петък, 4 януари 2019 г.

Think About It

by DeYtH Banger

Some books say "How" others go with "Why" and here the question is which is the best side which is the best dicison is good to go for life or stay in home and think that you are living in your fully potential is it life all about eating the frog as Brian Tracy goes for it... he describe "the frog" as a thing which we hate and we don't want to do it... he says "it's time to eat the frog".

Isn't it time to stop fearing life
and walking in fear and anxious states is it this what you want?
To be less living to listen to your bullshit friends which go with negative.
Are you living the life which you want or you are living the life they want... do they fully understand you or not? Let's cut of the with diary bullshit and daily journaling... if you are not into that shit don't do it... don't force yourself into doing bullshit habbits. Don't do stuff which you will never want to do it, but sometimes you need to force yourself.

Here is the question... no further no... lower... are you living the life which you desire?
Do you do what you want?
Do you make progress?
Do you go for it?

Think about the days in which you have spend your days into wasting life and time with facebook and social media.. .think about it... think about it... think about the days in which you didn't done anything because of social media, think about the days in which you were watching shit because they were watching shit, think about the day in which you send 10000 messages and few people reply or even noone.... replied to these messages.

It wasn't one day
It wasn't two days

It was since you joined the social media always posting and always updating status always replying and asking and doing stuff there and you get nothing... yup... facebook gets something... but you... but you fucking don't.

Think about the old fucks... they wasted life that's why they are here that's why they hate life they are fucking negative and they take down people... they take down young... old... other people... kids... they take all people down and what's economy needs... negativity that's how they profit.

What the goverment wants and what economy needs is negativity people with negativity are people in need... being in need means you gonna consume more and more products.

Social media is not the best choice
Reading books about shitty stuff isn't what you want... don't read shit which just doesn't help you in any area in your life.

Time passes gaiming and gaiming... ruining your life and others life

wasting and wasting and how far are you going to go with this shit?

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