неделя, 28 май 2017 г.


You want to read something now around the weekend?

Something around the holiday or holidays?


Something around the week..., you have free time but you don't have books?

Special Links

(You can find free books, but still there available few chapters, but still if you like something you can go and buy it.)

2. Amazon

(A Good place to go... if you have money... fake credit cards you can get some free ebooks or free audiobooks... but still don't try with fake credit to get a paper-back, try ebooks and audiobooks and if you do it try to be as much secured as possible try to to remove or as I will they say it "Erasing Your Internet Footprints", after all it doesn't make a lot of sense, but still have this in mind.)

3. Scribd

(If you are an author you can upload your works there and even download them... the free stuff are more likely the most worst shit you have ever found, but if you have money you can find good stuff.)

4. James Patterson

(If you know James, you know for what I am talking about... if you don't know him... so go and check out this guy...)

5. Kickass

(If you find link to this pirate site... you have found a treasure.)

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