неделя, 14 октомври 2018 г.

Enduring Pain (2)

By DeYtH Banger

Life is like cancer,
Bother of repeation,
Bother of screw up behavior,
Bother of ignorance,
Bother of less worthy character,
Bother of getting less value,
Bother of wasted life,
Bother of less care,
Bother of not being sure,
Bother of being arrogant.

Life in the end after 20 or 30 years or 50 years…
It's just sum of all sick
Days… the days in which you had fun and the
Days which you  wasted… the days you were
Learning and the days of depression.

Life is just a simple sum up…
Uncurable disease…
Lost gift
Less motivation

Really is it so big the  WHOLE PRIZE?

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