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Comedy: ARE Facebook

By DeYtH Banger

All people here are wussies let me clear of all this whole categories you gonna get me more correctly along the way… if you didn't get me it doesn't mean that you can't change the religion become a Muslim and you got exclusive offers around this deal.

You are famous…

- If you say it in the right place… in the right time.. "Allah Akbar" you gonna get pleny of attention.

- You pray when you are on your knees
   That's great in my POV Feel free to give me a blowjob… you went so far it's time to do the a d the other part of the job.

I pike the rug thing if you are a homo or even a girl you won' t make the ground messy… with sperm…
I get the idea why Muslim women get so much clothes and it covers all their body.

1) They are ugly

2) Nothing To show

3) Very Useful for blowjob (LESS mess in the future)

Most of you have open thousand Windows on your phone and thinking that you are smart and soon enough you gonna remove them… but no… no… no… you making more and more from 10 it became 16… we are talking about rough and raw math here.

Most of you have open on your computer 5 Windows of porn … or even more and my favorite category is the people who take it few steps further… turning on in the same time few videos.… different categories.

You are fucked up… when you need to piss… you go in a room or a place where you automatically start removing clothes which are around your pussy or dick… then you put them up and go outside that place like nothing has happen…

You are fucked up… water falls out of a metal… pipe… and you feel the freedom of removing clothes and start applying soap and touching yourself…

I am just not sure from where to start… the touching part? It's as sick as fuck… we got a word for this it's called "Frotteurism" or we are near to this shit… I love people who think that they are free… nobody is really free all this historical people… who you know are just couple or spoon of serup of idiots… they don't have brains.... they did it because it was the beginning of the world and it just went viral with our technology which we have in hands. Nobody is really free… what you see is limitation to what you know… how you walk and speak is limitation of what you have learn…


Let's go with removing clothes… for such disadvantage we have created mental instituions.

If you are right now interested in eating… something is fucked up in you… that's for sure… it's not message from your ego… neither a really call from your stomach… more likely your brain is experiencing compulsive overeating disorder.

1) First of all very rude

2) Second of all something is wrong with you

3) You are here because of me… no more food… FUCKER like you needs a primal… level descipline

Most of you aren't experiencing real love or real life… all day in front of the momotor of phone.. . Laptop… computer… TV and you call this life?

Re-Check the dictionary… put your glasses or goggles or whatever you have and the correct word is hell.

Most of you

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(Get up get food.. . Ugh..  too lazy let's put it for later…)

This above is the most of your daily action… depressive… anxious.. . Obsessive… and that's today's words I won't Google it or Re-Google it…

Homos - Get a life… cocks… sucking



Get medical attention and make sure to read the bible of daily mindsets.. .


That's what we have …
NO Homos
No Lesbians
NO transgender

And all other corporate non-sense BULLSHIT.

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