понеделник, 30 юли 2018 г.

Comedy: Life As Whole

by DeYtH Banger

Always giving a fuck

- For that
- For that and that
- For what and so
- For why and who
-  For where and when
- For How and ...

Always caring life is a selfless fuck.... we all give a fuck
I have seen myself in such type of circle.


- For others
- For nobody's
- For things
- For stuff
- For people 
- For related people
- For relationship

and one moment you head is buckle up with too much fuck then it comes
the data... which I call "Important as fuck"... which is a data which your mind you wants to write down. If you are writer your mind always wonders around information and for better scenarious... my life went so fucked up that I started using chess... and playing deck cards for metaphors. 

My mind as a writer always got what to tell one moment is good thing other... it really fucks you up... you could be not sleeping and all day thinking.


- What if I didn't did that... yesterday?
- What if I did that?
- Why did I got bullied in school?
- Why people start to ignoring me?
- Am I enough funny and joky?
- Am I enough the person I want to be?
- Do I know enough?
- Is there any type of reason of being here?
- Is it possible people to be selfish.... (In theory... yesterday I got beaten up... my mom wasn't even paying attention to me... and what if I just tried not to talk to that girl and go with my father out... whe he was still alive?... Bullied been in school isn't even funny... it's a long-term pain it always fucks me up when I come back to the old days stories... People stopped answering my calls... stopped wanting to see me out and started just in a polite way saying "Go fucking else where..." - Have you ever felt that?... It's a cold feeling... it's a feeling which you feel but nobody says anything which means... they don't say anything for me to quit or so on and so on... but the way they behave you can see and feel that they don't want you...

Have you wondered why this joke didn't went well?
..> Have you ever wondered why you are out of jokes... in my world... I wonder... I am not always smart asshole... funny guy one moment ... I am so much under the soil that I am like a animal... a biatchy animal... who gets pissed off anything...)

Note: And life continues no data can help you skip this hell... the hell wants you in there... and nobody really wants you in heaven...

- I don't think people are selfish...
- It's fucked up that I want to kill myself... it's the most arrogant... selfish decision ever taken from me


It could be not questions... it could be data or things which you say and with minutes and seconds it gets to somewhere bigger and larger... my brain and totally ruin you... I have so much data...



From seducing women up to man... up to manipulation and con-crime... and I am just a normal guy or 



So life is a selfish decision but not the most,

selfish one...

ANd they want to roll the game and nobody even give a fuck
to the noobies....

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