четвъртък, 21 февруари 2019 г.

Comedy: Ghad

By DeYtH Banger

Toast it up… bitch… get a toast!

Come on soldier boy… where are you going baggle dooie woobie shit?

Nice guys… nice guys do you know this type of terminology… are you fucking familiar with it… we need to slaughter this fucks… thise fucks need to get wipe out + this here nation doesn't want providers. I win't discuss otlr debate… IT'S POINTLESS… AND I DON'T HAVE ANY TTPE OF ENERGY TO LOSE FOR SCREW UP SHIT

When I walk… I always think about possibilities how can thuderstorm can hit me, how somebody can shoot me, how somebody couls be behind me..
 Naked with erected dick and waitimg for the perfect moment...
 And plug it in (and let me stop here… stop right here for a moment… not really now… then… or there but somewhere in the middle… we as creatures always seek for a perfect moment… the perfect date… the perfect material… the perfect sex… kiss moment we are seeking and feel the need for perfection…)
Or even a rock fall from a building … and it puts my miserable life to an end or even let's be honest… wrong light… right time… wrong place… moment… car goes threw me and YAY final moment of relief.

Oh yeah I can't use "Oh God"… "Oh Holy Fuck"… and "Oh My God", because I don't believe in god… it's fiction and still why people get offended by invisible forces?

When I wake up… I feel like day time rapist in mission… with this pipe in my pants and sometimes gets up… it makes me feel like a rapist, that's the main reason I hate males. I hate being a male, when my dick goes down, it's like a worm… Like a have worm, I always need to think to fix the dick, because sometimes… balls have moved the wrobg side or the dick has fallen, it's horrible and what I hate about dicks is that it's like a gun… "I got you fucker".

Come and join my book club, which books to read next… what to read?

1) Repeat because you a retard
2) Life Sucks
3) Facebook is fucking your mom
4) Your Mom Sucks
5) Please stop being offended
6) Yes… I am a gay, so does and you
7) Dicks Suck
8) Your mom is bitch
9) Kill Yourself
10) Suicide is the new remissiom

Why not to compile?

We are bitches, we compile…

Move aside, move along, get in car; come abd join us, sit down, get up, train, have sex, do drugs, come over… all fucked compile shit, I am glad that I don't run it on "Cmd".

We need new activies

1) Kill Yourself as fast as you can
2) Ignore love and kill yourself
3) Die without sayin
4) Kick a shitter… (aka a guy who is shitting)
5) Kill A Pissing bitch (You get license to kill a girl while yellow water is coming out of the flesh)

In name of love there are alpha and beta people… or let's put it guys… we call it alpha shit and beta shit. I tried once to kill myself it went as far as to practice commitment and self-control, stuff which I lack in my descipline.

Rapists are the best product on the market, they are authentic. They are alpha males!

I was searching for a podcasts these days as so far I went from crine to horror to story narrating… but it's difficult to find a good dopy dark hummor podcast… Opie and Anthony podcast are trying kinda doing the thing Artie Lange Quit Podcast is trying to get to some kinda point and let's not miss Greg Proops which podcast is genius and as last Chip Chipperson.

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