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There isn't any time for re-reading over and over over and over and over and over and over a book, it's so stupid... it's so fucking stupid... Okay... you read the story you like it... okay... try another work by this author, if he doesn't have try other author... You want some kinda recommendation for other authors?

1. James Patterson
2. Stephen King
3. Dean Koontz
4. Edgar Allan Poe (After all he is not bad... you can try one.. .two works if you don't like him okay...  I get the message.)

5. Clive Barker
6. Jeff Lindsay
7. Jack Ketchum
8. Dan Brown
9. Neil Gaiman (Good or bad... - Make your Choice)
10. Robert B Park (Probably near to Soap opera... but still you can give a chance to this old dead man...)

11. Ramsey Campbell (Two works so far I have read by this guy and... once for start 1-2 out of 5 and once I was confused what to give... should it be 4 or 5?! - I mean the rating.)

12. Iris Johansen

13. DeYtH Banger (You can check out my works... also... feel free... I have got few novels out there...  short stories...)

If you didn't liked this work okay... at least try one more by this author if you feel like that the judge wasn't fair... and if he disappoints you double and if there are movies and they also disappoint you...

For example Lee Child disappointed me in such way... I gave him few chances

The First book which I read by him was... in fucking hell the worst experience I have ever got from a book, then I went to watch the film adaptations of few of his Jack Reacher books.


Again the same goes and here... so I was here clear and the judge was made... and he as a author sucks, that's a fact.

Note: I won't waste your time or mein time  with anymore shit and I am going to give you in about 45 Books FREE - Random Authors!

Random Books 20 - (Part 3)

1. Mirror (1)
2. Mirror (2)

Random Books 25 - (Part 4)

1. Mirror (1)
2. Mirror (2)

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