вторник, 17 юли 2018 г.

Hate Me... Be Honest

by DeYtH Banger

I want the fucking truth... it could be 5$ dollars... tell me the truth... why you lie me it's
5,30 ... if you tell me the truth I am going to give few more penies... it could be one 1 or 2 more dollars, but at least be honest with me.

And outside is raining words fly around like gimme shit... the rain is rolling around another heavy weather and the day is going to end... I am not a biatch without money.

Rain is a noisy biatch the day is findings it's own end... nobody ever said that the day will first go dark... nearly impossible deaf... and one moment a bunch of water is going to fall of from the sky... people continue to lie this is  the corruption of this universe, I am not a weirdo I am honest dictator.

The melody is sad... but life continues so and this work and others are going to come around and stay forever... works come and stay people come and go, that's what's life is... I don't know what your mother has said to you...


But life isn't the way she perceives or either your father or grandmother and the big lie of this day is:

I lied to you... or I can say that... first what I know is just from TV Movies and Series... I use them to expand my knowledge... but songs and books also do the things... little practice and more theory that's what my life is it... it's difficult to be me... I spend plenty of time in everything that's what I am... 3 digit biatch ... who you can't understand and with using all words.

Nobody did really said... that theory or what they say about themself is a trust... that's what happen the first second when time came and it has been accepted in since then... nowadays people say stuff about themself... and people start trusting them... trust based on data.... so people are walking data.

And one moment  before:

Alcohol: The earliest alcoholic drink dates back to 7,000-6,600 B.C. Residues of the drink were found in pottery shards from the ancient village of Jiahu, in China’s Henan Province. The drink consisted of a mixture of rice, honey, and fermented grapes or other fruit.

Hallucinogens: The earliest fossil remains of the hallucinogenic San Pedro cactus, found in a cave in Peru, date back to between 8,600 and 5,600 B.C. The seeds of mescal beans, found in what is now southern Texas and northern Mexico, date from the end of the ninth millennium B.C. to 1000 A.D. And small stone sculptures called “mushroom stones” found in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador suggest hallucinogenic mushrooms were used in sacred cults between 500 B.C. and 900 A.D.

Opium: The earliest found fossilized remains of the opium plant, dating back to the mid-sixth millennium B.C., were found at a dig site in Italy less than 20 miles northwest of Rome. Remains of poppy seed capsules and traces of opiates have been discovered in the plaque and bones of human skeletons dating back to the 4th millennium B.C., along with prehistoric art showing parts of the poppy being used in religious ceremonies.

Coca leaves: The earliest evidence of humans chewing coca dates back to South America around 8,000 years ago. The remains of pieces of coca leaves have been found in house floors in Nanchoc Valley, Peru, and in human dental remains and mummy hair.

Tobacco: Smoking pipes dating back to around 2,000 B.C. have been found in northwestern Argentina, although it’s unclear whether they were used for tobacco or other hallucinogenic plants. Remnants of nicotine found in pipes date back to 300 B.C.

And that's what people say drugs and alcohol and and other shit has been here for a very long time... and now lets see how  the world looks like:

Walking data with drugs and sedatives and substances in their system and feeling extremely confident... without that anxiety and depression drowns them up. People keep promising... keep saying promises... we and I have plenty of friends and how much times do we get with all outside?

Here is the answer:

- ... A Couple of videos and photos


But let's clear that shit.. .videos and photos make us to feel like we are friends or relatives... just few pictures... that's what keep us close... and one moment we remove all this shit... walking data can it be a friend?

That's what the question for today dare is it!

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