събота, 19 май 2018 г.

DeYtH Banger - How to Talk to Anyone (Junior Talker #1)

by DeYtH Banger




We want to do something like:

- To talk to a stranger

- To talk to a friend

- To have a chat with a new student

or even

- To Talk some kinda a random person


What's the case!

- We are afraid of rejection

- We have fear

- We are not ready

- We feel like it's not going to work

- We give too much fuck

- We start caring too much

- We start attachment (From 0 it becomes a real 10)

- We get shameful (Because we are afraid of what we are going to say)

- We Overhelm our head with too much thoughts

Note: It's time to end all this shit!

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