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Review: Pact of the Fathers

Pact of the Fathers Pact of the Fathers by Ramsey Campbell
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The fucking thing about this book is that it's with editors: - 4
And the work sounds as horrible as hell...

"May 23, 2017 –
40.0% "The story is boring... as the line follows the story gets more horrible and more horrible...


God Bless Campbell's soul... because this book is damn horrible!"
May 23, 2017 –
40.0% "Stupid questions... and pressure doesn't make horror...

Stupid discussions.. .which could be skipped ain't fucking horror...


And Dear Author, What are you trying to do?"
May 23, 2017 –
10.0% "The Pictures are horrific!"
May 23, 2017 –
10.0% "38:24"
May 23, 2017 –
7.0% "But still the story lines little by little are going to try to kill you...

May 23, 2017 –
7.0% "If the work doesn't kill ya inside... probably the music is going to kill ya... Look the movie... just give a shot..."
May 23, 2017 – Started Reading"

P.S. - Come on, what happen with Ramsey Campbell and why this story doesn't sound as the privious story so well written?

Is it the problem of the editor?

Or that Campbell, had to write something... but didn't knew what so he just throwed some pieces and tried to put them together... but after all the pieces of the puzzles were little Crushed, destroyed!?

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