вторник, 30 май 2017 г.

Question - 5

World is crucial, I am not a philosopher to say it, but still the rotting flesh can be smell up from here…

Note: (Scenario You looked me… right into my eyes; Question: Do I know YA?)

Rumpy, dumpy question!

We have to choose!
We just have to make our choice once and for all!

But the question here is who give us the right to give specific people labels?

Who does That?

Why that guy gets label… "Crazy" and that girl over there gets label "Ugly"?


Questions have been created to be asked
Answers to answer the questions…


Nobody wants to continue living in the darkness.

Note: Words, letters grow and grow

Please, please just to don't forget Andrian Monk doesn't appeal as to be Monk… He just doesn't for fit in having "OCD"… (And Yeah I know from what type of disease he is suffering from, "Obessive Compulsive Disorder")

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