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by DeYtH Banger

I know I was around Bob Proctor.. . I was around this guy... one of my first short stories which I have written were about Bob Proctor... Now I have watched TV SHows like Adam Ruins Everything and Penn & Teller: Bullshit. Such shows talk about the daily bullshit we feed ourselfs starting from negative and less value beliefs up to going with mindsets system which don't improve ourselfs but we act as victim and go as victims. We can't have fun, we can't enjoy life... we can't laugh... and even we can't have a great time with people we are going to get to know.

I know one of my books I said probably Bob Proctor is a bullshitter... scam artist... a con artist... but let's face it in his Book
Art of Living by Bob Proctor. He is talking about a very interesting topic we are not talking about Think and Grow Rich book... First of all I have never read this book and second of all... everybody recommends this book... like it's some kinda diamond... I am sure that is far fetched.

No need to be a shithead and let's go for it...
Morals stop us from acting the way we want, rules make us feel guilty and parents just make us more stressed and more depressed. If daily bases arguments are in home and they shout and talk and gett angry and mixed all types of emotions are spread around this so far isn't healthy... not fucking healthy... it's crazy... it's insane and one of the best things which people can do is to try somehow to go out... to go far... just for the time in which is happening this shit... for an hour or for 2  hours... and then come back home. No need for  more negativity from inner place... you get enough from this daily energy from outside.

YEah... yeah...
Plenny of dating products and books and audiobooks and videos and etc. 
There is pleny on the market self-help, how-to books and pleny others which promise to help you but in the end it's waste of time and waste of money and even lost of memory... I mean computer memory... you put bullshitty stuff on your computer and thinks that it's going to fix you and all you other problems... but in the end let's face it. You are broke, your teacher as school has limited you the same goes and for your friends and family and the best part of this whole story is that you let it happen. You fucking let it to happen, you we were less motivated... less focused and you were going to far from the direction on which you were supposed to go.

And we are talking about expressing... but it's a lie
I started talking about the stuff which I do... I was using more  imagination... Under I stuch do... I mean interests like which books I am reading, which I am going to read, what I am now reading, What I am watching, What I am going to watch, which games  I am playing... 
But the real probel mis in us that's it... that's the problem... we stopped ourselfs from grow... we went home and started the bullshitting ourselfs...
we said

"What we have it's not enough"

And this idea so far fetched that we now belief it up to our deeper core values.  There are things which we can change and things which need time and things which is kinda impossible to change.... I am not saying it's not possible, but let's face it bad habbits... you have them because your life isn't good enough... you think you have where more to go... if you were happy person with happy family... and you god your dream job, money and doing what you want and whenever you want... will you go to the bad habbits which could cost memory loss.... or even drug overdose which leads up to dead. As Brian Tracy goes eat the frog... fucking eat the frog as first.... and as last.... probably the whole story or the whole thing of this shit which I am talking which isn't comedy or story another but just a topic which I told is need to be put down... if somebody is interested come here and start reading if not... okay... no judge... no harsh... It's not a comedy in which I am suppossed to be as rude as possible as cruel as possible... I am here not playing nice... I am just going over a topic which came in my mind as idea.

Nobody with the right life, mindset and people is going to go for drugs or alcohol... the problem is just that we feel stressed and depressed that's the problem nobody on young age was thinking about the cruel people outside as killer, serial killers, murders, rapist... it's great for hollywood such topics... but moment all this news came to life... fucking came...we put it on the TV...

- Mom watching it

After few days

- Dad watching a suspense and a thilelr


After few months

- Friends reading Stephen King

After few years

- Staying home with no friends... and thinking about what next to play and what next to read

After few weeks

- Yup now here...

Fucking here... thinking about how dumb I am for making this fucking decision... computers and being less social causes social stress and anxiety.. this is going to explain why pleny people are anxious and even old people are screw up...The old fucks are screw up because of their parents and then generation is building fondation upon a screw up nation... just think about it... I am not trying to be smart or be the next George Carlin (He is genius no doubt about this... he is something like my mentor... I have been around comedy specials by him... I have been around books written by  him... I have read scrips written by him... this guy goes as deep as up to the core roots...)

We appreaciate what's lost and we go for things we don't care
This fucking thing is true... we never appreciate the things we have found and the things we have... loook yourself... probably doing multi tasking... I am not saying i am not doing it... right now I am compiling some kinda audio recordings + I am writting this + I have open plenny of other dating products and in the same time I am thinking about what to remove from my computer and what to stay and let's not forget comedy specials, tv series, tv shows also is on my mind I even ask myself is this the right decision to stay here and talking about this multi tasking problem. Most of us wake up with the thought "let's stay home"... and it's normal when there is no light in darkness... the dark days are dark... under dark I mean depression and stress... I have been talking about this shit everywhere... probably everywhere  I have written... I think it's because it's fucking true... not only dating products suggest this shit but pleny of other psychologist suggest it also and let's not forget medical specialist. What I am putting here is not for the future or from the past it's from "now" moment. We live in a world in which people put not finished stuff for other day... such days never come... probably what we need is to force ourselfs... to do it... probably this is so far the way to do it...
Too Much motivation in the end of the day makes you feel like you have done something... but as Dan Lok says... it's useless... so where are going?

1) Motivation is not helping it's just faking results... 
2) Procrastination - the whole process of putting it for other day... for another time or even doing other stuff while you do something... is just a simple way explanation of procrastination.


It's not Bob Proctor here .... right now... I am talking about Jocko Willink... I think here is right as Dan Lok points out and even Jocko Willink... people need discipline to get the habbit of "doing stuff", "finishing stuff", "getting it done", "going for it". All this here are healthy habbits... but it needs pleny of time to start doing it.

I am not saying that you can't go insane... and start talking to girls first by going to a restaurant... nothing buying... just selecting table and going alone... up to two... one... four... or even group girls and if there are couples... or even mixed sets... the same is here... I am not saying that you can't do it... you shouldn't... go do it... I am suggesting to do it... but no proper techniques and less value mindsets... it will be fucking nerv wrecking one is to go with proper mindsets and proper reality... one is to go with mindsets which is shaking from every edge of it's corners. Social Media can fuck you over... it's caled social media... but it's not really social... it makes you to send pleny of messages and people  can do this "okay... I got the message... when I can I will reply...".  Under I can... I mean... it will be after an hour or even 12 hours... or after a day... or after a week... or even never... never is to long time, isn't it?

And that's how pleny of todays discussions go... they go to never... never is period... extended time of nothing really happening... this word pretty negative... probably the problem is  not the word but what comes with it... what fuckings comes... negative impact. 

Lies are another horrible feature of the human race... people lie... one go too far other just play on the surface...

Social media promises don't meet reality..

That you have 200000 friends doesn't mean that you are not alone... it doesn't mean that you are genius and still images talk in volumes when we see images we see  stuff which aren't true at all.

Fake love
Fake reality
Fake friends
Fake assumptions

This is the truth... images talk in volumes one thing we see and other thing is the reality. 

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