вторник, 9 април 2019 г.

Comedy: Complex G

By DeYtH Banger

Why people use terminology… what's with
The complex words… can't we use more easy words
… just for the sake of idiots and morons.

I hate short words like "kk" and "gg".. and "bb" and all this shit it just makes it more complex than it should be. Women want conflict when you are in relationship and in marriage… on the contract which I sign there wasn't such type of bullet point… that I am going to go throw nerv wrecking moments and nerve breaking down moments…


Oh god body language is importamt few girls rejected me because of being creepy… as for me I though staring builds tension by itself it's sexy, but it ends up in being less sexy and more creepy as for now… I got rejected for trying to be nice the girl thought… I was going to do sonething as so far it ends up i in the case of power of miss direction….oh god is there anybody out there planning to kill me… because nothing more than deep evolving hatred…I find in myself… I don't know is it me… the problem or them… I don't know… I just know that my intelligence and intellectual existence is fucking me over…


People who hate me.. to feel free to hate me more or to start participating in that action. I had a conversation with a girl, I was mostly there for her reactions… I was fucking beta male… how cool was it?, It was the dope on the market!
I had a approach with a girl, she was great with face and body… okay just kinda… but then she started smelling bad, now I was curious as for how to implement she smelling bad?..
 How do you say this when this is going different direction and now fast move on… I was listening to a channel which was telling me ways how to get women… congruence… intent… statement.

 And how about less lay reports… (which a report if alpha male how he in the ends up banging a girl + free)… and more likely shut the fuck up + fuck you. All these advices are making me to puke… with narrow down muscles + zero sucess rate + more anxiety life and we are not talking focusing on another dating product… IT'S HUGE NO… NO…

It's more likely where is false bang assumption and when is reality assumption… because after all with those temporary truth, it's like a math exercise which after 5 minutes re-changes self-logistics. Is there rope because I want firstly to hang myself and secondly… I am going down… fucking down…. Life sucks.

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