH Banger

Note: Finally I am going to finish the story… it's time!

I don't know from where to start gender male,white skin… I hate comedy… I hate going out..
A killer come and has shooten a bitch..

This line sucks and I as a writer suck!
It's not a happy story, if you are looking for such one you got the wrong section ... brand the writer. Just give a thought, I have pleny of time… so here is what I can tell you the story ends with me shooting myself right in the head, end of procrastination… end of laziness.

So far I am lazy snob, mentally fucked up, I can't go out and I have guns… I like to play with holes. But still I don't know how to start how to shape a story, I don't know how to say it… I AM NOT LIEING… I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT

It's a comedy or something funny, my name is David and the story goes around "Red Velvet Girl", it bothers me around, it's not like the Dexter TV show in which he cuts of pieces in each season humans are exposed like piece of meat, chunks of meat… he takes blood splatter and that's his trophy, easy story and easy to get. Then we go to R.L. Stine it starts with boring day… until.. a sudden chill… thrill comes and then the characters find their journey into a end comming. Stephen King when you start reading books written by this creature from hell… he fucking grabs you on the neck.. palms… he makes to shake while you are confused on "what that line means?", "what does that mean?"… It's total unease…

Still I don't know how to say it… I know what happen, it's definetly my fault, I can't sleep… I can't eat.. I can't go out… I can't go and do casual stuff, my life has reached it's pin point of hardness, if it's comedy you throw lines abd tell stuff … then you "size it up", which means you become the big deal… then you go with motto fuck the big deal.

Here is what happen… I think I can say what happen.. I was sleeping one night until I wake up from the noises from other room, the other room was a near room… roaring shit… my mom had gone insane… my grandmother and grandfather were beating each other as for my father he was in the kitchen. Blood on the floor, smell from his smelling dead body and it started melt,... just to stand with the point it had nothing to do with him, I didn't told him to come and shoot himself... I didn't told him that, if somebody is here to blame it's the noises from the room once silence does not appear other type of alternatives come and open doors, the gun in his hands… mouth open and blooding gashing from his mouth, head… my dog barking and as for me screamming. PROBABLY YOU GOT THE SYMPHONY, right here… of you are killer and you have descipline weak mind... terror, won't happen.. but to me it happen. I went in the room and created the most empty space silence… by me grabbing the weapon and shooting my mom… my grandmotger and my grandfather. After a moment it felt great, it was like the best bright day I ever had and will have, free from trauma, from average mindset, from fucked up complaining about work, life, money. The last topics I hate them!

Better off to put a rope around a dog and throw somebody from the window, than to listen to a some kinda bitchy shield attitude toward life. Life is short, the amount you get in the end is not fair, I definetly raped a girl… it was't my daughter… it was nobody… Look people if it's my daughter it gets personal.

 The one of the rules of killing is depersonalize from people which you have killed, it lowers guilt levels. From psychology stand point it's fucking damn right as bright as bright early sunny beach. My mom was a bitch that's why I killed her... okay… okay probably I was wrong, probably it was the most bad idea ever come to my mind, killing my mom… first of all I am number one suspect and with raping shit, probably I am on the list and people are hunting me down.. searching me.. and how the fuck do you dispose a dead body!?

Am I only fucked up? Dear reader, tell me... tell me that you have nights in which you feel like to rape and kill... and to molest and to slaughter people and to cut... and to shoot people... just tell me... My body is weak and my mind is buffering... it's like a black and whited glitched tv... it's bugged... I am mentally screw it up, the last thing which I want on the list is somebody telling me that I did wrong... them more I rationalize the more I fucked up, I get... so close the window... continue and please promise to don't judge me... I did a conffesion... I did it for my own good... but still it makes me selfish... or am I?

