понеделник, 16 юли 2018 г.


by DeYtH Banger

I am not crazy religious person... but everything is about money...
You need money to get in that place... you need money to get that girl, you need money to get out of your home... you need money and money and money and money and money...

It's such a big attachment which in the end will cost your whole life... I am not fucking with you.

And I am getting crazier... wanting to slash and bash people.... I want to kill people it's lovely concept soon on CNN or New York Times... 20+ guy goes in killing spree

Thoughts are here to save us ... it's salvation from self-obesity. If you start going in your thoughts paranoia is the first sympton then feeling scared... even bluffing with somebody makes you scared...

So here is the thing... I went in somebody's house... and I have seen him 3 times and he let me inside his house... imagine this shit!?... Can you image it?

If I can get in his house who else can?

  • Stalkers
  • Killers
  • Haters

LIfe is about focusing too much of this shit is going to eat you inside of you... logically most people build there confidence not by adaptable behaviour ..... but by using some substances... drugs... alcohol then wanning better life... That's why an asshole kills a nerd and nerd is a guy who even blood is going to freak him out.

Let's dive deeper.. .we have plenty of time... time isn't really an obstacle in this here story... it's something which I get auto when I start sharing data... all here is data... and data by itself manipulates masses... and 


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