понеделник, 16 юли 2018 г.


by DeYtH Banger

So life goes on and on ... we see people we always want to talk to them but we never talk to them... why not? Why life goes on and on life a slip-less paradox of brutality.

We just can't do that... You are afraid.... me too... too much pressure... go home and watch more comedy and more movies social life isn't for you. It's too much... there is peer pressure and the condition isn't adaptable.

We always end up apologizing for not taking action and saying that we gonna take action later... or in other period in life and this never helps... it really doesn't later is never... didn't we understand that already?

Being adaptable means when people can't pull your strings easy... it's a social damage people drink so to make it like not giving fuck but you... dear you... you always want to talk to people and not to drink... this path which you have choosen isn't nothing more than a social damage created by the people around you... why you continue in such brutal way? Life can be easy... like not giving fuck... not caring... just grab a bottle and have fun.

Fun always has been for people to grab a bottle and have fun... that's what your mind says... thats' what people say but where are you?... I be that dear you is near "Now"...

People always want to proof themselfs that they are good that they are awesome, that they are cool adn so on and so on and so on... then life comes with it's grabs you by the throat and says last wishes?

And we like sick biatches wondering what we haven't done because of being afraid... always living a life of denial. My words are n't complex I am just using a vocabulary with which we are friends... but one day...

TO be simple is awesome... just go  and take the bottle... you gonna get extreme confidence people are going to love you (Note: For the person who you aren't)... all people grab bottles to proof that they can be cool... but they life a life full of fakeness... and leave life to dry you up to the bottom of this fucking sea.

The moment will come


I am not weirdo... we are all one and one moment in life words are going to be the weapons which are going to safe you from self-destruction.

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