сряда, 18 юли 2018 г.

Watch And Stare

by DeYtH Banger

"I am not a number... but one day I gonna end up like a number."

- DeYtH Banger

People pay me to stare, it's an easy job… In and Out!
I go to random houses or apartments in the middle of the night and I do it for few hours. The whole idea is researching.

Taking Notes and Be as much silent as possible.

Note: It's fucked up the whole idea of security, it doesn't exist, it has never existed and it will never ever exist.

People think that they are safe home from predators, but theu don't give a thought to people which they know = predators or even home invasion.

The whole trick is to not be to noisy. (P.S. - I just can't hold myself there are plenty of material on the internet which help you to become a con-man, what you really need is a reason… how to and somebody who is doing it….)

If you get in somebody home… try to do it in the moment when you expect good stuff to come. People tell me I should feel the woman side..

It's kinda fucked up… I haven't been raised to be a gay… so to do that I ask women questions (No dumb questions exist)… I take notes when I stare them having sex… seeing what she does… how and why… what next…

The truth is that no relatives or friends know about what I really work… and it's great disguise to use... something like I study people… It's a great thing and nobody WILL  dive in this shit… WE ALL ARE SELFISH TYPE OF GENES… WE WILL NEVER CARE AND GIVE A FUCK FOR SOMEBODY WHO IS OUT OF OUR BODY…

Shit is getting crazy the more I do what I do the more I get invisible and good…

RIP: 3467 Day…. End … up in jail head bashed against wall… plenty of blood instant death.

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