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Review: The Carefree Installation System

The Carefree Installation System The Carefree Installation System by Jason Capital
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"April 23, 2018 –
50.0% "Disk 15 out of 30"
April 23, 2018 –
50.0% "No more being a jerk it's time no more excuses. This excuses are going to lose your life, it's time to go out from our comfort zone and start action, enough theory. We have been around theory for a very long time... now is


For action


It's time to make some impact in life"
April 18, 2018 –
1.0% "The biggest problem in the world which we live... we learn at school that with theory we are going to pass... but when we get out... theory doesn't make us to pass... we need practice... and the whole truth about this whole point is we don't know how to do it in practical way."
April 18, 2018 –
1.0% "Day 10 - Answer: No... no... I won't care about what has happen to me before."
April 18, 2018 –
1.0% "Answer 2: I will feel care free... for doing what I love...
I won't do what people always should... but I will do what I want... not should!"
April 18, 2018 –
1.0% "It will go great... if I really focus on what I Really care - Answer


Day 1 - Exercise"
April 18, 2018 – Shelved
April 18, 2018 – Started Reading"

- What in this world you need... is a care-free system... people care too much.

I am not again too much care free... but atleast I got rid of the some heavy back baggage. I give a fuck sometimes... I think sometimes... but it's not like the old days... at least now days... I am trying to be as much present as I can!

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