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Tips for Becoming A Better Writer

1. Don't try to save the critical reviews... and opinions.

- If you read a book be as critical as possible you can see my critical reviews here

Click, they aren't the best constructive reviews, but still look them, read them you gonna get my point for example you can get an answer on the topic... why do I give a rating like "1" star or "2" or "3" or "4" or "5" to a specific book and to other a whole different rate.

-  People like "Lee Child" author(s) or "Stephen King" or "Dean Koontz" or "James Patterson", but the question here is why do I give them such type of rate... like 1 or 2 or max up to 3 starts... it's rare to see me even impossible around Lee Child works - me to give to his books something like 4-5 - as a rating. 

As for Stephen King here it goes random sometimes 2-3... but others 4 and  5... it depends for which work we are talking about, Dean Koontz the same scenario and here. James Patterson new series "BookShots" are awful but his novels which around. Which means in others words Stephen King dissapoints me sometimes, the same and Dean Koontz, James Patterson. But sometimes, some of them come back with a great work which is whole big level of SUPRISE!

Good Works by James Patterson

Michael Bennet and also  Alex Cross. If you don't believe me that Bookshots, go and check out few works around "BookShots" and make your own conclusions.

2. Don't wait me for random "ThrowBacks" of books...

- Yeah, I give some random books... but still I do that thing .... sometimes... like when I am specific mood.... and when I do it... they are in about 20, 25, 30, 35 books... and that's all... it's rare to see me to make a "ThrowBack" like 45 books and to be free for download and to be "Original".

(Note: I tolerate "FREE DOWNLOAD", but still if you want something... do it by yourself... make the research...)

3. If you give a "Opinion".

- It's important if you give a opinion try in one-two pages to be or less... or more... Make your choice... that I write in 8-10 pages Philosophy and now and new books are comming out which are going to be around 100 pages or even 200 pages or 300 pages. "The Life Of One Kid" is something like 9 volumes and it's in about 300 Pages ... first part was a short one - if we are talking about the pages, the second one was more longer... so far it goes and for the last...  I Started in about max up to 100 pages... so I ended the series with the same amount.

(P.S. - The secret of doing the same magic is... READING A LOT... GOING OUTSIDE A LOT... BEING IN THE PERFECT TIME ...IN THE PERFECT PLACE... WATCHING A LOT OF TV movies/series....)

4. Streets

- Try to live on the streets or to be walking around time as 20:00 PM up to 01:00 on the streets, look the people which are passing by you... Ladies... girls... boys... men, man, guy, guys... and so on and so on. YOu can take notes or you can look them in the faces and to make fast opinion about them.



What you think about them?
How they look?
How they walk?
What do they do?
What are they wearing?
How they look you?
DId they said something?

and morE!

Think on these questions and probably in some cases you can gather this information which you have received from this questions and to use it in some of your novels, OF COURSE... CHANGE STREETS, TIME, DATES, PLACES AND APPLY THE CHARACTER WHICH YOU SAW INTO A CHARACTER WHICH YOU HAVE CREATED.... - aND TRY TO PLAY WITH IT.

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