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Review: Bird Box

Bird Box Bird Box by Josh Malerman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh God... oh god... it was a cool idea I can't complain on this shit so I am going to start with the good stuff about this whole thing. The blindfold thing great idea... trying to go in this horror world as a blind person...

But still this whole idea didn't find something to keep on... which was the monster... what was the monster... what did it wanted?

To make people zombies?
To create an illness?
To try to make people more suicidal?

What did it happen?
Who was in the forest.... really?

Who was there... what was moving the forest... monsters.... jurassic park animals... what was it?

in the TV Show Lost we know who is behind all... but here... from the beginning up to the end... nobody knows who is behind the dark corner.

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