понеделник, 18 февруари 2019 г.

Comedy: OneLiners (Part A)

By DeYtH Banger

Hello, I am Charlie… I am an alcoholic… I still don't get it why the people in the rehabilitation centers say their names when everything is anonymous or I got the wrong center?

I am a faggot.. I am into dicks… when I was small I was thinking about blowjob..
 Self-blowing myself… I was so empathetic and pathetic that I went one wood level above.

So Hey, I was A semen before… it has passed since then something like 19 years which is all about each year is 365 days…


Darkness… dark… colour can rape you… the whole night can rape you… think about it.

If you think you are special.. suck my dick you get bogus… bonus points for each less stress you get.

Cumshots are "Now Moment"… it "presence"… relax… calm… Call your fucking expired grand parents they get pre-delivered in wood box… Those fucks already need to go underground!

The definition of moron is half dressed idiot.

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