That's how life goes it starts and it ends… my mom life ended with sudden flash as for others… people it just happen… it was chain reaction. Guilt level start pumping in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… in
….. and out… it was an anxiety... it was a deep oven... inside me... at first it was great... then it felt bad... it felt like a hangover...  it was awful that I need to deal with being less suspicious, to clean up the scene and get together my life… this shit is just too much… If I try to kill myself, it''s a bad idea… one sperm loses capacity to reproduce, probably I am going to get it wrong… That's why I need to throw myself on the rail tracks… that's how it's going to happen… A train goes over my body… then on television I am going to be a superstar and after a period I am on the wall of "Shame On You". I gave a second thought, why not to get some kinda virus from sex... and now really it's again a bad a idea... to go and to suffer because of reproduction... what.. if somebody shoots me ... or somedy kills me... still a deep inner suffering is going to come to action... give a thought... all negative action by itself are self-destructive and self... screwing up... that you don't see.. it doesn't mean you don't feel!....

"Oh… hey David How are you?"He said
"Larry, how far did you got with this questions?" - I said
"What?" - He said

I hate this people walking outside looks like their shit is together, got a home… got a wife, family. Have where to sleep eat and even to work. It makes me to hate myself… but still the dead bodies… how about this… what the hell am I going to with them. How about throwing myself out of a bridge, I won't get married so it's not far…

I hate fat people … I hate and Larry to be honest… If I kill myself, I need to leave a note as a reason… as "why"… "main reason…", "Motivation by which I was drive to this sudden  action"… How about fuck you?… This looks great, I am carefree and Ibdon't give a fuck… mode… I hate letters when I start giving a thought… I am thinking better off being alive, dieing is to hard it reminds for homework… I hate it!

"Eh… schmuck … eh.. David"He said
"What now, Johnson?.. what do you want?"-  I said
"I am here to fuck with you" - He Said

Oh god… save me from this disgusting guy… he is always fucking with me… I am going to skip the other shame tactics.. and go to my next location, why nobody goes to bar and thinks about sex from rape method?
Was it a punchline?
Was it a good line?
Is it funny?

I think it sucks.. so does you!?

But let me tell you something about the Red Velvet girl it was in the night, she was walking, almost naked… she was definetly a hot stripper, blonde hair, white and not touched face and body. From distance her looks were fooling pleny of people, a mouth full ways to break a man hearth and why does she have a privillige to fuck around with males with man, who allows her?

I saw her and I went … to her… it was a sudden chat… fast one… gazing in the eyes then pulling her and putting her in my car while I mumble some shitty stuff which make her mind feel busy… okay you got me here.. I am not a talkative person.. I am not dominant that's why I went to a strip tease bar .. killed the security after entering the bar and I said


I put a weapon right im the head of the blonde bitch and I said

"You suck… my dick right now.."
"No…" - she said
"Look bitch I am not joking…" - I said

Then shooted one stripper and while she was getting to lose concious… I open her mouth and I put my dick inside it..

"Bitches… moves"I said

"Stop… … okay… I am going to do it" - she said

I pulled her .. stripped off her and I started fucking her… once… twice… mouth.. ass
Mouth.. in out and in and out ... in and out

Her eyes were full of tears she was screaming… I was loving the process, what more complimentary than raping precious mother nature? As most people say... "love the process"... yeah I love it... if I didn't love it... won't be here... saying something for which I am proud!

"Stay still bitch… I am here to fuck.. okay… Your pain is your problem." -  I said

I hate when people move what's wrong with them.. she did it one more time movement as for slightly tired and wasted… I looked her in tge eyes.. I spit on her face and then chocked her and I said

"No more rejections to sell"

But it worries few dead bodies at home and probably right now you gonna call the police it's like I am killing the president.. few more here bodies and I am totally fucked up.

I grabbed and pulled in more girl, she was easy.. to get to… and to start the make out… She was good until I decided to pull the gun out and shoot her in the head.

"Bitch… dices lie…" - I said

Why did I do so wrong?
Mhm… how about like no reason at all … guilt levels is up.. I am going definetly on the executing chair so why not to have fun… the other people were staring at me… there were around 20 more strippers and as for me I was with open mouth and a smile and before I decided to continue …

I said

"Let's have fun, shall we?"

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